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Susan interviews Rhys Ford author of “Whiskey and Wry”

Whiskey_Wry Cover_Rhys Ford_SmallBlurb:
Sinners Series: Book Two

He was dead. And it was murder most foul. If erasing a man’s existence could even be called murder.
When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name. The Montana asylum’s doctors tell him he’s delusional and his memories are all lies: he’s really Stephen Thompson, and he’d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash. His chance to escape back to his own life comes when his prison burns, but a gunman is waiting for him, determined that neither Stephen Thompson nor Damien Mitchell will escape.

With the assassin on his tail, Damien flees to the City by the Bay, but keeping a low profile is the only way he’ll survive as he searches San Francisco for his best friend, Miki St. John. Falling back on what kept him fed before he made it big, Damien sings for his supper outside Finnegan’s, an Irish pub on the pier, and he soon falls in with the owner, Sionn Murphy. Damien doesn’t need a complication like Sionn, and to make matters worse, the gunman—who doesn’t mind going through Sionn or anyone else if that’s what it takes kill Damien—shows up to finish what he started.

. ≈.:.≈.:.≈.:.≈.:.≈.:.≈.:.≈.:.≈.

Welcome, Rhys, to The Blog of Sid Love! So excited to have you here!

RF:  Thank you for having me here. Really. So much love to all of you here. Much much love.

BIG DAY today with the release of Whiskey & Wry!  Can you tell us a little bit about the book?

RF:  Whiskey and Wry continues where Sinner’s Gin left off. The reader is introduced to Damien, Miki’s supposedly dead best friend and Sinner’s Gin lead guitarist. Damie escapes the institution someone hid him in. He flees to San Francisco with not all of his memories in place but driven to find the one person he knows can bring him home — Miki St. John.

Sionn Murphy is the current owner of Finnegan’s Pub, a pier-front Irish pub known for keeping street musicians off its front door. He makes an exception for Damien and well, things go from there.

I have to admit, as much as I adored Miki and Kane, I think Damian and Sionn are my new favorite couple. Do you have a favorite of all your MC’s?

RF:  A favourite? Wow. That’s really difficult. Because everyone’s so different. I love Miki because he’s the most unexpected amongst the bunch. Cole is the crazy voice in the back of all of our heads but mingled with the Great Damn Big Hero because he has a good heart. Shit, I could go all day. Damie fits into Miki in this odd symbiotic relationship and anyone in the Morgan circle kicks ass to write. Really way too many. And there are several couples waiting in the wings on the to be published— Wolf and Tristan, Robin and Marcus… and well others. *grins*

(*rubs hands in anticipation*…Can’t wait to meet the newbies!)

At the end of Sinner’s Gin, book 1 in the series, you left all of our jaws on the ground with the revelation that Damian is alive! Did you have his story already planned in your head? Or did it take some…work?

RF:  I knew before I wrote Sinner’s Gin that Damie was alive. I wrote the book knowing that. It was important to lie to the reader. Because we all had to go through the whole book feeling what Miki felt and I wanted to show his relationship—the depth of that relationship. I think a major part of Sinner’s Gin was the loss of Miki’s entire world. In Whiskey and Wry, it was about the redemption of that world and Damie’s as well.

This book may be one of your darkest/freakiest and features a sadistic psychopath killer named Parker. It is frightening some of the places you took the reader while in his head. What preparation did you do to write this character and what effect did his dark side have on you?

RF:  Um, writing Parker was very easy. I have no idea why it was so easy. Really, like water off a duck’s back. No preparation at all. I might have made the coffee a bit stronger that morning but nope, pretty much easy going with him.

Parker was interesting because really he did nothing much on screen but his intent was so wrong. I hesitate to say evil because really that implies a calculation to his wickedness which isn’t the case. He’s like a crocodile. He’s a creature of his instincts and habits.

I slept perfectly fine while writing Parker. Probably should call my therapist or something.

(That’s probably a sign of creative brilliance! I thought Parker was an outstanding villain…and he CREEPED me OUT! ha!)

Having lived in San Francisco for many years, I have to say, you represent it well in this series.  Have you ever lived there and how do you get those details all spot on?

RF:   I love San Francisco and really, when we go and visit, it’s usually an immersion into the city. I tend to stay in Chinatown or that area. It feels very comfortable and the food places are great. I usually avoid the pier area unless I’m bringing non-natives with me in which case I’ll take them down there to the Blues club or we’ll get some crab. There’s a little shop down there that has some crazy netsuke so sometimes we’ll head in there. I usually try to hit the New Years that are important to me; Dragon for my birth year, Bunny for my sister’s and well a few others.

