Half-yearly Voting: Best Book Cover!

Posted: July 21, 2013 by sidlove in Book Cover Voting
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BoTM Voting has been amazingly successful on The Blog of Sid Love thus far. The book chosen by unanimous voting is always unique in its own way and expresses the readers’ love towards it. My main aim when I started BoTM voting was to bring readers’ attention to those books that they shouldn’t miss, giving the authors the recognition they deserve!

But the efforts that goes into making a novel sellable can’t only be given to an author. The author may have a major contribution to a novel but we can’t ignore the fact that the first impression is created by the cover art of any book. The saying may go on to advise never to judge a book by its cover but I am sure a reader must have, at least once, been tempted to pick a book just because it had an amazing cover!

I have come across so many books that had some wonderful cover arts and I realized if authors deserved recognition for their works, why should cover artists be ignored? After all, the work that goes on to making it is quite challenging – from choosing the right images or models, giving the perfect tone and colors, to choosing the exact font that would go with it – THAT takes excessive amount of efforts.

For the above mentioned purpose, it was decided that titles with some outstanding cover arts would be put to vote for the next ten days and I will let you all decide which one you would like the most!

The process began a week ago, where each of my reviewers on the team (including me) made a nomination list of those novels which they thought had some amazing covers. The list was then combined and the titles that received multiple votes were finalised to enter the poll. All of these novels have been released in the first half of the year 2013 i.e. from 1st of January, 2013 to 30th June, 2013!

Cover arts of the 20 shortlisted titles and the voting poll are given below:

It's a Good Life (Good-Time Boys, #5)  Chase the Storm  Pawn Takes Rook (Checkmate, #1)  Venetian Masks  Choices and Changes  Denying Yourself  Blood Red Butterfly  Paid Leave  Undertow (Infected, #7)  Plan B  Brothers of the Wild North Sea  Scorpion  Into This River I Drown  The Lion and the Crow  Hunter of Demons (Spectr, #1)  Cricket  Imaginary  Loving Luki Vasquez (Vasquez & James, #1)  The Good Boy  Texas Pride


You can vote for FIVE titles but not more than that and the voters are allowed to vote multiple times, only limiting their voting ONCE IN 12 HOURS:


  1. Urbanista says:

    I immediately disqualified anything with a headless, over muscled torso. I am delighted at all the good typography! Finally, how many of these did Paul Richmond do? Best type: Plan B. Best use of stock: Choices & Changes. Best PhotoShop: Loving Luki Vasquez. Best illustration: Denying Yourself. (Wait. Is that a photo?. Either way) Most creative/innovative: Into This River I Drown. Best hits me viscerally: Hunter of Demons. Geez, that was fun. Thanks!

  2. Susan says:

    I have bought a book just for its cover. I confess a weakness for PLNunn.

  3. Sydney says:


  4. beth anne says:

    Great cover

  5. jonmichaelsen says:

    Incredible cover!

  6. This was a tough choice because these are some powerful covers, rich with plenty of depth and emotion.

  7. Sara says:

    Choices and Changes cover made me buy the book, I love it.

  8. […] of the first cover, it’s up for voting on Sid Love’s Blog for Best Cover here! Other Dreamspinner covers are in the mix as well and all of them are knockouts! So if you have a […]

  9. “Into This River I Drown” had one of my favorite covers ever!

  10. Kindle says:

    So exciting to see Texas Pride, Reese Dante’s design up there! Wooo Hooo!!! THANK YOU!

  11. Silvia says:

    this is a vote about bass cover me the best cover is 4 denying yourself. however, I adore Texas pride. can’t stop reading it.

  12. trenton slayers says:

    Love love love Kindle!!!!

  13. Angel says:

    Texas Pride was one of my favs of the year, such a beguiling cover too!!

  14. Kindle says:

    SidLove – thank you for this. I didnt find out about it until late, but it was so fun talking to all my friends, trying to get them over here to vote! Thank you for doing this!!!

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