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Reviewed by Jen B.

Trusting Thomas by K.C. Wells eBookTITLE: Trusting Thomas
SERIES: Collars and Cuffs #2
AUTHOR: K.C. Wells
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 282 Pages
BLURB: Christmas is a time for goodwill to all, but Collars and Cuffs co-owner Thomas Williams receives an unexpected gift that chills him to the bone. A Dom from another Manchester club asks Thomas for his help rescuing an abused submissive, Peter Nicholson. Thomas takes in the young man as a favor to a friend, offering space and time to heal, but he makes it clear he’s never had a sub and doesn’t want one.

Peter finds Thomas’s home calm and peaceful, but his past has left him unwilling to trust another Dom. When Thomas doesn’t behave as Peter expects, Peter’s nightmares begin to fade, and he decides he’d like to learn more about D/s life. A well-known trainer of submissives, Thomas begins to teach Peter, but as the new submissive opens up to him, Thomas finds he cares more for Peter than he should. Just as he decides it’s time to find a permanent Dom for Peter, they discover Peter’s tormentor is still very much a threat. With their lives in danger, Thomas can’t deny his feelings for Peter any longer. The question now becomes, can Peter make it out of the lions’ den alive, so that Thomas can tell his boy that he loves him?


This story centers around Peter, a 26 year old who has been in an extremely abusive, slavish at times, BDSM relationship with dom Curtis.  Another dom, Steven, notices and questions Curtis’ treatment of Peter while attending a party and eventually finds a way to remove Peter from the situation.  He turns to his friend Thomas, part owner of Collars & Cuffs, whom we met in book 1.

Thomas is a bit older at 56, but he has a stellar reputation as a trainer of doms and subs and agrees to take on training Peter.  I don’t think Thomas quite realized what he was getting into with Peter or the extent of the damage that was done to him previously.  But he steps up to the plate and finds alternative ways to help Peter work through his issues.  Mostly he provides some structure as Peter gains confidence and becomes more comfortable with BDSM.  Turns out that he had the complete opposite understanding of what it was all about, and Thomas begins his training by showing him how things should be.

Peter is a total sweetheart.  I wanted to peek in his diary myself just to see what he had gone through in one lump, as opposed to the crumbs we are fed.  Curtis was a horrific dom and just not a good person.  Peter slowly gets stronger with the help of Thomas, and it is a joy to watch.

Honestly, I felt like there was actually even less BDSM action in this story than in the first.  I didn’t actually find that a problem though, as it fit perfectly with this story.  Again, this story centers around Peter’s recovery and issues with the actual BDSM taking a back seat.  Thomas must find ways to show Peter the lifestyle that don’t involve pain or humiliation, so he turns to toys and other less-invasive methods, and when some of Peter’s issues prevent him from being comfortable outside of the house, Thomas works around that by not taking him to the Club.

These guys both seemed right for each other.  One of their biggest obstacles after Peter’s issues was the age gap.  Thirty years is a big gap, and the issue comes up more than once.  It never really felt like that much while I was reading, so I never had an issue with it myself.  For now, these guys make a nice couple where they both need each other for different things.  They still have a lot to work through, but they are certainly on the right path.  There is very little sex here, but I didn’t miss it.  I truly just wanted to see Peter get his life back on track and get past his time with Curtis.  Speaking of Curtis, things seemed to wrap up a bit quickly where he was concerned.

It was really nice seeing Leo and Alex again, as happy as they were when we left them in the first book.  We meet a few new characters, and I was left wondering and looking forward to who would be next.

Jen rates it – star_review

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Thank you for coming over to the blog of Sid Love to answer some questions! It’s a great pleasure having you here ! 🙂

Well, it’s lovely to be here! Thanks for having me.

When I look at your bio I notice you started writing not too long ago but wanted to for quite some time before that. What made you take that final step?

Being so stressed in my job that I had to do something.  I’ve always been creative – I paint, sew, play the clarinet – but I haven’t been able to do those things for a while because the demands of my job were simply too much. Then when the job became so stressful that my health suffered, it was time to do something. My doctor actually said that I needed an outlet, something to focus on. So I thought about that idea for a book I’d had a year previously….