It’s pretty much my take on San Francisco. I try to capture the city I know and show it on the page.

Now Rhys, you and I both know that we share a common love for great FOOD! 🙂  If you had to pick a meal to represent each of your series (Sinners, Cole McGinnis, and Kai Gracen) what would each be?

RF:  Wow. Difficult one. A meal? Let’s see.

The Dirty Series: Rare steak marinated in kalbi sauce, purple rice, panchan and mango sherbet.

The Sinners Series: Roast beef with red wine gravy, roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes, glazed carrots, sautéed Brussels sprouts with bacon and hot berry pie with vanilla ice cream. (Morgan Sunday Dinner)

Miki would just like macaroni and cheese, fried jalapeno spam and carne asada fries. Damien would throw in some braised unagi with eel sauce over rice.

Kai Gracen: Beef chow fun dry style, Mui Choy with Mei Cai Kou Rou (Mustard Greens with Pork) and Miso ramen. Nothing with egg yolks. In fact, he’s never going to have wiggly eggs ever again. Scrambled or omelettes only.

(Dang, those all sound mouth-wateringly amazing! I am SO THERE!)

Before you go, can you tell us what you’re working on and what we can expect next from you?

RF: Let’s see. I am working on Dirty Deeds which I hope to get done within a couple of months. Lots of pressure there. *grins* Fish and Ghosts will be out in November-ish of this year. That’s a paranormal contemporary with a new couple, Wolf and Tristan. That was a lot of fun to write. And I have a steampunk novella out March-ish called Clockwork Tangerine. After I get Dirty Deeds done, I’m going to start Tequila Mockingbird, the third book in the Sinners Series and one I’m both happy about and dreading. So wish me luck with that one.

(Good luck…and CAN’T WAIT!)

Thanks, so much, for being SO GREAT and joining us here at the blog! *hugs*!

RF:  Thank you for letting me stop by! Really! *HUGS*


Rhys Ford imageRhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats, a black Pomeranian puffball, a bonsai wolfhound, and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and a red Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

Rhys is the author of the Sinners series along with the Cole McGinnis series and the Kai Gracen series.

Reviewed by Danielle

Whiskey and Wry (Sinners, #2)TITLE: Whiskey and Wry (Book #2)
SERIES: Sinners
AUTHOR: Rhys Ford
LENGTH: 254 pages
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: He was dead. And it was murder most foul. If erasing a man’s existence could even be called murder.

When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name. The Montana asylum’s doctors tell him he’s delusional and his memories are all lies: he’s really Stephen Thompson, and he’d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash. His chance to escape back to his own life comes when his prison burns, but a gunman is waiting for him, determined that neither Stephen Thompson nor Damien Mitchell will escape.

With the assassin on his tail, Damien flees to the City by the Bay, but keeping a low profile is the only way he’ll survive as he searches San Francisco for his best friend, Miki St. John. Falling back on what kept him fed before he made it big, Damien sings for his supper outside Finnegan’s, an Irish pub on the pier, and he soon falls in with the owner, Sionn Murphy. Damien doesn’t need a complication like Sionn, and to make matters worse, the gunman—who doesn’t mind going through Sionn or anyone else if that’s what it takes kill Damien—shows up to finish what he started.


I was very excited to read this book. I loved Sinner’s Gin and couldn’t wait to see what the sequel would be about. Because of the way the first book ended, I was hoping that it would be about Damien and how he would find his way back to Miki. And I couldn’t be more happy that the story turned out to be about Damien.

We meet Damien when he escapes from the mental institution he was being held in under a different name. While there, people tried to convince him that he was someone else. Finally free and on the run, we find Damien playing guitar in front of a pub called Finnigan’s which is owned by Sionn Murphy.

We follow Damien through his struggle to figure out the puzzle and put the pieces of his life back together. He desperately tries to work out the images and flashes of memory in his mind.

We see the attraction grow between him and Sionn and watch them fall in love. All the time the red line in the first part of the story is Damien’s determination how to get to Miki. When that finally happens in a surprising, unexpected moment, it is fantastic and brilliantly written and I wanted to specifically point that out.

But with a hitman on his heels murdering people around Damien, he is anything but safe. While reconnecting with Miki and getting to know Kane and building a relationship with Sionn, there is always that threat in the background. It keeps him and the reader constantly on edge.

