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Reviewed by Jen B.

(The series is rated 4.5 STARS – Individual ratings of the books can be found below along with the review.)

SERIES: Broken: Season One
AUTHOR: Kol Anderson
PUBLISHER: Self-published

SERIES BLURB: What doesn’t kill you can still leave you broken.

Aaron Taylor is a rent-boy. The Dream everyone wants to come true. Vincent Greene is the client from hell. The man who wants to make sure that dream ends up BROKEN.

Just when Aaron thinks his life is beginning to make sense, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet, but what Aaron doesn’t know, is that under Vincent’s alluring facade, lurks a heart capable of extreme cruelty.

The Prisoner (Book One, Broken: Season One)


It doesn’t take long for this story to get going. Once Aaron meets Vincent, things happen quickly and not for the better, that’s for sure. This was a super quick read for me, and even though I don’t think it needed to be much more drawn out than it was, there were parts I wish weren’t quite so glossed over.

There are a number of things going on here. Sebastian falls for Aaron the rentboy, but doesn’t want to give up his boyfriend, Eric, who is also cheating with rentboys. Aaron doesn’t want to give up his rentboy ways, for a number of reasons, and then goes to meet his next client, Vincent. Vincent abducts Aaron and attempts to break and turn him into a willing slave for a rich client. Poor Aaron endures an endless amount of pain, not to mention forced drug addiction.

Vincent eventually thinks he has some feelings for Aaron, but will it ever be enough to save him? Not sure. Thankfully, Sebastian has not given up on Aaron and is now convinced something happened and is attempting to find him. So, there are a few different scenarios at play here. Unfortunately, we are left hanging, and I really did not want this story to end where it did. I really hope we don’t have to wait too terribly long to find out what happens with everyone.

Jen rates it – four-stars_0



Hell and Beyond (Book Two, Broken: Season One)



Wow.  I was on the edge of my seat on this segment. Could poor Aaron handle much more? It seems that he can.  I felt like I wanted to be right there holding his hand, encouraging him to hang on the entire time.  He is so screwed, mentally, physically and every other way possible.

Vincent is one effed up character.  He is the captor/director of all things good and evil to Aaron.  Yet, he has screwed up feeling of his own where Aaron are concerned.  Unfortunately, he is sort of stuck in that it’s either him or Aaron, so of course, he chooses Aaron.

And then there is Carl, supposedly worse than Vincent, if that can be believed.  He is the one putting the pressure on Vincent after all.  But then, wait, what? whoa!  What kind of ending is that?  Grrrr.  Must read the next installment asap!

I will be honest, as I always try to be, and say that I could really care less about what Sebastian and Eric were going through or dealing with.  Those who find these kinds of stories engaging and somewhat addicting, should definitely put this on their list.


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Reviewed by Taylor

17259690TITLE: The Foxhole Court
SERIES: All for the Game, Book 1
AUTHOR: Nora Sakavic
PUBLISHER: Self-published with Smashwords
LENGTH: 140 pages
BLURB: Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s got a ton of potential—and he’s the runaway son of the murderous crime lord known as The Butcher.

Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. His lies will hold up only so long under this kind of scrutiny and the truth will get him killed.

But Neil’s not the only one with secrets on the team. One of Neil’s new teammates is a friend from his old life, and Neil can’t walk away from him a second time. Neil has survived the last eight years by running. Maybe he’s finally found someone and something worth fighting for.


It will be hard to discuss this book without spoilers, and it’s difficult to think of this book as a separate piece on its own.  I have not read the sequel to The Foxhole Court, yet; I get the sense the series is one long overarching story and the first book is the set-up, with hopefully the second book being the development, and the final book will resolve the conflicts.  That’s not to say the author didn’t have large events happen in this book, but it felt incomplete, leaving me confused.

What I liked about this book is the mystery, the characters, and the absolute craziness throughout the book.  You have to throw out any ideas of plausibility with this kind of book and just go with it.   The book has little psychopathic monsters running around with hidden knives, killers operating in the sporting field, a made-up sport, etc.  You also have to go into this without any expectations of a romance in this book, and we most certainly will not have a typical m/m romance in the future for this series.

