Pre-release Review: A Heart Without Borders by Andrew Grey

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Reviewed by Danielle


A Heart Without BordersTITLE: A Heart Without Borders
AUTHOR: Andrew Grey
LENGTH: 200 pages
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: Pediatrician Wes Gordon will do just about anything to escape his grief. When opportunity knocks, he signs on to work at a hospital in a tent camp in Haiti. One night while returning to his quarters, he comes across a gang of kids attempting to set fire to an underage rent boy and intervenes, taking the injured René under his wing. At the hospital, diplomat Anthony Crowley tells Wes that the kids involved in the attack are from prominent families and trying to hold them responsible will cause a firestorm.

In spite of the official position Anthony must take, Wes’s compassion captures his attention. Anthony pursues him, and they grow closer during the stolen moments between Anthony’s assignments. Escaping earthquake destruction for glimpses of Caribbean paradise. When Wes realizes the only way to save René is to adopt him, Anthony is supportive, but time is running out: Wes must leave the country, and Anthony is called out on a dangerous secret mission. Now Wes must face adopting a boy from Haiti who has no papers without the support of the one person he’s come to rely on most and may never see again.


Having heard the author, Mr. Andrew Grey, talking about this book I became even more curious to read it than I am normally, and he is a particular favorite of mine.

When you pick up a book by Andrew Grey you know that you are settling to read almost non-stop. You know in advance that you will get drawn in especially when you are going in for a full novel that has a meaning and a message.

Knowing that, I waited anxiously for the moment I would get this book for the pre-release.

It was well worth the wait. I still find it unbelievable that the author can keep up this level of quality while continuing this rate of releasing books, each one better than the last.

The blurb is very clear for this release. We find Wes who’s from Maryland, on the other side of his world in Haiti. He’s there to help the children in the local hospital and in the mean time trying to deal with the death of his lover. Finding a good friend in nurse Sandy who we will see during the complete story, giving a helping and loving hand and I really thinks he needs to be mentioned here.

When Wes runs out to help a boy who’s being attacked he doesn’t realize that his life is about to change, but it is. Having rescued Rene from the man who tried to kill him he bonds with the boy quietly and quickly.

When Anthony crosses his path, there is an instant attraction but mystery man Anthony isn’t a man of many words. He works a dangerous job and cannot share much about his line of duty. Still he and Wes find something in each other and they carefully and secretly try to make the most of the moments they have together.

Making Rene a part of his life brings out the protective and parental part out in Wes and he will try anything to be able to take Rene with him back to Maryland. It’s not going to be that easy and a struggle with law enforcement and bureaucratic issues begins. With help coming out unexpected corners, they still aren’t sure if they are going to be able to work it all out on time.

Anthony leaves for a mission that no one is sure of the outcome and Wes and Rene try to settle down in Maryland. They find a house to live in and Wes works in his Uncle Frank’s practice. His uncle is also gay and alongwith his partner Joel, they are good friends to Wes. Joel looks after Rene when Wes is working andit is a great arrangement for all of them.

Wes and Rene miss Anthony terribly but manage to make a good life for themselves while they wait to hear from him. We have to wait till the very end of this story to see how this epic romance will end though.

Andrew Grey manages once again to come up with something surprisingly different. His immaculate writing and his way of bringing characters to life alongwith the always high emotional level, and sexual tension make this book one of his best. Mr Grey again finds a way to impress both loyal readers and most likely some new fans with this new release.

I highly recommend this story to one and all.

5 Stars without borders or any doubt!

BUY LINK: Dreamspinner Press

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