Book Review: The Price by Dominique Frost

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Reviewed by Jen B.

TITLE: The Price
AUTHOR: Dominique Frost
LENGTH: 74 Pages
BLURB: Cale is a serving-boy at a high-class brothel in the city of Havisham. He isn’t one of the courtesans, largely because he’s too clumsy to manage seducing anyone, but he does his best as a servant, keeping the wine-glasses filled and the guests happy.

Everything changes when the warlord Darren Kaine visits the establishment. Darren is the new ruler of Havisham and is a brusque, commanding man. Fresh from a war that’s lasted over six months, Darren is in no mood for frippery, and chooses Cale to accompany him for the night, rather than any of the courtesans on display.

Indeed, Darren so prefers Cale’s straightforwardness and simplicity that he decides to make Cale his concubine, and to have Cale visit him at the palace, every night. Stunned by this new turn of events, Cale is further confused by his body’s reactions to Darren. Darren is darkly handsome, sexually demanding and absolutely committed to giving his partner pleasure – a fact that has Cale looking forward to his time with Darren, perhaps more than he ought to.

Darren, too, is in danger of forgetting that Cale is just a tool he uses to slake his lust. For a new ruler, every action comes with a price. Will this one be too steep to pay?


This was a really sweet story.  New ruler of the City, Darren, picks serving boy, Cale, after finding the fancier options just not doing anything for him.  He was looking for something a little more genuine that he didn’t have to worry about courting and being all proper with.  He is a bit rough around the edges, as compared to the other nobles.

Cale is such a sweet thing, somewhat naïve in the ways of sex, having not actually been a courtesan.  He has a quick wit that I found as enjoyable as Darren did.  These two make a great pair and seem perfect for each other.

When Cale thwarts attempts on Darren’s life, things begin to change for them.  Darren begins to see there is much more to Cale than he originally thought.  Unfortunately, he has to struggle with keeping his kingdom happy, and due to a prior betrayal that cost him most of his family and the City, he is afraid to consider any deeper feelings for Cale.  The old saying came to mind “if you love something, set it free.”

I just adored Cale and the way he interacted with Darren.  This short story pulled me in quickly and moved along at a nice pace to the end.  All around, this was just a really enjoyable little fantasy.

Jen rates it – star_review

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