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Reviewed by Jen B.

18334840TITLE: Promise of Forever
SERIES: Proud to be a Vampire
AUTHOR: May Ridge
PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press
LENGTH: 17,000 words
BLURB: Eduard is living a boring, routine life and sees no way out of it. Everything changes the night he finds Theo, a newly turned vampire who has no clue what being a vampire entails. Eduard takes Theo in and helps track down his missing boyfriend—only to be confronted with a past he would have preferred stay buried.


This short story is part of the Proud to be a Vampire bundle.  It starts with Eduard finding newly turned Theo, who was abandoned by his Maker and is in need of guidance.  Eduard decides to help Theo, seeing it as an opportunity to bring some spark back into his boring life.  He decides to help Theo find his missing Maker.  They become close during their search, but before they get too involved, they find Neil, who also happens to be Neils, Eduard’s fledgling and previous lover.

Neils thought he found someone to spend forever with but apparently panicked and ran after he turned Theo.  Ironically, he did the same cut and run act on Eduard for being afraid of the very same thing.  Realizing now that forever is what he really wants with Eduard, and that he still loves Theo as well, he and Theo essentially decide to make Eduard their third.

While this is technically a threesome, they don’t actually do anything more than kiss.  I really wish there was more to this story, as it felt as though a lot was left out and I wasn’t ready for things to end when they did.  It moves along and covers ground nicely for a short story, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a more detailed drawn out version of this, or a continuation of how things are working out.

Jen rates it – four-stars_0

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Reviewed by Susan Lee

TITLE: Dead Man and the Restless Spirits (Book #1)
SERIES: Dead Man series
AUTHOR: Lou Harper
BLURB: Dying sucks hairy monkey balls, even when you’re not the stiff.

Denton Mills has a secret: he can see dead people. Or rather, how they died. It’s quite a drag in a city like Chicago, teeming with the echoes of the no-longer living. Rather than whine about it, Denton has learned to live with his troublesome talent. His adaptability comes in handy when he meets his enigmatic new neighbor.

Bran Maurell catches Denton’s eye right away, but unfortunately Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious is as standoffish as he is alluring. However, after an unexpected introduction from Bran’s cat brings the two men together, Denton discovers they have a mutual interest in the spirit world. Herbalist by day, Bran moonlights as a witch, performing house cleansings for a fee.

From Bran, Denton learns that his knack for interacting with the dead qualifies him as a necromancer. It makes good business sense for them to team up and rid Chicago of its pesky spirits one grateful client at a time. Amongst ghostly adventures the attraction between the men is impossible to ignore. They seem like perfect partners—unless Bran’s not-so-little secret comes between them.

Warning: men loving men, ghosts with attitudes, and a portly feline with hidden talents.

Note: Denton also plays a small but important role in Spirit Sanguine.


Lou Harper is a new-to-me author and I really really enjoy her style.  Her writing is funny and quirky and sarcastic and those all appeal to me.

The story is about Denton, who as a necromancer, is able to see dead people as well as feel & summon spirits. He doesn’t know much about his gifts or how he can utilize them until he meets his new neighbor, Bran. Bran is mysterious and a man of few words and Denton is drawn to him immediately…despite it being obvious, the guy has secrets.

Denton in his pierced, care-free, take-no-sh*t way is charming and funny. Bran in his brooding, stoic, powerful way is sexy and enigmatic. When Denton is finally able to break down the walls with Bran (and get to his secrets!), the pairing is likable and the partnership between them is sweet. Bran teaches Denton how to utilize his gifts and Denton teaches Bran how to lighten up!  Being a sucker for a strong man reduced to a sap by love, I really enjoyed this coupling.

The story as a whole is interesting. It reads more like an episodic serial than a novel and that actually felt like I was getting to know these MC’s over a span of time and shared experiences. That also, however, made the story feel choppy and I found myself putting my kindle down often and not being compelled to power through in one sitting. And though the story, I could tell, wanted to break through and be fresh and original, it harkened me back to a similar feel & plot in Jordan Castillo Price’s “PsyCop” series…which had the benefit of being my “first” and thus, of course, I compare all others to it. Dead Man & the Restless Spirits, in my mind, places a distant second.

Though I really do like Denton and Bran, I didn’t really get to know them well enough to LOVE them.  I think I just need more.  It’s a solid book 1.  I am looking forward to the series continuing and I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys this paranormal-in-a-contemporary-setting genre.

Susan’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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Review by Macky


TITLE: Spirit Sanguine

AUTHOR: Lou Harper

PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing

BLURB: Is that a wooden stake in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

After five years in eastern Europe using his unique, inborn skills to slay bloodsuckers, Gabe is back in his hometown Chicago and feeling adrift. Until he’s kidnapped by a young, sexy vampire who seems more interested in getting into his pants than biting into his neck.

