Andrew Q. Gordon is not just an author I respect, but someone whom I consider as a very good friend. He is an amazing person who never hesitates to help out or guide someone when asked. A talented brain – that can come up with such innovative storylines that it would leave you amazed. He is the author of (Un)masked, The Last Grand Master and his newly released Purpose, who has brought through his works a new dimension to M/M fantasy books.

I am super-excited to welcome him on the blog today to get him talking. Join me in making him feel loved and participate in the contest he brings to you.


IMG_1755Andrew, I heartily welcome you to The Blog of Sid Love. Let me tell you, I was hoping you’d bring along your little one to this interview but I guess you were scared that she would steal the limelight from you heh.

That’s true, Sid. People look at her and they forget I’m here. But she’s napping after running her poor Papa [me] ragged all day.
So Purpose came out a few months back. I remember you were pretty excited about it prior to its release. How has the response been overall? Does it satisfy you?
First the negative. Sales weren’t what I had hoped. Given how different it is, I was hoping for something of a break out with it, but it didn’t happen.  On the other hand, the response from those who did read it has been very positive. Some of the reviews and comments have blown me away. Purpose even earned me author of the Month for July on another review site. So, it’s hard to not be happy with the results.
There has been a consensus among the ones who have already read Purpose that this book is different – and I mean good different; the out-of-the-box concept has left a good impression on them. How does that make you feel?
It’s always a bit unnerving when you break away from the pack and take a different path. When I wrote Purpose, I knew it wasn’t going to follow the usual tropes.  I didn’t want to write about vampires, or shifters – which seem to be incredibly popular – so I tried to create something new. That people have liked it has been rather gratifying.
How did you develop the characters of Will and Ryan, especially Will/Gar, who is the one hosting the Spirit of Vengeance?
Like most characters, they evolved as I wrote them. Originally Will was going to be more of a Hero/Secret Identity kinda character – one who had a normal day life, but morphed into Gar when needed. As the idea for the story advanced, it made more sense to write it how I did; with Gar being the dominate persona and Will being permanently shunted to the background.  Ryan was harder to write because he started out nothing like how he ended up. My first thought was for the story to open with Ryan being one of a long line of side kicks, the others either dying or leaving. Once I abandoned that, it required a complete rewrite to fit the ‘new’ Will/Gar.
Tell us more about a Spirit of Vengeance.
Ah well, that would be telling a lot. I can’t go into too much detail or else I’d give away a lot of the plot.  When the story opens, we know that Will has been possessed by an entity that he dubs the Spirit of Vengeance because it requires him to avenge the innocent who have been murdered. It allows Will to know who was killed, how, where and who did it.  Basically the souls of the innocent won’t rest until he avenges their death. In exchange for being the hand of vengeance so to speak, the Spirit gives the host – Will in this case – enhanced abilities – both physical and mental – to carry out the tasks.  It also creates havoc on the host’s personal life, not to mention creates a few moral dilemmas.
Did it ever concern you that Purpose was more focused on the Fantasy genre than the typical M/M Romance?
Not when I was writing it. LOL I don’t think when I wrote this I meant it to be a MM Romance as much as LGBT Fiction.  The difficulty is most publishers of LGBT Fiction are romance publishers. So while there is an element of romance, enough to be included in the genre, it is not a romance per se. Had I really thought it through better, I might have worked a bit more on the romance elements to make them work a bit better for those readers whose main interest is MM Romance, not just LGBT Fiction.
(Un)Masked(Un)Masked, The Last Grand Master and now Purpose – all your books till date have been Fantasy genred. Is this genre what you prefer to write in?
I don’t see either (Un)Masked or Purpose as fantasy. Paranormal, supernatural, maybe a bit of sci-fi, but fantasy to me is more magic and wizards and swords etc.  That said, no, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, isn’t really the genre of choice for me.  My first three stories, Second Shot, Bettor To Lose, and The Trial of Jordan Colmar, which were posted for free on the Gay Authors website, were contemporary romance – well the trial novella tied up some issues from Second Shot, but there wasn’t a whiff of fantasy, paranormal or supernatural in the bunch.  So I like to experiment with different genre’s.  After Book 2 of Champions, my next book will be a contemporary romance.
It is sad, but a true fact that there isn’t enough reader base to follow this genre. What do you think is the real issue with that?
Honestly, I think there is the readership for M/M [well LGBT really] Fantasy, it’s just a matter of reaching them. But most publishers of M/M fiction are romance focused with readers who are focused mostly on romance. Some readers enjoy MM romance across all genres, but clearly there are fewer who like fantasy and especially high fantasy.  The other issue is for romance readers, the thrill of the MC pairing getting together is what drives the enjoyment of the story. Once the MC are together, the rest of the plot isn’t as interesting. With most fantasy novels being series, the thrill of getting together is usually long gone by the second book and beyond.  The multi-book nature of fantasy is not only accepted with fantasy readers, it’s expected. So there is a reader base, the trick is finding it.