Now you’re writing full time did it change your life ? And if it did, was it all positive or were there also negative sides to that?

Oh WOW – has it changed my life.

Well, losing the EDJ certainly changed my life. My friends comment these days that I look so much happier. But as for writing full-time, I love it! It’s wonderful to spend a day on the laptop and at the ned of it, I can read it over and think, “YES! It was a good day.”

There’s only one negative that I can see. I have to be VERY self-disciplined. When I go down to my little writing room by the sea, it’s easy. There are no distractions and I just get on with writing. When I stay at home? That’s another story. It’s SOOOOOO easy to get distracted… the Internet, friends on Facebook (Yeah, Max Vos, I mean you… 🙂 ) stuff round the house, the Internet, shopping, the Internet… Yeah, you get the picture…

You self-publish some stories as well as publishing with Dreamspinner. Is there a reason why you use both?

Learning to Love: Michael & Sean (Learning to Love, #1)When I submit a book to Dreamspinner, there’s a waiting time till I find out if it’s been accepted, then five-six months before it comes out. When I self-publish, once I’ve finished the book, it’s off to my beta readers. That’s usually about a week – damn, they read fast! – then off to Sue, my editor, and then I sit down and run it through the software before uploading it onto Amazon, All Romance, etc…

It’s a faster process and I get to see the results of my labor faster, too. Especially as now my writing pays the bills..

But publishing with Dreamspinner is wonderful. They take care of everything – covers, publicity…

I like having the best of both worlds.

Looking over your backlist I see an impressive list built in a short time. I see for starters the ‘Learning to Love’ series that has three books so far, all with very different personalities in them. In part one we meet freshman students Michael and Sean and we are introduced to their friend Evan, who gets his own story with Daniel in part two.

Did you know when you started the first book and introduced us to Evan that there would be a part two where he would be chasing his own happily-ever-after? Or was it something that came to you as you write Michael and Sean’s story? And then part 3 with Cris and Josh who also are introduced in an earlier book?

Learning to Love: Josh & Chris (Learning to Love, #3)I was half way through Michael & Sean when I realized there would be a sequel. I mean, Evan HAD to have his Happy Ever After! But by the time I ‘d started Evan and Daniel’s book, I’d already worked out that there would be four books in the series in total.

And from my own opinion I am very much looking forward to a part 4 in this series as I really would like to find out how you will continue this and I kind of need you to make it alright (without spoiling too much). Is it coming and when?

Ahhhhh… Part 4 is on my To Do list, and will be submitted to Dreamspinner early next year, so hopefully it should be out by the summer. It’s the final year of studies for Michael, Sean, Evan, Daniel and Chris – Josh will still have Medical school, of course – and a lot happens. I cannot tell you how many people have messages / emailed me about Sean, wanting to know if he’s going to be alright.  I love that boy – would I let anything bad happen to him? Hmmm…..

But part 4, Final Exam, is a pulling together of different storylines. Evan and Daniel take time to explore another side to their marriage, one which has been emerging throughout parts 2 and 3. Josh and Chris are still a fairly new couple, and there are bumps in the road to contend with. But Michael and Sean have a tough time ahead, and they’ll only get through it with their friends and family to support them.

Waiting for a Prince (Island Tales #1)Continuing through your backlist, we see the ‘Island Tales’ a series you are self-publishing which has different characters in each story but centres on the Isle of Wight. Can you tell me why you decided to write this series using separate and non-related characters?

Interesting question. Just because Mark and Sam (from Waiting for a Prince) didn’t turn up in the next tale, September’s Tide, please don’t assume that’s the last you’ll see of them. In fact, they turn up in the third tale, which should be out before the end of the year. And Andy and Richard, at the Beach Shack café in Steephill Cove, turn up in both books – and will be in the third. (They’re real people, by the way. They’re waiting for the day when someone ask them “Are you the guys in the books?”) And they’re straight, before anyone asks.  🙂

I liked the idea of setting lots of different stories on the Island. I love this place. It’s beautiful, tranquil and definitely an inspiration.

I have at least three more books planned for the Island Tales series.

Coming to the ‘Collars and Cuffs’ series that has had a very successful start with “An Unlocked Heart” with the second part “Trusting Thomas “ being released tomorrow (Are you nervous?)

