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to my personalized author blog!!


Would you like something yummy??? 😛

Author Lily Velden is on Andrew Q. Gordon’s blog talking about her upcoming book “Same Page” and her love for caramel lol
Check out the fabulous interview and get a chance to win a free copy of her “Same Page” 🙂 Good Luck!

The Land Of Make Believe

Today I have the pleasure of having my friend and colleague Lily Velden Stop by to talk about her new release – Same Page – which is Book One of How The Light Gets In. Being the unfair sort of guy that I am, I included a few non-book related questions to put Lily on the spot. After the interview, Lily is going to hold an eBook give away – just leave a comment and you can be enter. The rules are set out at the end.

Hi, Lily.  Nice to have you back. Re-Introduce yourself to everyone.

Um, hi everyone, I’m Lily Velden, the broad who walks around with one mint-flavored shoe and one chocolate one… Hey, if you put your foot in your mouth as regularly as I do, you want it to taste good!

Can I confess something, Andy? My shoes are actually caramel flavored! I lurves me some…

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Purpose To Be Release June 21, 2013

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He is one of my coolest friends and one of the most awesome authors I personally know. So, no need to stare at me like I have gone cuckoo… I am just dancing (well, it is what I am trying to do) in my excitement coz Andrew Q. Gordon has a cool, new story to tell.
“Purpose”, a Dreamspinner Press book, that releases next month!! (CANT WAIT!!) Go check out the awesome cover and blurb for the same!!

The Land Of Make Believe

Seems like a lifetime ago I signed the contract to have Purpose published, but I finally have a date and a cover.

I’m still working out what I’m going to do regarding the release promotions, but I’m planning to try something a bit different.  In writing the book, I had some definite ideas about Will’s past. Things he did, events, milestones.  I don’t like flashbacks very much and to be honest they didn’t really fit anywhere as I was writing the book.  But they would still add depth and context to the story. So I’m going to be releasing some as part of the promotion and I’ll post them on my site as well as on various blog hops.  So check back and I’ll have a time table for guest posts and I’ll set up a page for the original short stories that are connected.



Forty years…

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Hunt and Pray winner! and a fic rec…or two

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Cindy Tuff Sutherland announced the winner of “Hunt and Pray” giveaway! SALLY HALLIDAY! Please claim your prize right away 😀

You write what....?

So, the winner of they Hunt and Pray giveaway is Sally Halliday. I’m trying to get in touch with her so she can claim her prize so if you know her, give her a shout and let her know. I’m thinking I’ll do one more giveaway in a week or so.

I had a message today from lady I’ve never met, thanking me for my efforts on behalf of equality and the message I try to send every day…I think it’s the nicest message I have ever received and I will admit to being a little teary eyed after receiving it.

Today I’m working on the last chapter of my WIP and I will admit it’s rougher going than I though it was going to be. I figured after the sex was done, it should be easier but it’s not! Plus there are still multi fandom things going on…

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Hunt and Pray by Cindy Sutherland comes out tomorrow, but the author has decided to do a giveaway contest on her blog. So, go on, check out the intriguing excerpt and participate right away! All you gotta do is comment and get lucky!!

You write what....?

I am so excited about the release of my latest novella tomorrow that I’ve decided to do a giveaway…so I hope someone wants a free copy! Just comment on this post today and tomorrow and tomorrow night I will pick a winner to receive a free copy of a Hunt and Pray ebook!

The day before a release, I always get so nervous…I’m always sure that no one is going to buy it and I’m gonna look like an idiot…but then I realize, I usually look like an idiot anyhow, so what am I worried about? Lol, kidding…it’s like showing off your kid. You know in your head that not everyone is going to be as head-over-heels in love with it as you are, but in your heart, if someone says they hate it, it will kill you just the same.

I am working on the last chapter of my…

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