Anthology Review: Commander by Max Vos

Posted: September 11, 2013 by sidlove in 4 Star Reviews, Book Reviews, Danielle's Reviews
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Reviewed by Danielle

Hot Summer Flings: Scorching Tales of Sun, Sand and SexTITLE: Commander
ANTHOLOGY: Hot Summer Flings: Scorching Tales of Sun, Sand and Sex
EDITED BY: F. Leonora Solomon
PUBLISHER: Ravenous Romance
BLURB: Ahh, the joys of summer—ice cream, getting as naked as you can without getting arrested on the city streets, and summer flings! This steamy anthology includes twelve summer rendezvous for any appetite. All the connections made in these stories are so hot, they will make it feel like summer, even if you pick up this book in a snow storm. This anthology will either be your summer fling, or let you reflect more fondly on the steaminess of one you may have had!


Having heard of this anthology and to see there was a story there from this author made me curious. As the anthology also contains stories that don’t contain m/m, I decided to only review the story I wanted to read, “Commander” by Max Vos.

I am getting to be a fast and firm fan of Mr. Max Vos. His stories are easy to read, they are extremely hot and always makes you want to read more.

In this short story we find teacher Carson Joiner getting stuck in a little town with car trouble. Fate throws him a loop with a horse heading straight towards him and an owner who wants Carson to stop the horse. The horse stops on its own account and plays like a kind of matchmaker that way. Demetri, the owner of Commander, is glad to have his horse back under control and offers Carson a beer and right here I  kind of feel the need to type and the rest is history 🙂

The chemistry is obvious at least from Carson’s point of view. When the author throws in a surprise it makes it even more tasty than it already was. This is a short story but contains everything it needs to make it a very satisfying read. And in the end I can only say lets hope that Carson takes up the offer that the old english teacher gave him ;).

A note of critique you ask? Well it is short and it could have been a expanded a bit more I think but overall it is a nice, easy, sexy read and I enjoyed it

4 stars for me!!

BUY LINK: Ravenous Romance

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