The sexual tension and heat between Damien and Sionn is sizzling. It sparks from your screen and the references to Kane and Miki makes me want to see some of them too as the first time seeing them was so powerful, that it made me desperate for more of them. I was glad that they were so part of this sequel as it added wonderful things to the story.

I think a special mention should go to the little lines on top of every chapter. They signify the story chapters and are symbolic for things happening during the story. These words were so special as they emphasized the story perfectly.

The relationship between Miki and Damien shows how much he missed Miki but more even so, the life he lost and is desperately trying to get back.

“I missed you, Sinjun. Even before I really knew you were… there in my memories. I knew I was missing something so big in my life. I’m sorry I forgot you. Even if it was just for a moment. I am so fucking sorry.” “Dude, you didn’t forget me. I was just holding onto them until you came back.” “Since I’m remembering shit, sorry about the time I shoved that chick’s panties on your head.” “That’s okay. While you were passed out once, Dave accidentally peed in your mouth.” “I don’t remember that.” “You never knew, but hey, since we’re filling up your head with shit, you get to know now.”

Honesty obligates me to say that for me, Sinner’s Gin was a tad better so that is why I am giving 4.5 stars for this sequel.

At the end, the author leaves us with again a tantalizing piece of what is coming and I, for one, cannot wait to read Connor’s story!! ( as i hope we also get to read Rafe’s somewhere).

Danielle’s Rating:

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Reviewed by Heather C.


TITLE: Black Dog Blues (Book #1)
SERIES: Kai Gracen series
AUTHOR: Rhys Ford
PUBLISHER: Coffee Squirrel Press
BLURB: Ever since he’d been part of the pot in a high-stakes poker game, elfin outcast Kai Gracen figured he’d used up any good karma he had when Dempsey, a human Stalker, won the hand and took him in. Following the violent merge of Earth and Underhill, the human and elfin races were left with a messy, monster-ridden world and Stalkers were often the only cavalry willing to ride to someone’s rescue when something shadowy and dark moved into the neighbourhood.

There certainly were no shortage of monsters or people stupidly willing to become lunch for one.

It was a hard life but one Kai liked. And he was good at it. Killing monsters was easy. Especially since he was one himself.

After an accident retired Dempsey out, Kai set up permanent shop in San Diego, contracting out to the local SoCalGov depot. It was a decent life, filled with bounty, a few friends and most importantly, no other elfin around to remind him he wasn’t really human.

That was until a sidhe lord named Ryder arrives in San Diego and Kai is conscripted to do a job for Ryder’s fledgling Dawn Court. It was supposed to a simple run; head up the coast during dragon-mating season to retrieve a pregnant human woman seeking sanctuary with the new Court then back to San Diego. Easy, quick and best of all, profitable. But Ryder’s “simple” run leads to massive trouble and Kai ends up being caught in the middle of a deadly bloodline feud he has no hope of escaping.

No one ever got rich by being a Stalker. But then hardly any of them got old either. The way things were looking, it didn’t look like Kai was going to be the exception.


Rhys Ford has finally joined the worlds of Urban Fantasy!  About damn time if you ask me!

In Black Dog Blues we are introduced to Kai Gracen, an elfin Stalker living amongst the humans in San Diego years following the Merge, where the human and elfin worlds had come together resulting in violent wars between the races (human, sidhe and unsidhe) and freaky, mutated creatures.  Kai hates all things elfin and attempts to live his life more human than…a human, hunting black dogs for bounty and basically anything else the SoCalGov demands that he do.  After suffering from years of abuse when he was younger, Kai tries to keep all personal relationships at a distance and is quick to say that he limits all his sexual to encounters to nameless humans; male or female.  And then, in walks Ryder who fucks it all up.

Ryder is a sidhe lord who has recently moved to San Diego to set up his own Dawn Court right in the middle of the humans.  Clearly he has an agenda.  Anyway, he has contracted Kai through the Post requiring him to make a dangerous run to Los Angeles to transport a pregnant human safely back to San Diego.  Ah, and then everything gets crazy!

Here are a few things you have to look forward to when you read this book:

Outstanding world building:  I absolutely love this world that Rhys as created.  It’s unique and imaginative and vivid.  I must advise you to give this 100% of your focus, or it may be a bit too easy to get lost in some of the complexity.  It isn’t a simple, light read.