An Unlocked Heart (Collars and Cuffs, #1)You take the reader into the world of BDSM with this series. Is that a genre you always wanted to explore as a writer?

I’m ALWAYS nervous when a new book comes out, even after (*counts on fingers*) eight books.

I’ll be honest. I got half way through 50 Shades of…. and gave up. And then I thought, what would a gay version look like?  I love the BDSM books by Sean Michael, Anna Martin, SJD Peterson, Patricia Logan… so it was something I wanted to try. I loved the idea of making the books primarily a love story, with added BDSM. I often get reviews that say they’re not hardcore BDSM – they were never intended to be. But when I get readers telling me that they LOVE how different the book is, or that they don’t usually read BDSM but loved An Unlocked Heart – that is huge for me.

We get introduced to Thomas in the first part as Leo‘s Business partner so it is great to see he is getting his own story in this part. Can you share something with us about the new book “Trusting Thomas”?

I loved Thomas from the start. This is a kind, patient, gentle man who trains Doms and subs alike, but has never had his own submissive. He’s content with his life, rattling around in his big house, running the club, but when a friend asks him to help him by taking on a sub, Thomas can’t say no. He isn’t prepared for such a damaged young man, however. Peter has been through a lot, and it’s going to take him a while to trust another Dom.

The book is Thomas and Peter’s journey, and I loved watching them take those all important steps to realizing that they needed each other.

What does worry me is  the reaction to the age difference. At the start of the book, Thomas is 55 and Peter is 26. When I read Slow Bloom by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox (LOVE that book!) it didn’t bother me in the least that Jack was 48 and Ricky was 19 when they started… But I know there are readers out there for whom this will be an issue. Not an insurmountable one, I hope.

Trusting ThomasYou’re already well known for your special way of combining smoking hot mansex with romance. Is this something you really have to work at, or does it come naturally for you while writing?

LOL. I see my books like a film in my head. And seeing as some comments were made in my earlier books that there was too much sex, I am now always careful to rein in my men. If the sex moves the story along, then yes, okay boys, off you go, the bedroom’s thatta way… If it doesn’t? Sigh…

Something else that worried me about Trusting Thomas is that there’s a lot less sex than in my previous books. When you read it, you’ll see why. And if you like less sex with your story? Come on in – you’ll like this one.

Knowing where in the story I want my characters to make love? That’s easy..

Writing the scenes? That’s harder. They have to be right. That’s why beta readers are so valuable. And to be honest? I love writing sex scenes. If i can read it back and see the action in my head, I’m pleased.

Time for my shorties I would say 🙂

Favorite food? OMG – I don’t really have one, I like food! (Though chocolate would be near the top of the list)

Favorite color? Gold

Favorite author? Can’t answer that one – FAR too many to choose from

Favorite book? See above!

Favorite way to spend a day off? Going down to the beach, walking along the shore, listening to the waves…. Happy sigh

Favorite movie?  Oh dear. Nope. Too many again.

Favorite music or song? I really like Classical music, but then there’s the Beatles…..

Favorite flower? Roses – preferably with a perfume

Favorite clothes? I love wearing dresses

Favorite season? Summer

At the end of this interview I would like to ask you your plans. What’s coming from K.C. Wells?

Making it PersonalOOH! Just last week I had an idea for a short story, based around the characters of Blake and WIll from Making it Personal. That will be out very soon

And speaking of Making it Personal, I will be writing Rick’s story early next year.

Ideas are coming at all from all angles lately. I can’t keep up with them!

And in January Dreamspinner are releasing my first ever co-authored novel! Parker Williams (aka Will Parkinson) and I have written a book, Someone to Keep Me. It’s a BDSM story, which fits into the Collars & Cuffs world. At the moment Will and I are planning the next book, Damian’s Discipline, and there’s a third book in the pipeline. That will be it for the BDSM books – we DO have other ideas, however…  😉

And is there anything else you would like to share with us here?

Wow – I think I’ve covered everything – except I would like to thank all the readers out there who read my books. It’s been wonderful so far to share all these stories in my head. Thank you, all of you.

Thank you very much for this interview and your time.

Thanks – it was fun!

