Book Review: Brad’s Bachelor Party by River Jaymes

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Reviewed by Danielle

Brad's Bachelor PartyTITLE: Brad’s Bachelor Party
AUTHOR: River Jaymes
LENGTH: Novella
PUBLISHER: Loose Id Publishing
BLURB: In college, geeky med student Cole Winston fell for his best friend, Brad Kelly. The bold, brash charmer was everything Cole wasn’t: confident, popular, and straight. Unfortunately Cole’s secret blew up in his face, and he walked away.

Years later, when Brad needs help, he calls Cole. Now a respected trauma surgeon, Cole has learned not to risk his heart and is ready to be Brad’s friend again. Things go well until Brad asks Cole to be his best man.

With both his parents dead, Brad never would have survived college or his brother’s rounds of drug rehab without Cole. The five-year gap in their friendship was painful.

Now Brad’s got his best friend back, a kick-ass job, and is engaged to the CEO’s daughter. Life is great…until a hot encounter at his bachelor party leaves both men reeling. The sexual tension between the two is off the charts. Brad has commitments he needs to keep, but how can he go through with the wedding when he can’t stop thinking about Cole?

And how can Cole stand beside his friend and watch him get married, especially now that he realizes he still loves Brad?


I have to admit it was hard for me to do a review on this as the blurb pretty much covers what the story is about.

I liked the story. It was easy to read, simple to enjoy and makes you smile on occasion. You can easily connect with Brad and Cole and feel what they go through.

The story takes you through the days before the wedding as they spend time with their two good friends, Martinez and Ryan, doing some drinking and partying. Underneath it all though, you see them struggling with their emotions and feelings for one another; each in their own way. The writer does a good job of letting you feel the growing tension and attraction, the closer you get to the wedding.

Like I said, it is easy to connect to one or both of the main characters but that may be one of the problems I had with the story. It’s simple and there is not really much happening. There’s supposed to be a wedding but you never meet the bride. She is mentioned in a few sentences, and that’s it. There is nothing said about the wedding in general, no plans, nothing!

You are left constantly waiting for Cole and Brad to find their way together and you give a sigh of relief when they do. They have a beautiful connection and the sexual chemistry is great and very sexily written. The only small roadblock they encounter is the realisation that Brad is employed by his soon-to-be bride’s father so he needs to deal with figuring out what is more important to him.

I have to say the best part of the book perhaps is the epilogue when the guys come together, with Brad’s brother Danny to celebrate and there is easy conversation and fun. It makes you smile and want to wish them all luck for their bright future.

For me, this book comes to be a 3.5 star.

Danielle’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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