Great, complex characters that are easy to love:  Kai is such a fascinating character with so many more secrets to tell.  I don’t see how anyone could not adore him.  Yeah, he’s fussy and prickly but that just makes me want to hug him and squeeze him.  He has so many barriers that need to be torn down, and I believe Ryder will be the elfin to do it.  And Ryder, he just gives off an aura that makes me want to trust him even though I know he still hasn’t been fully honest about everything.  Luckily, Kai sees right through Ryder’s hidden agenda but still knows that deep down his motives are mostly good.  Although, those motives are all bad news for Kai!  Then, lets not forget some of the great secondary characters:

  • Newt – Kai’s devil of a cat who is loyal to no one, although I believe he secretly loves Kai
  • Alexa – Ryder’s cousin who wants to have “purple-eyed babies” with Kai
  • Oketsu the Mustang – hey, he had personality…poor guy
  • Dalia – Kai’s purple haired BFF who risks her job everyday being there for Kai

Some good sexual tension:  This isn’t exactly your typical romance…because obviously it is urban fantasy.  It is plot and character driven, but the slow-burn undertones promise to give us an epic romance further into the series.  Ryder accepts Kai for who and what he is…and I don’t believe for even a second that he would ever share.

 “I don’t want to tame you, Kai. I just want you.” 

Plus, there is some good, sexy banter shared between the two of them.  It is very clear that these guys have some combustible chemistry that hasn’t even been experienced yet. 

Lots of danger and action:  Anyone who has read anything written by Rhys, knows that she likes to jump right into the story with a crazy, exciting scene. Well, this is no different, and it just keeps going from there.  I know there were several times where I said to myself, “What.The.Fuck?!”  Plus, there many more sitting-on-the edge-of-a-cliff moments.

In the end, I just wanted more! I want to know more about what Kai is. I want to know more about what Kai can do. And most of I all, I want to know how Kai is going to handle Ryder…because we all know Kai is not going to easily go along with anything.

Highly recommended to all those Urban Fantasy lovers out there who are in the mood for a crazy adventure filled with black dog blood and a side of baby goo.

I end this with a challenge.  A challenge to all of you to plead and beg Rhys Ford until she gives us a sequel!

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Having resolved his wardrobe deficiencies to his valet’s satisfaction, Gavin leaves Marcus to sort out the ways and means to fulfill the desire their spying in the tailor shop has aroused, while he re-engages with his recent conquest, the not so innocent Bernard.




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Scroll down to find the review for Sinner’s Gin!

Here’s an article from the author:

Rhys Ford

I’ll be honest. I like murdering people. They don’t have actual faces and they in no way actually are standing in the place of other people. They are faceless, sometimes given just the rudimentary of names and even the sketchiest of backgrounds… but oh they die just the same as everyone else.

When I first started writing the Dirty series with Cole McGinnis and Kim Jae-Min, I had no intention of having a high body count. It just sort of happened. It was kind of like watching the Blues Brothers. There are a lot of cars but really, they have finite lives. Such is the case of a lot of my secondary characters.boondock_saints

I try to make their deaths interesting. I even try to make them meaningful by pushing the story forward. Sometimes the reader meets them for the briefest of moments and other times, the reader might actually know them for a bit longer but still, ask not for whom the scythe swings, it swings for thee.

Someone asked me if I’ve researched on how to murder someone. Well, no, not really. I’m just naturally macabre and like things like body farms and carrion feeding stations. I love crime shows. I love and hell, shows like Justified and Supernatural. Boondock Saints? LOVE those movies. Se7en? One of my faves.

But see, I also love Buckaroom Banzai and dramas like Sungkyunkwan Scandal or Faith.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Clip

Because not everything has to be about blood and gore. Sure, it’s nice. Like one of those little Victorian crème cakes and a nice cup of espresso. Rich, filling and oh so satisfying but truthfully, a diet of cakes and coffee can well, blow out your taste buds so it’s good to change things up.

In the case of Cole and Jae, there’s a bit of cultural tension but really, the bottom line for them is their relationship. And the building of that relationship.

ktown_signI knew when I started the book it wasn’t going to be one of those two-hundred pages of kiss and everything is going to be okay. And I’ve written that but for Cole and Jae, their book needed to be built. Layered up in places and torn back down. Jae’s world needed to be established for the reader that his conflict was something he couldn’t just overcome immediately. It tears at him. He hates being gay because of his Korean family and his conservative upbringing, never mind that his family treats him like shit. It’s a screwed up world he lives in and he has to survive as best he can.