~ As told to Danielle


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BLURB: Christmas is a time for goodwill to all, but Collars and Cuffs co-owner Thomas Williams receives an unexpected gift that chills him to the bone. A Dom from another Manchester club asks Thomas for his help rescuing an abused submissive, Peter Nicholson. Thomas takes in the young man as a favor to a friend, offering space and time to heal, but he makes it clear he’s never had a sub and doesn’t want one.

Peter finds Thomas’s home calm and peaceful, but his past has left him unwilling to trust another Dom. When Thomas doesn’t behave as Peter expects, Peter’s nightmares begin to fade, and he decides he’d like to learn more about D/s life. A well-known trainer of submissives, Thomas begins to teach Peter, but as the new submissive opens up to him, Thomas finds he cares more for Peter than he should. Just as he decides it’s time to find a permanent Dom for Peter, they discover Peter’s tormentor is still very much a threat. With their lives in danger, Thomas can’t deny his feelings for Peter any longer. The question now becomes, can Peter make it out of the lions’ den alive, so that Thomas can tell his boy that he loves him?

RELEASE DATE: 07th October, 2013

PRE-ORDER LINK: Dreamspinner Press

“So what do you think about writing a book with me?”

Yeah, a simple enough question. That’s how it started, one evening back in early 2013. I was Skyping with Will Parkinson, who had fast become one of my closest friends on Facebook. We’d been chatting via FB since early November, just before the release of my first book–and then talking literally via Skype. (We even Skyped on Christmas Day while I was preparing the dinner for the oven. Yeah, not a good idea when one of you is a vegan. To quote Will – “Poor, poor turkey.”)

Will had been reading my first BDSM novel, An Unlocked Heart, as it was written, and it’s safe to say he’d fallen in love with Alex and Leo. And I’d been reading Pitch, Will’s first YA novel–and telling him to submit it to Harmony Ink. Wow – it seems like yesterday….

But I digress.

I’d casually mentioned to Will that if he ever wanted to collaborate on a book, I’d be okay with that. I got a quick No. Fair enough, I thought–it’s not everyone’s idea of fun.

But a week later, in the midst of a Skype conversation, Will askedTHE question.

“So what do you think about writing a book with me?”

Wow. Really? Hang on a minute… didn’t someone looking remarkably like me suggest this very thing really recently???

“I’ve had this idea…A young American man, Scott, leaves the US to fly to the UK to meet Jeff, a guy he’d met on the Internet… A tale where US meets UK–OOH! Now there’s an idea! Oh K.C!”

And of course I agreed in a heartbeat.

So there are over four thousand miles–and a six hour time difference–between us. I’d mentioned co-authoring with another author, who was doing the same thing, and not enjoying the experience. His response?

“NOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it!”

Yeah, I didn’t listen–thank goodness.

So we started planning. Will had recently helped me plan out the plot of my next BDSM novel, Trusting Thomas, and that had worked out really well. Skype was the obvious solution, but the timing would make interesting reading.

Will works nights in a hotel and usually got home about 11pm, stayed awake till 5am and then slept until it was time to get up for work again. I’m an early bird and tend to wake up about 5.30 – 6.00am. We’d often Skype then–him on his computer, me on my mobile phone. It wasn’t ideal for writing–especially as I was usually still in bed when he Skyped. But then in March Will had some time off and we got into a routine. I was teaching at the time and when school was done for the day I would Skype Will and we’d plan every day for a couple of hours. I was typing all our notes into our Dropbox folder. Now, it wasn’t the way we usually wrote–I didn’t make such detailed notes for my own books and Will definitely didn’t–but it worked for us. Once the whole book had been planned out like this, we started writing. We’d use the plan to see what was happening next, and highlight it once a part had been written. That way, we could see at a glance what was coming next.

Will, however, did something that really pushed the novel along in its latter stages. Whenever a scene occurred to him, he’d write it down and save it in the folder. By the time we were writing the novel, the folder contained over 9,000 words.

My life got…interesting around this point, and suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands. I finished Trusting Thomas, wrote Making it Personal, finished the first of the Island Tales, Waiting for a Prince–and at last I could commit lots of time to our project.By now we’d written about 32K words andI became a writing machine. All of a sudden I was free to write. I couldn’t believe how fast the book grew. And the reason for this?Will’s pre-written scenes. They slotted into place, and within the space of a couple of weeks we’d reached the end–and 82K words.

