Book Review: When Love Takes Over by Jacob Z. Flores

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Reviewed by Danielle

When Love Takes OverTITLE: When Love Takes Over
AUTHOR: Jacob Z. Flores
LENGTH: 270 pages
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: Zach Kelly’s life is a shambles. His boyfriend of three years dumped him, and his writing career is going nowhere. On a whim, he heads to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to nurse his broken heart and figure out his next step. He’s expecting to find rest and relaxation on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. Instead, Zach meets a hunky porn star during a chance encounter at a leather shop he mistakes as a place to buy a belt that is definitely not for whipping.

Van Pierce is smitten when shy and inexperienced Zach crashes through a shelf of fetish gear. Though Van’s got an insatiable appetite for men on and off the set, his porn persona, Hart Throb, hides a broken heart. He’s struggling to find the reality the porno set doesn’t offer, and Zach is fighting to find the fantasy that will set his writing on fire. The odd goofball and the suave beefcake may either find love amid Provincetown’s colorful pageantry where summer never seems to end—or more heartbreak than either can imagine


When I heard about this book I was so excited! I loved the blurb and couldn’t wait for it to be released.

I finally had some time to read it and although I won’t lie and say it was fantastic, it did manage to grab me and had me wanting me to see where it would lead. The author had a certain way with words that gets you very interested in what he is going to pull out next in the story. It flows well making it easy to read and the author makes sure you feel humor, drama and hotness throughout the story.

The big problem I had with this story is that you have an aspect there that the writer keeps returning to and that could be something that you just don’t find attractive. Without spoiling too much, I can say that both main characters are very attracted to each other’s smell and where I can overlook that once or twice I have to be honest and say it really started to bother me when I kept reading it over and over.

Yes of course it could be personal taste but regardless of that I don’t like things repeating over and over and this writer did that a lot in with this detail.

I think that for me was the biggest issue in this story. Like mentioned before, I liked the easiness how it is written, the building of the story and the personalities of the main characters as well as the side characters.

I love P- Town, where the story takes place. Zach decides to go on a holiday there after his breakup with Ben, his partner of three years. Having little to no self-esteem, he starts to find out that there is a different way of living and looking at himself and towards life.

With help of friends that he met the moment he came to the town ( Gary, Quinn and Tara), he learns more and more that he is his own person.

The difference between the main characters is humongus and it plays out in the story perfectly. If you cannot connect with Zach, you sure can relate to Van or find a very fun character in his best friend Nino. Or maybe Van’s alter ego Hart, the hot and sexy porn star and hottie of the town will stir something in you. Best to remember though if you are going to read this that P-town is anything but monogamous, so prepare for some serious action all over town. Ok i admit i would love to visit that town 🙂

In the end I have to say this book was an easy read. It had some drama along with some great hotness and if you can overlook the one aspect that bothered me, it has a story to tell. It even made me seriously wonder about how Gary and Quinn came together and if Nino will, as mentioned somewhere in the book, finally meet his opposite and fall head over heals.

Overall a good 4 stars for me.

Danielle’s Rating: four-stars_0

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