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Review by Heather C.


TITLE: The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker
SEQUEL TO: Wacky Wednesday
AUTHOR: J. A. Rock
PUBLISHER: Loose Id Publication
BLURB: A year after the body swap that let brat Jayk and his dom, Amon, experience each other’s lives for a day, the pair is ready to be married in a small, stress-free ceremony. Things are going smoothly until they meet Jennifer and Ron Gaines-Brake—a quarrelsome couple with a laundry list of troubles whose wedding is at the same venue.

When Jayk and Amon are drawn into the other couple’s drama, their own doubts and fears about marriage start to surface. And when they accidentally switch bodies with Jennifer and Ron the day before the wedding, their simple, stress-free celebration starts looking more and more like a nightmare.

As the couples attempt to deal with each other’s families, secrets, and last minute wedding preparations, things spiral out of control. Add to the mix a missing cat, a vigilant police officer, an intimidating dildo, and a cake like no other, and it’s anybody’s guess whether the weekend will end in bells or bedlam.


Remember when we met Jayk and Amon  in Wacky Wednesday where, for some unexplained reason, they found themselves body-swapped with each other for 24 hours?  Well, now it’s a year later and they’re getting married!  They have it all planned out:  a small ceremony with their closest friends and family (about 20 people) featuring Ginspurr (their cat) as the ring bearer. Things start to go wrong on the trip to the hotel, and then things get even crazier once they find themselves body-swapped with another couple who also plans to get married that weekend. A male-female couple!!  Now, the two couples must get through the next 24 hours in each other’s bodies without tipping off any of their friends and family; including bachelor parties and dress fittings and revealing a very important secret.

No one knows what causes a body swap, but Jayk’s theory is that it happens to couples who are struggling in their relationships; either they have poor communication or they just don’t show enough appreciation for each other.  Anyway, Jayk and Amon’s relationship has been pretty solid since the last body swap, but Jennifer and Ron’s relationship is heading towards the crapper.  Will the body swap bring these two couples closer together? Or will it make them finally accept that marriage just isn’t right for them?

This was a really fun read with lots of humor and “Jayk-isms” that are too numerous to list. Once the body swap happened, I couldn’t stop laughing!  At first, Jayk is terrified of his new vagina, and Amon is depressed over his diminished penis.  OMG it was SO funny!  For those of you who freak out when there is a vagina in your M/M romances, I hope you will be okay with this.  I must warn you that there are lady bits in this book!  Do you really expect Jayk not to check out what’s going on down there between his legs?!  Turns out that Jayk’s little clit obsession was too funny and didn’t bother me at all.  And Jayk and Amon’s wedding night was HOT!!  Don’t worry, they both have their penises back by then!

Like Wacky Wednesday, this story was also told from alternating first person POVs between Jayk and Amon.  This was not an issue at all for me, because their voices are so different from each other that it was easy to tell them apart.

This was a 4 Star read for me because the first third of the book was a little slow and repetitive. I agree that a brief refresher of the last book was needed, but this had too much and was dragging the book down for me.  Also, there was too much of the character’s internal monologue trying to justify their need for a Domestic Discipline relationship.  While I admit that I’m okay with Jayk and Amon’s emotional and physical relationship, I really don’t understand it at all.  And I don’t really try to, because I like the characters so much.  Also, I felt that all the explanations of what DD is and why Jayk felt he needed it was slowing the story immensely.  Plus, all of this was already explained in the first book.

Overall, this was a fun, laugh out loud story. Don’t miss it if you enjoyed Wacky Wednesday.

Heather’s Rating:  four-stars_0

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Review by Shelley

TITLE: The Good Boy
AUTHORS: J. A. Rock & Lisa Henry
PUBLISHER: Loose ID publication
BLURB: Introverted college student Lane Moredock is in a bad place. His mother has been arrested for securities fraud, his father is on the run, and everyone, including the SEC, suspects Lane knows where the missing millions are. Lane, with no money and nowhere to live, makes a desperate deal that lands him in trouble and leaves him unwilling to trust a so-called Dom again.

Photographer Derek Fields lost money to the Moredocks, and is as sure as anyone that Lane is guilty despite his claims. A chance meeting with Lane shows him there might be something more to the young man than arrogance and privilege, and Derek wonders if Lane might be just what he’s been looking for: a sub with the potential to be a life partner.

As Lane slowly begins to open up to Derek and explore his needs as a submissive, the investigation closes tighter around him. Lane might be everything that Derek wants, but first Derek needs to trust that Lane is innocent–and Lane needs to trust Derek with the truth.


An admirable collaboration is the first thought that comes into my head. Yes, admirable.

It is obvious that the authors complement each other very well.  I am not familiar with J.A Rock’s individual work (yet) but I am familiar with Lisa Henry’s work, namely The Island: her writing is beautiful, raw and dark but always balanced with hope and love. She excels at capturing the essence of a tortured soul, and The Good Boy is no exception.

There is much to admire in the well-constructed plot and the distinctive characterisation, especially the more, er … colourful ones like Mr Zimmerman – a Macaw parrot with Tourette’s and Brin, a bratty Hanna Montana trapped in a gay man’s body.  Lane is a character you won’t easily forget; his sweet painfully shy nature is set up to endear him completely to the reader – I defy you not to shed a tear for him, even just a tiny one for the injustice aimed at his arse, uhm … I mean his character.

Derek is not your stereotypical Dom as featured in most BDSM novels, he’s older yes, but not rich and not without his own insecurities and problems. It’s acommendable take on a Dom persona for which the reader benefits from a refreshing perspective.

Mostly I found the mood of this book quite sad.  Lane is constantly beaten down and Derek’s poor me, I’m lonely and broke and I’ll end up alone voice rather tiresome.  There is some great comic reprieve whenever Mr Zimmerman’s squawking things like “I used to bend like a Vietnamese hooker, “and “ Fuck it, baby.”That bird cracked me up every time! Brin offers his own sort of entertainment;but let’s just say … he’s an acquired taste. {I’ll insert my best smirk here} You love him or hate him, either way I just want to bitch slap him and call him fat to see him react.

I felt rather ambivalent with regards to the BDSM element in this novel. BDSM as a healing process is all fine and dandy if that’s your kink, even the puppy play doesn’t raise my eyebrows (much) I may or may not have giggled at this point. There is a too obvious metaphorical link with doggie rescue which would have served to justify quite nicely.But when the authors go on and on about the reasoning and psychology of it all – it reads like a politically correct how to handbook, all too carefully scripted so as not to cause offense. This really distracted me from the romance and eroticism. The tenderness and heartfelt emotion is what dominates the sex here, not the smouldering physicality of BDSM.

Overall, this is a sad story, a healing journey where love and trust must conquer all. It wasn’t as raw and dark as I thought it would be. In fact it’s rather sweet and fluffy in spite of Lane’s graphic reflection of abuse.

Do I recommend it? Yes, of course. I can see why this is a favourite for many readers, just not this reader.

Shelley’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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