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Reviewed by Heather C

SERIES: Agamemnon Frost Trilogy
AUTHOR: Kim Knox
PUBLISHER: Carina Press

Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death (Book One, Agamemnon Frost Trilogy)

BLURB: Liverpool, 1891

Click image to view full coverDecorated artilleryman Edgar Mason was forced to find new work when the British Empire replaced its foot soldiers with monstrous machines. Now he waits on the Liverpool elite as a personal servant. He has just one rule: he won’t work for fashion-addled dandies.

Agamemnon Frost, however, is far from the foppish man-about-town he appears to be. He’s working to protect the Earth from an alien invasion being planned by a face-changing creature known as Pandarus. And on the night he plans to confront the aliens, he enlists Mason to assist him.

For a man to love a man is a serious crime in Victorian England. But when Mason meets Frost, his heart thunders and his blood catches fire. And when Pandarus drags the two men into the torture cellars beneath his house of death to brainwash them, Mason’s new passion may be all that stands between him and insanity.


Okay, this was crazy!

The cover is what first drew my interest to this story, but when I originally read the blurb for this, I was immediately turned off by the Victorian England-slash-alien invasion concept.  Then, something kept pulling me back to it over and over, and when I finally realized it would be a trilogy, I decided to give it a try.

It’s Liverpool in 1891, and Edgar Mason, a former soldier, has been hired for the night to play manservant to Agamemnon Frost, a well-dressed gentleman *cough* and guest at Sir Randolph’s dinner party.  Mason soon realizes that ALL things aren’t what they seem and the two men soon find themselves on the run…from Martians!

I’m going to separate my review into parts: first half and second half…

For the first half, the entire first half, I was so lost and confused I almost gave up.  There was a lot of “alien speak” and I couldn’t figure out what the other characters were going on and on about.  Plus, all the Greek references were lost on me.  I couldn’t visualize any of the alien contraptions, nor could I picture what the bad guys were doing to the MC.  It was like all this was written for a higher level of intelligence and my measly, human brain could not comprehend the complexity of it.  Like I said, it was a real struggle for me to continue reading.

Then, for the second half, like right AT the 50% mark, something changed, and all of a sudden, it was making sense and I was really interested in what was going to happen.  The story was still crazy, but by then, it was a fun crazy in a creative and unique way.  I now believe that the beginning was meant to be confusing and hard to follow, since we are getting the story from Mason’s third person POV, and not necessarily a poor execution from the author.

My favorite part of this story was the sexual tension between Mason and Agamemnon.  There’s lots of heat there that I really hope will finally reach a climax in the next book. (Yes, I can’t wait to read it; I must find out what happens).  I am really, really intrigued by Agamemnon and want to know more of his secrets; and I want to know what’s really going on in Mason’s head.

I’m giving this one 3 stars for the fact that it failed to hold my interest for a large part of the story.

Don’t let the historical aspects scare you if that’s not usually your thing, because the feel of the story is more science fiction, alternate universe.

Heather rates it – 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships (Book Two, Agamemnon Frost Trilogy)

Click image to view full coverBLURB: Edgar Mason is ready to embark upon his new life at Agamemnon Frost’s side. But all is not perfect. His Martian overlord, Pandarus, has implanted a dark voice in his mind, a voice that urges betrayal. And though Mason can keep close to Frost, there’s little room for romance under the watchful gaze of the engineers from Station X.

That changes when Mason and Frost reopen their investigation into their old enemy’s whereabouts. Posing as double agents and investigating cryptic rumors of “hollow ships,” they find him impersonating a London banker and worm their way into his confidence.

But their success brings them trouble in spades. Pandarus takes them into the belly of his ships, where he plans to transfigure them into mindless automata. And with Earth on the brink of invasion, Frost’s old flame Theodora reappearing and Pandarus’s brainwashing growing more effective, Mason and Frost will find their bond tested as never before.


I’ve come to the conclusion that science fiction just might not be the genre for me.

