Reviewed by Elizabetta

11776426TITLE: Inheritance
SERIES: Dominion, book 1
AUTHOR: Lissa Kasey
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 132 pages
BLURB: As the only male studying magic in a female-dominant society, Seiran Rou’s life is already on a precarious perch. Then he finds a dead co-worker on his doorstep, and Sei realizes someone is trying to set him up for the fall. It could be anyone—including his own mother, a powerful witch and leader of the Dominion, the ruling body of elemental magic.

Sei’s only saving graces are his on-again, off-again vampire boyfriend, Gabe, and the mysterious Jamie, who wants to help him for reasons Sei doesn’t understand. They may be all that stand between Sei and the Dominion’s demands to control his magic. One man’s devotion could be the key to save Sei’s life and pull him back from the brink of losing his humanity to the magic he possesses.


Seiran’s life has been difficult so far, no doubt about it.  He is a gay pretty-boy, picked on, shunned, with few friends and no family life. His mother, a powerful head witch with the Dominion, despises him. Because he’s a boy… It seems that the fem witches carry the power in this world and he messed up at birth.

But did he? Someone is interested in him. Suddenly there are guys, guys, guys, everywhere, all wanting something from Seiran: Brock is eye-balling him; Jamie seems to be stalking him; Gabe, a powerful vamp wants him but Seiran spends much of the time playing flirty push-pull games with him. When dead bodies start showing up on Seiran’s doorstep Gabe tries to protect him but suddenly starts spending time elsewhere which doesn’t help the romance.

I didn’t understand why Seiran couldn’t use his abilities to protect himself when others in the story constantly used theirs against him. He is punished anytime he tries to fight back. You feel that there is untapped power within him but he’s constantly tamping it down. The author really stacks things up against Seiran, he’s velcro for punishment.

Despite his passivity, I really like Seiran, he’s the most interesting character in this world. He’s the underdog with a big chip on his shoulder, the no-one-can-possibly-love-me kind of anti-hero. I like how he draws strength from the earth, he is an earth-witch, super-shifter and lives to run free and playful in the forest. Finally, there is a carefree sweetness to him and these sections of the story are fun to read. Like the lycans, he is under the spell of the full moon; he gets out of control and needs sex to ground him. So he gets this rep as being a slut. But it’s all organic and he has no apologies, a guys’ gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

I did like the world building, the idea of elemental witches and the possibility of their working together. But the women don’t come off well in Inheritance. Even though it’s a female dominated society, not one single woman or girl is sympathetic; they’re all evil bitches and torturing hate-mongers. Seiran’s own mother only exists to torment him. This is the first of a series, with a slew of sequels stacked up, the chances for fuller character development and seeing Seiran come into his own are great.

Elizabetta rates it535px-3-5_stars-svg

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