So toward the end of June, we were there. Finished. We sent it to three betas and the response we got from them was really encouraging. At last we were ready to submit our baby, Someone to Keep Me.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Dreamspinner Press gave us a contract and it will be released in January 2014. You should have seen the FB messages flying around the day I got the email from Elizabeth North. And what made it all the sweeter was that a week later, I was able to greet my co-author in person for the first time. Yeah, that was a good day.

And what does the future hold for Will Parkinson / Parker Williams and K.C.Wells?

Will doesn’t do things by halves. We had the idea for the next book, and shortly after that, Will came up with the idea for the third. Yeah, watch this space…

And only yesterday, Will messaged me with another book idea–and THAT one has me really excited.

Becky Condit has loved watching our collaboration. She sees virtually all of our conversations on Facebook, because she is a brilliant sounding board and we love sharing our ideas with her. And she loves being able to watch our writing evolve. She is our greatest supporter. :waves hi to Becky:

It’s been a wonderful experience, writing with Will. And the best part? It’s not over yet….



Reviewed by Danielle

September's Tide (Island Tales #2)SERIES: Island Tales #2
146 pages
David Hannon hasn’t written a word of his latest detective thriller since he threw out his lover Clark five months ago after he caught Clark cheating on him. So when his agent informs him that he’s about to leave New York to take a little trip to an island off the south coast of England, David is torn. It could be just what he needs—or the vacation from hell. Once he arrives there, David quickly falls in love with the beautiful, tranquil Steephill Cove. The quiet little bay has everything David needs, including the opportunity to get laid regularly, in the gorgeous shape of Taylor Monroe, who runs a water sports equipment hire business. David’s a happy man. He always writes better when there is a plentiful supply of good sex.

When Taylor first meets the Lighthouse’s newest occupant, he can almost hear the click. David is just what Taylor needs—an older, sexy guy who is willing to share his bed, no strings, no promises. At least, that was the plan. As the two men spend more time together, Taylor finds himself growing to like the confident writer more and more. Taylor’s family like him. Taylor’s friends like him. And then there comes the moment when Taylor realizes that maybe it’s no longer a matter of liking David, but something a whole lot stronger.

Unfortunately, his epiphany occurs a little too late, when a visitor to the bay forces Taylor to accept that David might be spoken for. In any case, David is leaving at the end of September—and it looks like he’ll be taking Taylor’s heart with him…


There are times when you enjoy reading a story but then you have to review it, and on occasion I find that hard to do. This is one of those occasions.

I won’t deny I’m a fan of the writing of K.c Wells. I think she is refreshing and sexy (if you get what I mean by that), and always captivating. I personally always look forward to reading a new release of hers. Having reviewed a few books of hers before and after reading all of them, I am trying to keep my opinions clear and objective .

I cannot deny I liked the story, but why did I like it? It’s easy reading with no major drama and great characters, but I didn’t expect any less.

You get introduced to David, a popular writer who suffers from writer’s block and a broken heart. He is forced by his PA to travel to the isle of Where, to stay in the lighthouse she rented for him for a month. How could he have known his life would be changed by that decision?

As a reader you know that and you can sense more things in this story, but it doesn’t distract or bore at any level.

Then we meet Taylor, the sexy younger island hottie who loves to swim. The instant attraction is there from the minute they meet. You can feel it in the way the author writes their coming together over the whole story. Right up to the perfectly sweet epilogue.

A special note I need to make about Taylor’s friends. What a supportive crowd and an awesome bunch of guys! And let’s not forget Taylor’s family who take David in and give him the family he surely desired by being warm and welcome.

This story is number two in the Island Tale series but is a standalone and I kind of think that is a shame. I would have loved to have snippets of the main characters from the first one (Mark and Sam) but I also have to admit that it’s possible that is just my own preference 🙂

Overall I still am wondering what I liked, and again I liked it a lot. So much that I didn’t want to put it down and that I read it in one go. Perhaps what’s said above gives the right impression though. I am very curious to see the new part and if I’m honest, I hope we will get snippets of the main characters from this book and the first book as well in the new part 🙂

Danielle’s Rating: four-stars_0




Born and raised in the north-west of England, K.C.Wells always loved writing. Words were important. Full stop. However, when childhood gave way to adulthood, the writing ceased, as life got in the way.

