Book Review: Ready to Ride by Katherine Halle

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Reviewed by Heather C.

Ready to RideTITLE: Ready to Ride
ANTHOLOGY: Fever Anthology
AUTHOR: Katherine Halle
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press
LENGTH: 46 pages
BLURB: Eric is an orthopedic surgeon volunteering his time with the Justin Sports Medicine program, traveling the rodeo circuit two months out of the year. Underneath it all, though, he’s a cowboy at heart and not just because he was born and raised in Texas. He’s a cowboy at heart because Ben Greene, champion Saddle Bronc rider, owns his heart.

They haven’t put words to what they’re doing, even though they’ve been together for almost a year. But when Ben is bucked off during a ride, resulting in a season-ending injury, both these cowboys might have to finally acknowledge what they have and what they mean to each other.


I’m not one who loves cowboy books, but once I read the blurb for Ready to Ride, I knew I had to give this one a try.

Eric, an orthopedic surgeon, and Ben, a saddle bronc cowboy, have been in a relationship for the past year; spending every moment they can together whenever Ben isn’t traveling on the circuit. Eric repeatedly makes Ben promise to take better care of himself and to keep safe after suffering from several minor injuries to one of his shoulders. But when Ben takes a nasty fall from a bucking bronc with Eric thousands of miles away, both men realize how important they really are in each other’s lives.

Obviously, this is a story about established lovers, which, like cowboys, isn’t exactly my favorite to read. But sometimes, for a short story, an established relationship is a lot easier for me to accept and connect with. And I instantly connected with Ben and Eric. I loved the endearing nicknames they had for each other and the sexy banter between them. There’s even one steamy sex scene that was just as kinky as it was cliche. Even though this falls into the category of hurt/comfort, there is still very little angst. It’s mostly happy and sweet and made me smile.

I didn’t feel as though I was getting a ton of “info dump” right at the beginning of the story, so the author did a great job in spreading out the backstory as the story unfolded. This is in no way Eric and Ben’s entire story. No, it’s more like a slice of their life; just one little hill they have to climb to get closer to their happy ever after. There are no verbal declarations of “I love you”, but words were not needed. It was very obvious to me what these guys felt for each other.

This is certainly not a story that absolutely “blew me away”, but I enjoyed it and will be recommending it to all of my friends for when they are in the mood for a sweet hour of escape.

Heather’s Rating: four-stars_0

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