So, Mason is still trying to adapt to his “changes” and is working as Frost’s valet, but now they are stuck at Station X and really can’t explore any of that unresolved sexual tension that’s been building up between them.  Mason is also still struggling with the whispers in his mind that keep telling him that Frost is a traitor and urging him to report that to his master.  Nestor decides that Mason and Frost need to go check out the “hollow ships” and see if they can find Pandarus.  And that’s where things begin to fall apart…

I didn’t think it was possible, but this story was even more difficult for me to follow than the first one.  I couldn’t picture ANYTHING that was happening to the characters or the setting around them.  There were chambers, and spikes and ships made out of human skin…I think.  It was all over the place!  Mason kept thinking he was dying and then he would wake up and I would be even more lost. Then, I think there may have been some kind of time travel to an earth made of living skin…or was it dead skin?  I have no idea because then it was gone…I think.

The sexual tension/romance was much more lacking here than in the first book.  Previously, Frost was all ready to fuck Mason, and then when he finally has a chance, he turns him down!  But not before giving Mason a hand job that I couldn’t even see in my head. And Mason keeps going on and on about how Frost needs to be with his former fiancée, Theodora, even though Frost has told him over and over that he wants Mason and not her.

I struggled reading this from the first page to the last, but I’m still going to read the third book to see how this mess ends.

Heather rates it – 

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PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers (Book Three, Agamemnon Frost Trilogy)

Click image to view full coverBLURB: Edgar Mason is losing Agamemnon Frost despite everything they’ve been through–the passion, the torture, the heat. Frost’s fiancée, Theodora, is back, and Mason can feel his lover gravitating toward her. Every day he sees them together, it tears at his heart.

Frost feels raw himself. His brother and sister-in-law are missing, and his guilt about failing to save Theodora from Pandarus eats at him. His feelings for Mason, whom he has put through hell twice already, just twist the screws tighter.

On top of that, Pandarus and the Martians are back to make their final push to Earth, and Frost and Mason are duty bound to fight them. People are vanishing. Bodies are turning up burned beyond recognition in the slums. The bleak, human-less future Frost and Mason saw in the hollow ships has nearly come to pass.

And in order to prevent it, each man will have to make a final choice: lose his lover or doom the world.


Probably my most favorite book of the series and the most coherent…for the most part.

After rescuing Theodora, Mason and Frost are now protecting her at Frost’s home, Greenbank Hall, and trying to keep the darkness in her mind from taking over. Then, Frost’s brother, Menelaus, and his wife go missing and Frost decides he must take action against Pandarus and discover what the puzzle of The Crown of Towers really is, and choosing between Mason or Theodora’s safety.

For about the first 75% of this book, I was really liking it and was able to follow what was going on.  We get to see more of Frost’s vulnerabilities when it comes to the safety of Theodora; and Mason’s jealousy of Frost’s “engagement” to her.  We also get to see a resolution to all the sexual tension between Mason and Frost…and it’s totally HOT!!

For the last 25% of the book and the big climax where earth is saved from the invading Martians, well, this is where I got confused again and I’m still not sure I understand what really happened. Somehow Mason was the brain of Pandarus’s ship and then Frost’s cravat pin somehow becomes the key to saving the world. Huh?

In the end, Mason and Frost are free from Pandarus and Theodora and can now live happily ever after.

So probably, this kind of science fiction just isn’t for me.

Heather rates it – 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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Reviewed by Katinka C.

Claimings, Tails and Other Alien ArtifactsTITLE: Claimings, Tails and other Alien Artifacts
AUTHOR: Lyn Gala
PUBLISHER: Loose Id Publishing
LENGTH: 104 pages
BLURB: Liam loves his life as a linguist and trader on the Rownt homeworld, but he has ignored his heart and sexual needs for years. He won’t risk letting anyone come too close because he won’t risk letting anyone see his deeply submissive nature. For him, submission comes with pain. Life burned that lesson into his soul from a young age. This fear keeps him from noticing that the Rownt trader Ondry cares for him.

Ondry may not understand humans, but he recognizes a wounded soul, and his need to protect Liam is quickly outpacing his common sense. They may have laws, culture, and incompatible genitalia in their way, but Ondry knows that he can find a way to overcome all that if he can just overcome the ghosts of Liam’s past. Only then can he take possession of a man he has grown to love.