K.C. discovered erotic fiction in 2009, where the purchase of a ménage storyline led to the startling discovery that reading about men in love was damn hot. In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative. An even bigger discovery waited in the wings – writing about men in love was even hotter…

The laptop still has no idea of what hit it… it only knows that it wants a rest, please.

K.C. can be reached via email (, on Facebook (, on Twitter ( or through comments at the K.C.Wells website ( ) K.C. loves to hear from readers.




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Reviewed by Danielle


Making it PersonalTITLE: Making it Personal
AUTHOR: K.c Wells
LENGTH: 157 pages
PUBLISHER: Island Tale Press
BLURB: Blake Davis is in the closet. And he’s going to stay that way. Because if his father finds out he’s gay, Blake could lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve during the last six years as CEO of Trinity Publishing, the fastest rising star in the publishing firmament. Not that coming out wouldn’t solve a couple of problems. Maybe then his father would stop trying to set him up with yet another empty-headed, social-climbing girlfriend. And better still, Blake could stop using that escort agency when he wants a night of hot sex with a cute guy…

Will Parkinson has had a tough life so far, but he’s back on his feet. Okay, so he’s working as an escort – with ‘benefits’– to pay off his student loans, but that does have its advantages, such as the really hot guy who hired him. Yeah, Blake rocked his world last night – several times. So imagine how Will feels when he arrives to be interviewed for his dream job as PA in a publishing company, and the guy who’s hiring is….. Blake


What a fantastic story! I can’t say anything different because this story has it all. Excitement, loving, curiosity, sexiness, conversation and so much more. You start reading it and you don’t want to stop, simple as that.

When you are first introduced to Blake, it’s at his job as a publisher on his 30th birthday. Running the company has been his sole purpose for the last six years, ever since he took over for his father in every way except in name. Slowly losing hope that he will be in official control at some point, he still enjoys his work and he likes the team of people he’s gathered around him to work with. Getting to know them is part of the fun of the book.

Celebrating his birthday, Blake decides to treat himself to the services of J’s, a professional, discreet escort service. He spends the night of his life in the arms of escort “Alec”, right down to encouraging him to stay the night.

Neither of them is expecting to meet each other again so soon when “Alec” whose real name is Will Parkinson, shows up at Trinity publishing to interview for the position of Blake’s PA. Will expects Blake to blow off the interview but in spite of their unusual start, Blake decides to hire Will for the position.

With both of them not being out, they struggle to fight their growing attraction. Things take a turn when Will nurses Blake through a heavy migraine attack. It leaves Will hurt and confused after some unconscious, misplaced comments by Blake.

After Blakes apologies, Will asks him to read his story; one he wrote that tells his own tale of how he grew up and how he got to the point in his life he is now. That openness brings them together in a hidden relationship.

Everything goes to hell when Melissa, Blake’s self-appointed girlfriend, finds out about them and uses that information to blackmail Blake into marrying her by threatening to tell his father about him being gay. The threat of losing everything he’s worked so hard for causes Blake to push Will away and shut himself off from his friends and colleagues at well.

Will, on the other hand, being frustrated with unwanted advances, outs himself to get them to stop.

Wanting their last time together to spent to the fullest, Will invites Blake to an sex orgy, knowing how much Blake enjoys watching those videos on the internet. It has the unexpected result of showing both men how much they only want to be with each other.

When Blakes best friend Dave asks them to pose together for a photoshoot, it opens up Blake’s eyes to how deep both their feelings go and how much he doesn’t want to lose that. When Karen, the woman responsible for the unwanted advances Will accuses him of assaulting her, Blake decides he’s had enough and outs himself in front of his staff and his father.

Grateful for the acceptance of his father, Blake is finally made official owner of the company. He makes plans that will ensure Will knows how serious he is about their relationship while dealing with Melissa in one go.He throws a New Years Eve party with absolutely perfect results.

Worth mentioning is the epilogue that tells their lives 5 years in. I especially liked to read about their relationships with that people that become close to them.