So what, according to you, should a Fantasy author do?
I think M/M & LGBT Fantasy Authors need to think outside the norm. The readers are there, it’s a matter of letting them know about the books. I think what needs to happen – and I’ve been toying with trying to set this up – is for authors to band together to create a LGBT Fantasy website that readers can visit – that they want to visit – to learn about the new titles coming out.  I’ve yet to work out the particulars of what exactly this would be, but I have some ideas.  The first difficult task will be finding other authors to work with me to create the site and provide enough content that readers will want to visit.
The Last Grand Master (Champion of the Gods, #1)What comes next from Andrew Q. Gordon then?
I’m working to finish the sequel to TLGM – more on this in the next answer. I’ve also started work on a contemporary novel about a gay single dad who is trying to raise his son, go to college and still be able to date.  It’s started but it has a ways to go.
You have been a lot secretive about this sequel for TLGM. Why don’t you share with us what’s in store for Ferrell and Miceral in the second book?
Oh, Book 2 of Champions has been a devil for me.  The original draft was about five times the length of TLGM – yes 5 times as long.  With edits it might have been about 3 times as long, but that was about 3 times too long for publishers to be interested.  So I’ve had to rewrite almost all of it and that has been a tough slog for me, because I’m trying to keep it consistent with the rest of the story. Otherwise I’d have to rewrite the remaining books and that isn’t the story I want to write.  The basic gist of what happens next is Farrell and Miceral set off in search of Kel – Farrell’s distance ancestor. It will follow my original idea of visiting all the different continents of Nendor.  This will take them from Ardus to Dumbarten.
Do you have a title for it then? 
Yes. I actually have titles for the rest of the series, at least tentative ones.  Book Two is going to be called The Eye and The Arm. It will all make sense by the end of the book.
Which are the authors who have inspired your hobby to write?
Most important would have to be Helen Chappell.  She was my writing teacher, but she is now my friend. She has encouraged me for 10 years to keep at this so I owe her a great big thank you.  I also admire Anyta Sunday. She pushed me to try to be published.  I see how much she does and am in awe. I keep trying to be more like her.
Is there something new you are reading currently?
I just finished Lily Velden’s; Same Page. I want to read Book 2, The Race Is On, but I also have two other books on my list – Thick As Thieves; by Tali Spencer and Loving Aidan, by Ashavan Doyon. So I have to choose which one I’ll be reading next.
Do you write everyday? What is it that you do when you aren’t feeling too inspired to write?
I try to write every day, but I’d say on average it’s about every other day right now.  To be honest, I’m never without inspiration. It’s usually a lack of time that stops me.  With a toddler, work and getting married in 3 weeks, I’ve got my hands full some times.
Tell us about the happiest moment of your life.
That’s the easy question yet. The day ‘lil q was born. I was in the delivery room when she was born and I got to be the first person to hold her. I was super tired, but it was a day like no other.
Let’s play a quick round of this or that with you. I bet you know this goes on, so let’s begin, okay
a) Movies or Books? 
Books – movies are over way too fast and they’re usually based on books anyway
b) Romance or Fantasy?
LOL – Fantasy – nuff said
c) Night Owl or Early Riser?
Early Riser – wayyyyy took early.
d) Boring Law or Awesome Fiction 😛
Boring law! Oops. Sorry, I lost my mind for a moment – Awesome fiction – of course!
e) Boxers or Briefs (bahaha!)
Hahaha – neither – I wear Trunks/Boxer Briefs. 😛
f) Spring or Fall
That’s tough cause they’re so similar, but fall.
And before I conclude, I want you to list ten attributes that would truly describe you – Good or bad, we don’t really care!
10!?!?!? Are you mad?!? Fine – in no particular order
1)   Likes to cook.
2)   Prone to be lazy if you let me.
3)   Short tempered in the face of stupidity
4)   Vivid imagination
5)   Family man
6)   More silly than serious – even at work if I’m not careful
7)   Generous
8)   Hopeless Romantic
9)   Caffeine Addict
10) Sports Junky
Do you have any advice for all the aspiring authors?
Develop an on-line presence and develop a fan base before you start to publish books for sale. There are so many books published every week that building a fan base is essential to getting your work in the hands of readers. Practice your craft as much as you can, be open to criticism – even negative comments have a kernel of truth in them and never think you know it all.  That about covers it.
What would you say to your fans who have been reading and loving your work?
Sorry for the long drought. Live has gotten in the way a bit.  After I get married on Sept 27th, I hope to throw myself into writing a bit more and have at least two, hopefully three new works out next year and in the years to follow.
Thank you for being here. I really enjoyed to have a chat with you.
Thank you, Sid. I’ve enjoyed our friendship quite a lot and hope to continue it for years to come.