The Foxhole Court focuses on a fictional sport called Exy, which seems like a mix of lacrosse, hockey, and a few other things.  It’s violent, extremely popular and the driving force for happiness for Neil – our protagonist- and Kevin, the former national star of Exy.  Neil is on the run from his father, an abusive man in the mob, and also from other mob bosses that control numerous aspects in Exy.  They control the teams, the arenas, the media and the workings within the game as much as they can.

So there’s all that, which should have been what I concentrated on, but I’ll admit for much of this book I didn’t know what was going on, what the point was, and where it all was heading.  I’ll also admit it took me a while to warm to Neil, and I think the author could have presented his backstory (and personality) in a quicker manner.  It felt dragged out in parts, and I kept wishing he’d get more interaction with characters, rather than so much introspection.

Even though I’m not big into written sports, I realized that each scene of practice really did show aspects of the characters’ personalities, where the clique lines divided, and hinted at motives characters might have towards playing well or not. I think once they really start playing in the following books, the action will become exciting and definitely tenser.

My favorite aspect of this book hands down, though, is Andrew.  I have SO many questions and ideas about Andrew.  The way his medications worked and his reaction to the medications really didn’t jive with me well, but I think the author is hinting at something deeper not yet revealed.  Why is he so protective of Kevin and not really of his twin?  Is he really a sociopath?  Also, I think it’s interesting how the author described him with Exy.  How he’s talented, but he as this air about him that he doesn’t care, maybe even resents what the sport represents.  But I think most of all when he’s out there, he feels alive in some hidden way.  He knows Kevin needs him to care and play well, he knows Coach has so much ridding on the outcome of these games and the future of the Foxes; he equally knows the team wants to win.  So it’s a game to him inside of the game he’s playing.  It’s about power.  He’s short and looks initially demure, he’s used to only feeling numb or anger, but having control over whether or not he gives a crap about Exy – THAT gives him power over everyone.  So, yeah, Andrew is badass.

Looking forward to the next one and hopefully some answers to all these questions.

Taylor rates it: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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Reviewed by Jen B.

18592013TITLE: My Hero
PUBLISHER: Self-published
LENGTH: 189 Pages
BLURB: When he was sixteen years old, Rich Miller saved a young man from drowning at his local pool. Little did he know that years later, as a senior in college and Olympic diving hopeful, Rich would meet up once again with Johnny Milloway, now a big football player – and when Rich says big, he really means ‘bear’. The shy jock remembers his savior, and the two men become friends.

Johnny isn’t put off by the fact that Rich is gay. In fact, the more time he spends with Rich, the more curious he becomes. Johnny wants to know all kinds of things – what it’s like to kiss a guy, for instance. Only it doesn’t stop there…

Rich finds it difficult to believe that this relationship can go anywhere. Johnny is straight, and Rich isn’t prepared to deal with the heartache he knows will come his way in the future. He has enough on his plate as it is – the Worlds are just around the corner, his father would rather watch a football game than spend time watching his son dive…. What he doesn’t count on is Johnny, who can be very determined. And having Johnny in his life proves to be a catalyst for some pretty earth-shattering changes.


This was a really sweet story. Johnny and Rich become really good friends once they meet again in college. Johnny is this big football guy and just a big softy teddy bear who pays no attention to Rich being gay, but instead focuses on how Rich saved his life years before. He makes it clear from the start to all of his friends that anyone going after Rich will have to go through him.

Rich is a star athlete himself with hopes of making the Olympic diving team. Johnny and Rich team up working out and just generally enjoying their friendship. That is, until one day when Johnny’s curiosity gets the better of him and he asks Rich to show him what it’s like to be with another guy. Afraid to ruin their friendship, Rich hesitates, though not for very long. This story starts out very sweet and innocent, but when they make their sex date, that all changes.

I loved everything Rich did to make Johnny’s first time a wonderful and memorable experience. He was such a sweetheart, and Johnny matched him well in that department. There is a scene with powdered donuts that had me drooling and wishing I had some of my own donuts at home.

Things go fairly well for Johnny and Rich until Johnny starts questioning himself and whether he is actually gay or not. This leads to some almost irreparable bad decisions, and, unfortunately, this is where I felt myself questioning things and finding certain actions hard to believe. But thankfully, that doesn’t last long.

Johnny’s family is fantastic, especially his feisty cousin. In addition to being supportive of both Rich and their son not only being gay, but being together, they are instrumental in bringing Rich and his father back in touch.

