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Reviewed by Jen B.

TITLE: Roughing It
AUTHOR: Holden Wells
LENGTH: 134 Pages
BLURB: Scott Thompson, guitarist for multi-platinum-selling metal band Flesh Hook, has always been addicted to the adrenaline rush: drag racing, motocross, big game hunts in the African floodplains. He’s broken bones, nearly died of exposure, and seared half his leg in a wreck. Nearing forty, he’s finding it harder to feed the thrill. Enter The Company, an organization specializing in custom adventure rides—the kind where you sign a waiver absolving them of everything short of death before you get on.

Company redneck Johnny Lee loves his job, and he’s damned good at it. He’s run rides for politicians, celebrities, CEOs and trust-fund kids and never broken character or had a complaint. He expects the Thompson ride to be more of the same—another rock star, this one so full of himself he’s signed up for 48 hours, an unprecedented amount of time on the Deliverance set. Rock stars break easily, though, especially the full-of-themselves kind.

Everyone breaks more easily than they expect.

Even Johnny Lee.


Scott has a fantasy, and it has to do with a theme involving Deliverance.  He books a three-day session with The Company to fulfill that fantasy, unbeknownst to his manager who usually books everything for him.  So, Scott signs the paperwork basically saying that anything goes short of death.  Sounds pretty crazy, but whatever.

Scott’s fantasy ride begins as three rednecks capture him and take him to a remote house in the woods, true Deliverance style.  There is pain involved, though the majority of it is caused by Scott himself.  There is some rough sex, a few light beatings and some doses of humiliation.  One of his captors and the seeming ring leader, Johnny Lee, appears to have a soft spot for Scott, actually breaking character and not sticking around for the bad stuff the other two dished out.  Johnny is accused by the other two of going soft and being too intimate with their prisoner, and aside from fighting and kissing, they don’t really have that much contact.

This is a bit different from other stories I’ve read in that Scott is actually looking for this treatment.  When offered chances to get away, he won’t take them, yet, every chance he gets, he tries to escape.  I think he was just trying to fulfill his fantasy to the fullest but often felt confused by his actions.

When Scott’s fantasy ride is over, Johnny Lee shows up to take Scott to the airport, going against Company policy by having any contact with a customer.  He liked what he saw in Scott though and was willing to take a chance in order to keep in touch with Scott.

I felt the ending was a bit open-ended, but there is a sequel planned that will continue the story of Scott and Johnny Lee where Scott books the Prison Ride which I look forward to reading.  This story is well written and fairly graphic.  I didn’t feel there was anything overly cringe-worthy here, but then I’m used to reading darker, edgier stories.  If you’re looking to dip your toes into the water of this type of theme, which is a little on the darker side, but not quite looking to go all the way into the deep end of darker stories, give this one a try.

Jen rates it – 

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