The Beginning of Purpose

Even though David never appears in the book – he died forty years before the book begins – he is an essential part of the book.  David was Will’s first love who was killed right about the time the Purpose chose Will as Its host.

Losing the man he loves shapes Will – as it would any of us I suppose – but not as much as being host to a spirit of vengeance.  In Goodbye, I show a bit of the back-story of Will’s feelings for David. It takes place on the one-year anniversary of David’s death.

The other purpose, if you will, is to show the beginning of the ‘death’ of Will. Turning into the hand of vengeance, one that is required to kill the guilty was at odds with Will’s personality.  After the desire for revenge against David’s killers wore off, Will had to confront who…what…he’d become.  We learn in the book [and since it’s in the blurb I’m not giving away anything] that Will hides behind a made up persona to shield himself from what he’s doing. Purpose is about many things, but one of them is Will trying to reclaim his humanity and in the process, his life.


Forty years ago the Spirit of Vengeance—a Purpose—took William Morgan as its host, demanding he avenge the innocent by killing the guilty. Since then, Will has retreated behind Gar, a façade he uses to avoid dealing with what he’s become. Cold, impassive, and devoid of emotion, Gar goes about his life alone—until his tidy, orderly world is upended when he meets Ryan, a broken young man cast out by his family. Spurred to action for reasons he can’t understand, Gar saves Ryan from death and finds himself confronted by his humanity.

Spending time with Ryan helps Will claw out from under Gar’s shadow. He recognizes Ryan is the key to his reclaiming his humanity and facing his past. As Will struggles to control the Purpose, Ryan challenges him to rethink everything he knew about himself and the spirit that possesses him. In the process, he pushes Will to do something he hasn’t done in decades: care.

Buy link: Purpose from Dreamspinner Press


Tears dripped off Will’s chin, he didn’t even try to stop them.  One year, one long, lonely miserable year and all he had left were the tears.  David, his David, the one with the beautiful eyes and ever-present smile, lay beneath his feet, resting forever. 

Will ignored the damp, wet dirt soaking the knees of his jeans.  What did it matter?  There were days he wished he died that night, so they weren’t apart. 

“I know it’s been a year, David, but it still hurts, hurts so bad I scream some nights.  If you wonder why I don’t come more often, I can’t.  My heart hurts so much I want to tear it out just to stop the pain.” 

Squeezing his eyes tight didn’t stop the tears; nothing would.  Unbidden, memories of David flashed into focus.   Another thing he couldn’t stop.  Not now, not here, not today.  They consumed him.

“Something happened to me after you died, something I don’t understand.  You would’ve figured it out.  Fixing screwed-up heads was your field, not mine.”

That used to be their private joke.  Once it made him laugh, now he only cried harder.  “I heard when you called to me, asking for justice, and I felt you when you finally felt at peace.  Pretty screwed up, isn’t it?”

There was more, a lot more, but it wasn’t why he came today.  Digging into his coat pocket, he pulled out the gold ring.  He turned it over examining it from all angles.  It was his last link to David, but keeping it was worse.

“There’s so much I want to say, things I wanted us to do together that we can’t.  I hate, David, hate like I never did before.   I hate that you’re gone, hate those who did this to you, hate this fucking ring, and hate myself for buying it for you.”

Giving David the ring for Christmas was supposed to be a sign they’d be together forever.  Not a wedding band, gays would never be allowed to marry, but it was something Will knew David would like; and he did.

