Reviewed by Jen B.

18376643TITLE: Fear
AUTHOR: Edward Kendrick
PUBLISHER: Silver Publishing
LENGTH: 189 Pages
BLURB: Shawn Mathews is in an abusive relationship, spurning all attempts to help him until his lover almost beats him to death.

Doctor Gene Collins understands what Shawn has gone through, and after the beating he takes him under his wing, trying to help him to regain control of his life and live without fear.

In the process each man learns it is possible to care for someone and that caring can lead to healing, for both of them.


This was a really sweet story.  Poor Shawn was so disillusioned by Jared and what he believed was a normal loving relationship.  Jared, of course, was an abusive bastard, both physically and mentally, and while quite a lot of abuse takes place, there are not a lot of details given in that respect.  Eventually, Jared goes too far and puts Shawn in the hospital.

Gene Collins, a man with a similar past abusive relationship, sees signs of the same thing happening to Shawn when they meet somewhat by chance.  When Shawn is hospitalized, Gene, who is also a doctor, recognizes their common bond and is determined to be there for him to help him recover and move on.  It takes Shawn a while initially to see his way out of his relationship with Jared.  Lucky for him, he finds friends who care and want to help him take back his life.

Gene doesn’t want to be a rebound lover or for Shawn to become dependent upon him after Jared, so he keeps things on an extremely friends only level.  So, these guys take a long time getting to know each other.  They don’t kiss until later in the story, and there is no sex until the very end.  Unfortunately, I had a difficult time feeling a connection with them.  Gene seemed much older than his age, and while they were sweet together, I never really saw any spark.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to this story other than Shawn healing and becoming stronger mentally and physically.  There are a few setbacks, but he grows stronger with each one.  Hurt/comfort lovers will probably really enjoy this, as well as those who enjoy watching couples take things slow.

Jen rates it – 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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