Harvey Feng is one-half Chinese, one-hundred-percent vampire. He warns Gabe to stay out of the Windy City, but somehow he isn’t surprised when the young slayer winds up on his doorstep. And why shouldn’t Gabe be curious? A vegetarian vampire isn’t something one sees every day.

Against their better judgment, slayer and vampire succumb to temptation. But their affair attracts unexpected attention.

When Chicago’s Vampire Boss makes Gabe an offer he can’t refuse, the unlikely lovers are thrust into peril and mystery in the dark heart of the Windy City. Together they hunt for kidnappers, a killer preying on young humans, and vicious vampire junkies.

However, dealing with murderous humans and vampires alike is easy compared to figuring out if there’s more to their relationship than hot, kinky sex.


Not having read many books by Lou Harper I was sort of new to her writing style. I had read a couple of shorts by her which I’d found very enjoyable, but this was my first full-length novel and after finishing, it certainly won’t be my last.

Spirit Sanguine was a real treat. I went off the boil with vampire books quite a while ago, the problem being that like a lot of tropes they’d been done to death, each one jumping on the others’ bandwagon and every one sounding and reading like a carbon copy of its predecessor.
Not this one. It was a breath of fresh air and an absolute pleasure to read. Split into three separate short stories it introduces two brilliant characters – Gabe the slayer and Harvey the vamp –  both completely different to the usual slayer/vamp combo that we’re used to in general PNR books, including m/m and het ones.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, for a start, it’s funny. Harvey is great at the one liners and Gabe’s somewhat deadpan character a great recipient for them, they bounce off each other superbly and I found myself sniggering and giggling all the way through. Just my type of sense of humour… I love snarkiness in a story and this is full of it!

 The vampire sighed. ” Don’t be a grumpy pants. Let’s say we agree you’re a slayer.”

“I should’ve disemboweled you last time,” he muttered. ” You’re  just saying that. Entrails make a big mess.” Gabe felt the body under his hand shake, and he realised it was from laughter. ” Don’t make me laugh it hurts.”

“And you just happened to have six very sharp wooden sticks on you. Or were you just happy to see me?”
Harvey’s vamp is miles away from the snarly fangy, Grrr Arrrgh vamp behaviour that we generally know of, for one thing he’s vegetarian ( yep! I said vegetarian * snort* ) but he’s certainly no wimp, proving it quite a few times and Gabe finds things out about his past that makes him ponder all he’s been taught about killing vamps and the vampire community as a whole, causing him to rethink his role as a slayer and as the stories progress so does the relationship between these two totally engaging characters. I loved them both but I must admit Harvey was an absolute star and stole the show with his witty banter but Gabe has his moments too!

“You may be past it, but I can still die. How would you like that on you’re conscience?”

Starting as just a sexual attraction – and boy do they sizzle together – they become linked in ways that neither of them ever expect and all this just adds to the freshness of the ongoing plots. The book is split into three distinct stories, each one with its own storyline but at the same time linked by certain characters and threads. This was a nice change too. Lou could have quite easily put them out as three separate short stories but she gives them to us as a sort of anthology and I really liked that! The first of the three is the one where they meet and it is very amusing, setting up the tone and introducing the different vamp lore that Lou Harper has built around her characters, as Dill one of Harvey’s ditzy friends goes missing and they join forces to find him. Then the next two take on more sinister turns as Gabe and Harvey are now more established as a couple and Gabe starts work as a sort of private detective for the local big wig ‘mob style’ boss vamp. The middle and last each dealing with rogue vamps, murders, missing persons and cross dressing Vamps. Exciting but fun at the same time!

Talking of secondary characters we get to meet some great supporting ones, who add even more wit and substance to the book as a whole. There’s one character called Denton ‘ Dead Man’ Mills, who I believe is going to get his own book and if thats true then I’m first in line to read that one! All I can say is to meet this gang of quirky characters ( Twinky human Dill and his two ‘ daddies’ are also favourites ) you need to read this fantastic book. I personally couldn’t find anything negative to say about it…of course that’s my opinion, but I just fell in love with everything to the point were I had my rose coloured glasses on and pure enjoyment was driving me. I guess everyone will have their own thoughts on it but I’ll be very surprised if the majority of readers aren’t entranced with this refreshingly different take on the paranormal.

Please Ms Harper bring us more of Gabe and Harvey. There’s loads of mileage in these two and  I need to sink my ‘ fangs’ into more of their sexy juicy stories… A definite 5 STAR read for me!

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