“Seeing your face light up when you saw this, how could I know it would hurt us both so much?”  Suppressing the urge to throw the ring as far as he could, he put it on the head stone, staring at it for a time. 

The small boxwood near his knee reminded him what he came to do.  Pressing his fingers into the moist earth, he slowly pulled the dirt away, mounding it on either side.  Satisfied it was deep enough, he retrieved the ring.

Even in his dirt-covered hands, it sparkled.  So like David.  Reading the inscription, ‘Always’ he shook his head.  He meant it to mean they’d always be together, not they’d always be apart.  As much as he hated it, now that it was time to leave the ring, he wondered if he should. 

“David, I know you’d want me to have this, but I’m not the Will you fell in love with anymore.  There’s this thing in me that makes me find people’s killers and I do it.  I can’t help it.  It’s how I found your killers.”

Even now It called to him, demanding he do what it wanted.  Soon he’d go, but nothing would make him miss today.  Finding a clean part of the back of his hand, he wiped away the tears.  His head jerked slightly, and he found it hard to swallow.  Keep going.  Tell him.

“Anyway, I can’t keep this anymore.  It feels wrong, because I know you’d never approve of what I’ve become.”

Breathing became difficult between the sobs.  He killed David and ruined his own life in the process.  Twice he tried to stop crying, but each time he saw David’s name engraved on the headstone, he broke down again.  Ignoring the dirt, he tried to clear his eyes.

“I just want you back.”  His words came out a scream, disturbing the crowd of after-church visitors.  Like everything else, today he didn’t care. 

Numb, he turned his hand over and released the ring.  It rolled to the bottom of the hole, and seemed to wink at him as a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds.  The next instant the light was gone.  He waited, staring at the ring, hoping David might speak through it again, but knew it wouldn’t happen. That glittering moment had been David saying, hello and goodbye; his final goodbye. 

It took several deep breaths to steady him.  He ran his hand along the root ball, helping the roots break free.  David always talked about having a house with a boxwood garden.  Now he’d have one watching over him.

Tamping the dirt firm around the plant, he sat back staring at the small boxwood and the marker.  Maybe one of them would find peace now. 

The pull to act tugged like an insistent child.  Clenching his teeth and grinding them, he growled, “Not yet!” 

People stared.  Couldn’t they leave him alone?  Maybe grieve for their own lost loved ones? 

Running his hand over the smooth white marble, he flicked at the dirt he’d smudged over it.  Why bother?  No one came to see it but him.  David’s family wouldn’t even buy a headstone to mark where their only son rested. 

“I didn’t leave them out, David.  They didn’t deserve it, but I listed them.”

The stone was so cold, but he traced every line over and over.  When he felt the first drop of rain, he dropped his hand to his side.  A wave of umbrellas preceded the exodus of ‘mourners’ until only he was left.  A daft fool, sitting in the rain beside the boy who wasn’t coming back.

The rain hardened when he stood up.  His tears mixed with the drops, leaving rivulets running down his face.  Bending slowly, he kissed the top of the stone.  “I love you, David.”

The pull intensified, and he checked his watch.  Over a day since he first felt it.  Too bad.  David wouldn’t have understood if he missed today.

Soaked, he adjusted the shirt plastered to his body and pushed his hair back.  Time to go.  Maybe this time he’d die.  The plot next to David was bought and ready for his use.  Soon.  He couldn’t take much more of this.

Will turned for a last look. 

David Anthony Bruno

April 7, 1945 – September 12, 1970

Son, Brother, Best Friend

We’ll miss you forever.




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Purpose: By Andrew Q.Gordon

About the Author:

Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of eighteen years, their young daughter and dog.  In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day and not get the shakes.

You can find Andrew Q. Gordon on:


Twitter: @andrewqgordon




  1. Of course the prequel didn;’t pique my interest because it was piqued long before I read it 🙂 However, had I not known how amazing your writing, and this book in particular, was then it definitely would have. You know me and my dark side 🙂 I found the interview very interesting and I agree with what you’ve said. I’m about to have a YA book published and it’ s been quite a hard struggle getting here. Whilst the book is still a romance, there is no eroticism in it at all (I know some of my fans will kill me for taking it out but as a YA book from a children’s publisher it wouldn’t have been appropriate) and it waits to be seen if the audience will pick it up.