More fascinating than I had expected! Not that I had a list of expectations, but as soon as I read that Claimings, Tails and other Alien Artifacts involved aliens with tails, my mind sort of went into a frenzy and fed me “Oh no! Not smutty tail action… and..tentacles? Oh please, not suction cups and slime!” red alerts. I shouldn’t have worried. Although there’s more than enough to enjoy if funky appendages going dark places is your kink, please don’t let that tail on the cover put you off! The aliens in this book, Rownts, don’t have the bodies of purple painted stockphoto models. More importantly, they don’t have spiky, finned tails. This is not torture porn.

Quite the opposite actually! It’s a gently flowing angst-free story, with an exotic touch to spice things up. Exotic comes in the form of an unconsciously dirty dub con talking alien, who develops an interest in a human male: Liam. As a linguist on the Rownt homeworld, Liam’s able to read and translate the expressions on the Rownt’s reptile-ish faces and is one of the few who understands the finer nuances of the alien language. This makes him an excellent trader. Unfortunately, Liam’s talent doesn’t protect him from his new asshole commanding officer, who plans on making his life hell. Something his favorite Rownt trader, Ondry, doesn’t fail to notice…

And then Liam suddenly wakes up groggy and finds himself chained to Ondry’s bed, a nest.

“I have to call base.”
“You are not theirs anymore.” (…)
“They gave me to you? For how long?” Liam asked. There had be a way to fix all this.
“You are palteia,” Ondry said that as if it explained everything. For a Rownt, it probably would.
“So you keep saying . The problem is that I don’t understand that. I’ve never seen the word. I don’t know any stories with palteia. How long am I supposed to stay here?”
“A palteia is always a palteia.” Ondry started to pale.
“Oh fuck. Forever. You plan to keep me forever.”Pressing his eyes closed, Liam let his head fall back against the wall with a thunk.

To Liam, palteia at first is just another word for screwed. For me, it was the beginning of a compelling take on D/s dynamics through the eyes of an alien race. Since the Rownt and the human race are sexually not compatible (these aliens don’t do sex for pleasure, which is pretty damn good news for Liam, but you’ll figure out the ‘why’ yourself), it’s intriguing to discover how things play out between Liam and Ondry. The cultural and social differences between their races are enormous. Even a talented linguist can’t completely bridge that gap. For instance, when Liam is manhandled and bound by his alien, the sexual subtext is completely lost on Ondry, but not on Liam… Which leads to amusing – and pretty exciting – situations.

“It’s an erection,” Liam explained once he caught his breath again. This was beyond embarrassing, and still he was hard.
“Really? This is long enough to reach the female reproductive tract?” Ondry’s eyes were wide with disbelief or maybe just curiosity.

Dissed by an alien. Gotta love that, ha!

Anyway, although I loved the focus on the racial differences and the fact that these aliens are and remain truly alien throughout the story, I wish there was a little more to the characters. Liam in particular never really came alive for me. If he had borrowed only an inch of personality from Dark Space’s Brady Garrett, I would’ve been happy! It’s possible that due to this ‘distance’ I felt, Liam’s sudden ‘feelings’ came as a bit of a surprise. This being a novella, you may be left wanting more and wondering about things that were only lightly touched on. I wouldn’t mind a sequel at some point.

But hey, time to admit that you want to find out if (and how) a human male and a reptile-ish, sexually incompatible alien with a tail can be a match made in space! Claimings, Tails and other Alien Artifacts didn’t bore me for one second. I’d definitely recommend this fascinating, kind of sweet and quirky book.

Katinka’s Rating: four-stars_0

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Reviewed by Heather C.

TITLE: Cloak & Silence (Book #6)
SERIES: The League
AUTHOR: Sherrilyn Kenyon
PUBLISHER: Sherrilyn Kenyon
LENGTH: 171 Pages
BLURB: One of the fiercest soldiers the Phrixians have ever produced, Maris Sulle has been an outsider the whole of his life. He grew up with a secret that cost him everything- His birthright, his family and his military career. In all his life, he’s only had one love and he has sacrificed his own happiness to see his best friend reunited with the woman he loves. But now that his good deed is done, he feels lost and adrift. Even though they do their best to include him in their new family, he’s once again on the outside looking in.