Overall, this was just a very enjoyable feel-good story. I absolutely loved watching Johnny learn things about himself and how Rich never pushed him into any of it but just let it happen, guiding him along the way. The writing is smooth, and the story moves along at a nice pace. I’ll definitely be reading more of Max’s stories.

Jen rates it – four-stars_0

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Reviewed by Katinka C.

Taboo For YouTITLE: Taboo For You
AUTHOR: Anyta Sunday
BLURB: Sam’s freaking out. He’s 30 in three weeks. And what has he done in his twenties? It’s pretty simple math: nothing exciting at all. But hey, he has three weeks right? Maybe that’s just enough time to tick his way through a 20s Must Do List . . .

Luke’s freaking screwed. He’s come out to his family, and his friends. Except there’s a certain someone who doesn’t know yet: his neighbor of 7 years. Who also happens to be his best friend. Who Luke needs to tell the truth, but he just . . . can’t . . . seem to . . .

Jeremy’s freaking over-the-moon. It’s the countdown to his 15th birthday, and his goal is simple. No matter what, he’s going to spend heaps of time with saucy Suzy. But first he needs to get his over-protective, no-girlfriend-’cause-you’ll-get-her-pregnant parents off his back. And what better way than pretending he’s gay?

Sam, Luke, and Jeremy. Three guys who have a lot of history together, and a lot of future too—

—well, if they can sort out their issues, that is.

A Friends to Lovers Novel


I think the experience of reading Taboo For You comes closest to floating around in a warm bubble-bath. I had a serious case of warm, fuzzy feelings when reading this cute story. Considering that I usually only have a sweet tooth when it comes to food and not to my books… What can I say? The author did a great job. She wrote a heartwarming and amusing gay for you book — and wrote it well! My cheesedar didn’t detect much to bitch about.

Taboo For You in a nutshell: Two neighbors: Sam and Luke. Sam accidentally knocked up a girl when he was only 15 and has been playing the responsible parent to his son Jeremy ever since. But now that he is about to hit the 30, he can’t help but think of all the kickass stuff he’s missed out on. Like swimming with sharks and doing something sexually taboo… Luke, on the other hand, has secretly been in love with his straight neighbor for years and helps him out with his son where ever he can. There’s only one problem: now that Sam’s BD is lurking around the corner, Sam has decided to step up his game. Meaning that time is running out for Luke, who snatched a copy of Sam’s bucket list and wants nothing more than to be part of his neighbor’s taboo fantasy…

I already mentioned the cuteness of Taboo For You. So let me just add that, while this story gently flows on and is pretty much angst and heartbreak free, a lot of stuff happens. You will be entertained the entire time. I smiled on many occasions, experienced a few feels and rooted for the sympathetic MC’s. The unreleased sexual tension (UST) is strong in this one too. UST mostly drives me crazy in a good way. As long as the tension isn’t kept intact by artificial plot-devices and doesn’t become too unbelievable (since Sam came across as the friendliest, but not the brightest bulb in the box, I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt here ;)). And as long as I’ll get rewarded eventually, of course!

I’m not Mother Mary! Psht!

Rewarded I did get. Although I have to say that one of the sex scenes made me raise my cyber eyebrow. You see, it included a bar of soap going a place where I think bars of soap aren’t supposed to go. And then it was used as a lubricant too? Ick! Seriously? Believe me, the last thing I want to do is chat about rectal suppository’s here, but they kind of illustrate that everything you put in there is absorbed by your body reeeally well…and I don’t think your health will benefit from soap much?

Weirded out. Yeah, that’s what I was. Weirded out that apparently no one of the mentioned beta readers and editors climbed on their soapbox because of this scene.

Something else I didn’t like were the numbers. It’s likely that it had something to do with the fact that Sam turned 30 and his kid 15, that emphasis was put on every single number in the text, by making it bold and 3 times bigger than the normal text. But the joke got old fast. And during certain scenes (if you get what I’m getting at), bold, inflated numbers have no business popping up. I suppose you can ignore them fairly easily though. Or crack up about them. Maybe it’s just me thinking it was a lame trick.

All things considered, bubble-baths are pretty damn wonderful every now and then. And this one in particular will definitely put a smile on your face.

Katinka’s Rating: four-stars_0

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