    The LGBT platform is tricky. As you’ve said, it’s pretty much expected that LGBT fiction is romance or erotica, preferably both. The audience is pretty specific and if you have something that breaks the mould and is looking for a different kind of audience you have your work cut out.

    It’s sad, because I think there is a whole world of LGBT out there who would love to see books with strong stories and strong main characters in the mainstream bookstores right at the front and not on a dusty shelf at the back. The market is out there, we just need to find a way to let them know our books exist.

    Keep pushing forward and I’ve no doubt you’ll find your audience and have your success. At some point the flood gates will open and people will be seeking out your back catalogue. I don’t know if any of our (by which I mean those of us trying to write outside the box) books will make it to Hollywood in our lifetimes but I’m holding out hope for WH Smith.

    • Not a dark, smexy Nephy read? :O ! Just kidding. Yea you! I think it’s great when someone as talented as you takes on YA material. I think it is among the hardest genres to do well, but I’ve o doubt yours will be amazing. Please let me know when it comes out. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the give away.

  2. It was a combination of the prequel and Andrew’s discussion on the theme’s of the book during an author chat that convinced me to read the book. But the prequel was certainly a big piece of that (it was something he shared during the chat). email at adoyon (at) earthlink (dot) net or PS – I hope he likes Loving Aidan!

    • Ash,

      Sorry I missed this, I think some of the responses held up as i thought I was answering them in order.

      I remember you saying these helped. Believe it or not, your comments were what convinced me that I needed to do more of these for any future books. You had this – sell me on it -attitude I thought was great because you gave me a chance to tell you more.

      As for Loving Aidan – I’m really like it a lot, maybe too much – it’ll be over too soon. Sigh, that’s the down side of good books, they read so fast.

      Thanks for the support and for stopping by. Good luck in the drawing.

  3. dani says:

    Fantastic interview ! Goodluck on your books andrew . I personally look forward to your contemporary thats coming 🙂

    • Dani – Thanks for reading. Just as soon as I get book two of Champions for Sid, I’ll get back to focusing on the Contemporary. I already have an awesome person helping me, but I’ll wait til it’s done to give her the recognition she deserves. 🙂

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  4. Allison says:

    The prequel is heartbreaking and yes it piqued my interest. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Thank you for the interview and the giveaway.

    • Thanks for reading the interview and for the well wishes. It hasn’t quite sunk in I’m getting married after almost 19 years together, not even getting my ring helped. But I suspect when the time comes we’ll be like – OMG WTF are we doing? 😛

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  5. Trix says:

    While it’s very intense and heartrending, I think the prequel does give a good foundation for the story. So yes, I am curious! (THICK AS THIEVES is really fun–I’m not a big fantasy person normally, but the bawdy humor and fun leads drew me in–but since I don’t know a thing about LOVING AIDAN, I don’t know if I can help you narrow your reading choices down…)

    • I’m glad the intense heartache comes through because it set the backdrop for why Will retreated behind the ‘Gar’ persona. The hope was to create some interest in the characters before people decided to read the book. Hopefully it was useful.

      As for what to read – I went with Loving Aidan because – well go look at the cover and you’ll see it’s pretty intense and I just liked it so I picked that first. T.A.T is either next or the one right after next, so i’m looking forward to it. Tali is one of my favorite authors.

      Thanks for reading and good luck in the drawing.

  6. Cornelia says:

    Loved the prequel,looking forward to reading the book.

  7. Jim Evans says:

    Loved this little teaser, and yes, it definitely makes me want to buy the book! These things drive me nuts, these blurbs! Just a tease, a taste, a sample….until you have access to the actual book! This will be fantastic, I just know it. I also had a loss of tremendous magnitude…..A book that can make me cry as it draws me in….well, there aren’t words for that.

    Jim Evans

    • JIm – Thanks for the note. I’ve got it in my head that for any new book I publish, I’m going to try to do little short stories that won’t give away the plot but will give people a taste of the characters and the story to come. You comments reinforce my notion that they re helpful.

      Thanks again for reading and good luck in the drawing.

  8. Jim Evans says:

    should have been loss of tremendous magnitude. Yikes!