Ture has spent his life hiding from everyone around him while trying desperately to fit in. His family, the world, you name it. Badly hurt by everyone he’s ever known, he trusts no one except his own best friend. And honestly, he can’t understand why he trusts her. Nor can he believe her when she describes a loyalty between friends the likes of which he’s never seen.

But when he is in his darkest hour, he’s saved by a hero he thought only existed in novels. A man who is every bit as scarred and mistrusting as he is. One who has no interest in being dragged into another relationship with anyone.

Having spent his life as a living study of doomed relationships, Maris is well aware of the courtship and fiasco that invariably follows. Still, there is something about Ture he can’t resist. Something that won’t let him walk away when he knows he should.

But when old enemies return to threaten them both, they either have to stand together or die alone.


I’ve been waiting for Maris and Ture’s story for soooooo long! I was so excited to read it, but also a little nervous because it is this author’s first male/male romance. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed!

Cloak & Silence begins during the Born of Silence timeline in the middle of the big climactic scene near the end and finishes before the epilogue.

For almost all his life, Maris Sulle, the effeminate lethal assassin, has been in love with is best friend Darling Cruel. Throughout the series, we all (except for Maris) have believed that Darling was gay, but all his secrets came out in his book Born of Silence when he married a woman, Zarya. Previously, the one and only person who has always been there for Darling was Maris, and vice versa. But now, Darling is married, and Maris is feeling very lonely. That is, until he meets Ture…who happens to be Zarya’s best friend. But Maris’s heart still belongs to Darling…for now.

I’m not going to go into all the specifics of the plot. If you read Born of Silence, then you know how Maris and Ture met and you know they get a HEA. If you haven’t read any books in this series, then I suggest you DO NOT attempt to read this as a stand alone…this is a complicated series with a lot of characters that even gets me a little confused at times.

Now, on to my impressions…

I really enjoyed this story; it still had the feel of reading any other book by this author and fit well with the style of this series. Of course, there were plenty of action/fighting scenes with another of Kenyon’s classic scarred and tortured heroes. Yes, Maris had a lot of secrets…these may have been revealed in the previous book, but I just can’t remember. He does have few shocking revelations about being a Phrixian! Wow, I never saw that coming! And he was able to trust Ture with this, which I thought was very sweet. There was a lot of sweetness in this book, and to be honest, it kind of felt like insta-love to me. Well, it was insta-love for Ture, Maris was the hold out til the end. Eh, but I still enjoyed the romance aspects.

I liked how the dynamics of Maris’s character were portrayed. Initially, I had trouble imagining him being this flamboyant, flirty guy one minute and then the scary, ass kicker the next. But once the details of his heritage and past were told…it made perfect sense; I still love Maris and all his inappropriate banter. And then there was Ture, not much I can say about him, because he’s not a very unique character. Ture saw and accepted Maris for who he was and didn’t judge his purely platonic relationship with Darling.

Now to the big question. How was the sex? Hmm, well on the hotness scale, I think it ranked somewhere in the middle. I was hoping for it to be a bit more explicit, but I think for the primary intended audience it was probably appropriate. There is one thing I was hoping for that I didn’t get… (keep reading)

My biggest compliant with this book is the length! There was so much going on that everything felt rushed. It was moving along at a decent pace, then BAM so much was happening crammed into the last 25%. Maybe I’m just being picky, but I wanted more, more, more of these guys! 😦

My second complaint is that it was a bit predictable. There was no big, shocking twist that had my jaw dropping. 😦

And my third complaint is that there was no sex in the water!! I was hoping to read that for most of the book after the heavy foreshadowing! But it never happened. 😦

So, overall, this was a fun read, and I was mostly happy with the outcome. I’m really looking forward to Born of Fury which I believe will be Hauk’s story…maybe we will see more of Maris and Ture.

I recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed The League Series. And for those who haven’t read it and who enjoy m/f paranormal romance with a sci-fi influence…try Born of Night first.

Heather’s Rating: four-stars_0

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