Until a damned Irish-Japanese man with green eyes walks in and blows his resolve to not fall in love with a man right out of the water.

Or chigae. Whatever Jae was simmering in at the time.chigae


Jae fell just as hard as Cole did. In a much more hidden fashion because the books are written from Cole’s POV but really, Jae fell. It’s shown in different ways. More subtle. The meals Jae makes for him. The phrases he uses… intimate words that might not mean a lot to Cole in the beginning but as Cole begins to understand his boyfriend, their import become apparent. So while people are dying around them for one reason or another, there is a greater arc push-pulling at them in true two-headed llama fashion.

That thing pulling them together is their relationship and both hope it is stronger than what pulls them apart.

Despite the death and destruction, the building of a relationship…. of a love that might be a bit of a stretch is much more interesting and complicated to write than a simple chopping a head off or a gunshot storm. Sure, it takes longer but the payoff is so much better.

Except for writing the sex scenes. Those can be a bitch because well, you want those to be at least simmering and interesting. Nothing like murder. Again, the payoff is better. I hope that the reader gets that payoff in Dirty Laundry. Besides the murder mystery…which was a lot of fun to write… Cole and Jae grow closer and appear to hammer out their troubles after a bit of a tempest.

I brought this all to a point in Dirty Laundry, the latest in the Cole McGinnis series. Cole and Jae are stressed by their families’ demands on them and it takes a toll on them. But see, it’s also about not murdering their relationship. Despite their problems, they truly want to be together… even through all the crap and dead bodies and trauma… Cole and Jae reach for one another.

If you’ve read the books, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. They’re meant to be a bit fantastical at times. A bit old-fashioned over the top detective novels with a bit of spice and a lot of developing affection. I can’t promise you that it’ll be a perfect ride for Cole and Jae. It is going to take them a few books to get it right but let’s face it, love is more powerful than murder.

And honestly, as much as I adore slaying people, I love the idea of romance a hell of a lot more. *winks*


SINNER’S GIN by Rhys Ford

Review by Heather C.

 I actually read Sinner’s Gin several months ago and am just now getting around to writing a review for it. You know how sometimes you love a book so much, but just can’t figure out the right words to say? Well, this is one of those occasions, and I figured it was finally time for me to do my duty as a reader/reviewer and get off my butt to share with you why I loved it.

I fell in love with Rhys’s writing back when I read Dirty Kiss, the first book of the Cole McGinnis Series. So when I started Sinner’s, I was expecting something along the lines of a similar style: something with a twisted mystery and heavy Asian influences.  In my opinion, Sinner’s is totally different, more focused on the romance and not the mystery. Yes, the mystery is still there, but it takes more of a backseat role, and I wasn’t too worried about trying to figure it out.

This is about Miki and Kane. Miki St. John was the lead singer of the popular band Sinner’s Gin until the night he loses all of his band mates in a horrible accident. Now, Miki is alone in the world, living in a warehouse with a mutt he calls ‘Dude’. His seclusion is interrupted once Detective Kane Morgan discovers a dead body in a classic car stored in Miki’s warehouse.

There is an immediate attraction between them, even though Miki is still a suspect in the murder. But Kane doesn’t care; he feels a connection to Miki and makes it his duty to protect him. Let me just tell you that I loved these guys together! There was some good sexual tension and romance.  My only complaint is that it was a little too insta-love-ish for me, but I tried not to let it bother me too much because I really felt the connection between Miki and Kane.

“Oh, Miki love, I more than need you. You’re my temptation. My sin. I’ve got no intentions of being anywhere but next to you. We Irish? We like bathing in our sin.”

This story was pretty dark and gruesome as it tells the history of Miki’s abuse which was pretty graphic; my heart really broke for him. He really needed Kane at this point in his life to help pull him out off all that darkness.  Kane’s family of Morgans were just amazing!  Hope we get see more of them in the future.

Once you finally get to the ending, hold on to your pants, because its a shocker! But don’t worry too much because it’s not really a cliffhanger; just setting up the story arc for the next book.  Still, it’s a pretty big surprise and will have you begging for the next book!! The good news is that Whiskey & Wry will be released from Dreamspinner Press later this year.

BUY LINK: Dreamspinner Press  ||  Amazon

Heather’s Rating: star_review

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(As rated by Heather C.)

Heather C. is one of the official reviewers of The Blog of Sid Love