  9. Beth says:

    Adding this book to the wish list so I would say that the snippet definitely piqued my interest. 🙂

    carolcobun @

    • Thanks Beth. There are two more prequels on my website if they’ll help move it up your wish list – yeah just a wee bit of shameless plugging, but it is my interview 😛

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  10. DebraG says:

    Great interview. I am really looking forward to Book 2.
    Thanks debby236 at gmail dot com

    • Debra – Thanks for reading and I hope to be able to have some news more definitive news on Book 2 soon. If not Sid’s gonna hunt me down and hold ‘lil q hostage til I finish. 😛

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  11. Kim Fielding says:

    I think a site for LGTB fantasy is a great idea (she says self-interestedly). I read Thick as Thieves and really enjoyed. Now I’m 60% through Purpose and it’s fantastic!

    • Kim,

      I’ll email you off site about the idea, you’d be on my short list of people I’d want to be part of the idea if you have the time and inclination.

      Glad you’re enjoying Purpose, hopefully as much as I enjoyed Brute – because then I know it’d be a lot. 🙂

      Good luck in the drawing.


  12. This sounds like a dark and emotional read. It does pique my interest. 😉


    • It was written to be a bit dark, so I hope that comes through. I’m glad the little short helped. As I mentioned in a previous reply, I hope to be able to do these for all the books I publish going forward. But then again, the best laid plans right? 😉

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  13. cindyls1969 says:

    I loved the story. It kept me guessing and let me tell you, that’s hard to do . The prequel gives you just a taste of what’s to come but I think it’s interesting enough on it’s own.

  14. Penumbra says:

    I was already interested in the book before reading the prequel. The prequel just made me want to read it more 🙂


  15. Carolyn says:

    TO THOSE WHO HAVEN’T READ PURPOSE: You are missing out on a wonderful story of change, an interesting tale with a sci-fi element that still remains grounded in a contemporary world, and a great crime/action plot that has you wanting to find out what happens next and keeps your heart racing. You get your satisfying romance elements, but you get so much more, too.

    I had to make that point first and grab attention in case the length of this had anyone who might read comments pass this by. 😀

    Andy, I know I’ve already said this to you before (on another site; shhh, don’t tell Sid), but I adore reading these little bits, these prequel teases. I’m so glad to read your response to Jim and see that you’ll be trying more of those out in future books. I read a mystery once where the author put out a short story prequel filled with letters the characters had written back and forth, which was not a continued aspect in the book, but it gave a great look into story and character. I’m such a fan of epistolary novels or ones that use those touches, which is why I loved the journal aspect you included. It’s been many, many, many books ago (the only way to measure time, really) since I read Purpose, but it left a lasting impression, and while it’s a shame that the sales haven’t been there, I hope you’re always proud of the work you created. You absolutely have reason to be. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us next. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! You crazy kids and your rush to get married. 😉

    Thank you, Sid, for doing this interview and hosting today!

    • Carolyn,

      Hehe, I don’t think Sid will mind that this was one of the three prequels I used in the pre-blog tour. I figure most people who read it won’t mind, but those who haven’t – it will help them look at the book with an eye toward purchasing it.

      It would be redundant to give my view on prequels, but ask any author how much of the story gets cut in the editing. Or how they need to almost create an entire back story somewhere to give their story depth. For me these help as much to sell the book as to write it and to give the characters a life of their own before we ‘meet’ them. I hope more authors will consider it in the future – especially for new characters or series. I already have a few ‘short prequels’ for the new contemporary. For the next book in the Champions fantasy series, I’m thinking of doing some ‘historical’ shorts. These would deal with the back story I won’t get to totally flesh out in the actual books.

      Thanks for your support – it’s kinda cool to be many many books ago 🙂 I feel privileged.

      Good Luck in the drawing.

  16. snowsim says:

    The prequel was completely unnecessary but very much appreciated. I want to read Purpose because of the blurb and even more because I love it when an author tries something different. If I wanted to read the same old stuff, I’d re-read what I have—I *adore* what I have & find great comfort & satisfaction in re-reading it). But pushing away from the usual will always catch my attention. Thanks for taking the risk.

    • You’re welcome. You know every experience author or publisher tells me – write the story you feel, that you see. This is what I saw – now, I’m not sure what that says about me that I ‘see’ a spirit of vengeance going around avenging the innocent, but we don’t really need to look to deeply at that do we? 😛

      I agree with the ‘re-read’ and old favorite, but that only happens when I run out of new stuff and btw writing, work and the baby [oh yeah the soon to be husband too :P] I’m knee deep in TBR books. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the drawing.