As I said in the beginning its an amazing, enthralling story. It hooks you quickly and keeps you involved until the very last word!

A definite 5 stars for me …

Buy the book and enjoy it to the fullest.

BUY LINK: Book Store


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Reviewed by Danielle

TITLE: An Unlocked Heart (Book #1)
SERIES: Collars and Cuffs
AUTHOR: K. C. Wells
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 314 pages
BLURB: Since the death of his submissive lover two years ago, Leo hasn’t been living—merely existing. He focuses on making Collars & Cuffs, a BDSM club in Manchester’s gay village, successful. That changes the night he and his business partner have their weekly meeting at Severinos. Leo can’t keep his eyes off the new server. The shy man seems determined to avoid Leo’s gaze, but that’s like a red rag to a bull. Leo loves a challenge.

Alex Daniels works at Severinos to scrape together the money to move out on his own. He struggles with coming out, but he’s drawn to Leo, the gorgeous guy with the icy-blue eyes who’s been eating in his area nearly every night.

Leo won’t let Alex’s hesitance get in the way. He even keeps him away from the club so as not to scare him. And as for telling Alex that Leo is a Dom? Not a good idea. One date becomes two, but date two leads to Leo’s bedroom… and Alex discovers things about himself he never realized—and never wanted anyone to see.


The story starts with Leo dining with his business partner Thomas in the restaurant where he used to come with his deceased lover and partner Gabe.Hesitant to be there, his eyes catch new young waiter Alex and that is where their story begins.

Attraction is immediate for both of them. Blushing virgin Alex doesn’t understand his almost overwhelming response to Leo, and Leo instinctively senses a submissive streak in the young man.

Alex lives with his parents and is constantly bullied by his brother Rob. Having being looked down on and belittled all of his life, Alex can’t wait to save enough money to get out of the house.

His job is the only place he is comfortable and he works with some genuinely nice people. Here we meet Sev, the owner of the restaurant and therefore familiar with Leo’s occupation. We also meet Pietro who becomes a great friend to Alex and the two men find out that they have some important things in common.

It has to be said that this story is HOT! If you don’t like to read a lot of sex then you aren’t doing yourself any favors by reading this, because when i say hot I really mean scorching! *fans selfs*

We travel through this story in both Leo’s and Alex’s points-of-view and as a reader you experience their different struggles as the men explore their growing relationship. Leo has to deal with how he feels about Alex and his natural submissiveness while Alex has to figure out how to handle his attraction to Leo and the way he responds to the authority that Leo displays.. He also has to deal with the fallout from his family as he comes out to them.

The slow process of carefully getting to know each other as they spend time together is never boring. The gentleness, the getting more involved with each other is well paced. We are never rushed into accepting their relationship.

In this story we also explore the sometimes delicate subject of bdsm and the lifestyle that comes with it. I personally loved the easy way the writer mixes this into the story from different points of view. You see the Dom’s side through Leo’s eyes and you feel his want and need to make Alex his and to help him accept his natural submissiveness.

Through Alex’s eyes we see so much more. We follow his struggle to break free from his family and to gain self-confidence by learning to stand up for himself. He also struggles to believe in and trust his own judgement and to learn go with his feelings. The reader gets to see his first steps into BDSM and to experience what living the lifestyle means and these are the baby steps Alex takes in becoming his own person.

I really want to mention the side couple, Miles and Pietro. For some reason they touched me deeply. The trust Pietro has in himself and the life he leads is inspiring to read. The love Miles and Pietro share and the way K.C Wells mixes them into this story adds wonderfully to the whole atmosphere she’s created.

At the end of the story the author goes a bit deeper into the bdsm lifestyle and you will read some possibilities and experiences that I imagine might be more difficult for some readers to process if you aren’t into these kind of stories.

In general, however, I can’t deny that this story includes so much more than that. It is a journey of coming out, in learning to accept and believe in yourself, and figuring out how to stand up for what you want and love. All of this is written in a brilliant, honest, and openly sexy way, that for me makes it a story I will want to re-read and has me anxiously waiting for the next part in what’s sure to be an interesting series.

A definite 4.5 stars for me and a thank you to the author for a fantastically sexy and interesting reading experience.

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