Release Day Review: The List by Sandra Bard

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Reviewed by Taylor

18346689TITLE: The List
AUTHOR: Sandra Bard
PUBLISHER: Less Than Three Press
LENGTH: 33,000 words
BLURB: Gavin Summers’ quiet, academic life is shattered when he is attacked by a mugger and rescued by Dillon, a member of the Night Watch. Soon Gavin finds himself embroiled in anti-vampire propaganda, vampire politics, and the dangers of associating with vampires in a city where vampires are being killed daily, forcing him to make a choice: remain neutral or stand with the vampires.


Gavin is a post-graduate student walking alone one night two blocks from his house when a would-be mugger confronts him.  Dillon, a member of the vampire Night Watch rescues him, and the story unfolds with politics, a war on vampires, and many other dangers.

I was kind of surprised by this book.  The subject matter is pretty dark moving from staking and burning helpful vampires, kidnapping, and a mini-war between some anti-vampire humans and members of the Night Watch.  However, the relationship aspect of the book was very light in tone.  I could almost imagine this as a romantic comedy titled: “I’m Dating a Vampire” or something.  They go to the movies, Dillon walks Gavin home and carries his books, they cook dinner and relax on the couch, and the intimate scenes are sweet.  The difference between the plot and the relationship didn’t really bother me because I prefer one tone over the other, but it became difficult for me to completely submerge myself in the book.  I kept wishing that the author had stuck with one vibe and ran with it, rather than keep giving me whiplash with how I was supposed to feel.

I did think the biting scene was hot, though, and I kept thinking: Ohhhhh, MORE of this!! I wanted this dirty, raw, and violent, but the book never really veered in that direction.

Also, the plot and the components of the plot have something going for it, but the novella didn’t have room to grow, so that all of the different parts could develop.  I loved that there was anti-vampire propaganda, and that there were two different groups supporting or against vampires.  I thought the little facts Gavin discovered about vampires felt familiar enough to seem vampire-ish, but unique enough to make it the author’s own. But it all felt too crammed in, and the suspects and villain were painfully obvious, and the climax felt like a letdown.

Really cute, with a lot of potential, but really needed developing.

Taylor rates it – 2_5

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