  17. Kat says:

    I had read Purpose (which was amazing BTW) before seeing the prequel but I think this prequel will definitely pique anyone’s interest. I am one of those readers who love scifi/fantasy and will always gravitate to those stories first (geek/nerd alert LOL) but also enjoy all the genres of m/m. Looking forward to your contemporary story which sounds like a lot of fun.
    BTW, your daughter would have stolen the show had she been here, sooo cute.

    • Kat –

      Thanks for the show out on the book. Glad you liked it. As for ‘lil q – yeah, she steals my heart every day – sorry for being one of those hopelessly hooked on his kids parents. Mike and I waited a life time for her, and were make the most of the opportunity to be parents now that we have it.

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  18. H.B. says:

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and more about your book. I was already interested in Purpose before reading the prequel.

  19. felinewyvern says:

    I wanted to read Purpose long before reading the prequel but, if I hadn’t, the prequel would have definitely peaked my interest.

  20. JJ says:

    Interesting interview. I enjoy fantasy and sci fi, and it’s sad but true these genres are not so popular as contemporary romance. Your daughter is so adorable.

    2391e098 (AT) opayq(Dot)com

    • Thanks for reading JJ. I agree they’re not as popular, but I still – maybe foolishly so – believe there is a good sized market if we can create a medium to reach them. Maybe that’s just more fantasy on my part?? 😛

      Thanks again and good luck in the drawing.

  21. Jen says:

    I was already pulled in by the book blurb and the interview; the prequel was the finishing touch. Going to go add the book to my want-to-read list. Thanks for the great interview and the giveaway.

    P.S. Your daughter is adorable! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials.

    • Thanks Jen. I hope it makes it’s way to the top of the list one day – hell I know how long it takes books to make it to the top of my read list so I’ll be patient.

      Thanks for the well wishes and good luck in the drawing.

  22. lilyvelden says:

    Great interview, as always, Andy! You’re always an interesting read! Makes me want to rush out and write a fantasy/paranormal story! Now if one of the voices in my head could be a sexy angel (is that an OK adjective for an angel???)

    Oh, and email me about the website – one of my sons builds websites!

    Thanks for the shout out and I hope you enjoy TRIO once you get to it!

    • Well I wouldn’t ‘rush out’ to do the fantasy book yet, I’m still working on to reach readers. You’re better off sticking to what you’ve been doing – since you’re obviously doing it well. 🙂

      And I’ve no doubt I’ll like TRIO – I already love me some Liam, so it’ll be hard not to like.

  23. sally halliday says:

    certainly made me interested in the book

  24. Reblogged this on The Land Of Make Believe and commented:
    Last day to enter the giveaway. Comment by 8 pm EST tomorrow to be entered.

  25. Juliana says:

    Very interesting excerpt! I don’t read as much fantasy as I’d like, but I think it is such an open genre there really is something for everyone! Congrats on your newest release, even if it isn’t making you the next big thing. But having people love your book is great too! Stop with the cute baby pics! Adorable!

    • Juliana –

      Thanks for reading. I agree, it was a great response to Purpose even without me being the new Harry Potter. 😛

      And what?!?!?!? do you didn’t like ‘lil q waving bye bye?? 😛

      Good luck in the drawing.

  26. skylar1776 says:

    Andy, I really enjoyed Purpose and I just love the fact that Will has a past. That he’s not just a character on a page but has a whole life and back story that has been created for him. The reader could feel his broken heart as he says good-bye to David and gives up his freedom to Gar. Looking forward to your next release and congratulations to you and Mike on setting a date.

  27. Skylar –

    Thanks as always for the wonderful support you’ve given me. I’ve found that writing the ‘back stories’ really helps with the main story. I really think that doing them makes it easier for me to know my own characters and that allows me to more easily share them with everyone else. Now whether I have time to do this much with future characters is debatable. But that at least is the hope.

    Thanks for reading and good luck in the drawing.

  28. Thank you Sid for having me visit and for the really nice words to open the interview.

    Thank you to everyone for the comments – it’s pretty great for me as an author to see this many people take the time to comment. I’ll be using Randomizer. org to pick a winner soon and will announce it tomorrow after I contact the winner.

    Thanks again.


  29. Congratulations to Nephylim!! – She is the winner of the $15.00 Dreamspinner Press gift credit. Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented.


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