Pre-release Review: Someday It Will Be by S. A. McAuley

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Reviewed by Elizabetta

Someday It Will BeTITLE: Someday It Will Be
AUTHOR: S. A. McAuley
PUBLISHER: Total-E-Bound
LENGTH: 49 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 23rd, 2013
BLURB: Poe is about to learn death and time are fragile barriers—if he has the strength of will to let go.

Poe passes through a graffiti-laden alley, his chin tucked into his chest, a scarf wrapped tightly over his mouth to keep out the cold. He has nowhere to go since Isaac’s death, but something compels him out in the frigid Chicago winter.

He steps out of the alley, off the curb, and…into sand. In summertime. Isaac told him it would happen but Poe doesn’t care how it’s possible, only that now he has a chance to make everything right.


Second chances… who wouldn’t jump at a do-over for that past decision or action you wish you could take back or change?

Poe has had a rough thirty-one years, from the abusive foster homes to the abuse he inflicts on himself— drugs, hooking, living on the street— he’s lost his way. Years ago, at eighteen, he left the love of his life, and it is his biggest regret.

Isaac’s life is so different from Poe’s, so easy, so comfortable, he doesn’t have the same demons. But he does have a mysterious ability. Isaac has been able to pave a golden path in life for himself and his family; yet all he wants is Poe, who he is unable to help. His gift comes at a great cost as he discovers almost too late.

That this is a paranormal story is evident from the first page as Poe is instantly transported from a dreary, freezing winter day in Chicago to the sunny beach of a summertime childhood memory. It is told in flashbacks alternating between Poe’s present and past, confusing, and sustaining a nagging unsettled kind of dreaminess.

“… the whisper teased at Poe, buzzed around him like a phantom hummingbird flitting into consciousness and then retreating, the vibration of its wings sweeping away his fear…”

“… glass shattered and shards rained down the sides of the boat, musical, as they cast into the water…”

Some nice things happening in the writing… but the use of flashbacks, essential to the plot, is dangerous. The alternating time doesn’t help the romance— we get bits and pieces, it feels like looking in, through a window at Isaac and Poe rather than sitting comfortably at their side. We know more about their missed opportunity than what makes them who they are. And I’m not persuaded why Poe had to make that momentous decision, so fundamental to the story, to leave Isaac in the first place.

Despite the issues, this was an interesting take on a paranormal love story with a nice twist at the end.

Elizabetta rates it – 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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