Book Review: The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas

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Reviewed by Danielle

The Strongest ShapeTITLE: The Strongest Shape
AUTHOR: Tessa Cardenas
LENGTH: 248 Pages
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: After his boyfriend breaks up with him, fashion photographer Caleb Moss finds himself alone in Los Angeles looking for work and friends. He finds both in a group of aspiring musicians, who offer help through their connections. But while building a strong friendship with Scott and Chris, a startling sexual tension flares to life among the three men, and Caleb is afraid the new friendships will fall apart.

It won’t be easy for Caleb, trying to find his way when Scott and Chris invite him into their relationship. They face criticism from their friends, but they’ll struggle to stay together because they have discovered a three-fold love.


I have to say that I went in totally blind with this book, not knowing what to expect. What really confused me is that it feels like there is no start to the story. It lacks a beginning?

It feels like you fall into the middle of the story out of nowhere and get introduced to three handsome men, who you find out about going through the story.

It doesn’t make it easy to get into the book. Even though the men are attractive and you can feel that in the story, there is nothing that builds them up or rounds them out to give them character. You can hardly figure out what they do for a living.

The story contains a lot of sex. Honesty requires me to say the sex is hot and well written, and the author takes time to make the connection between the three main characters Chris, Scott and Caleb.

But besides the sex there isn’t much to tell about this story. It flows easily and the characters seem like nice, attractive, sexy men who work their way in a three-way relationship. We read about the insecurities they feel, especially Caleb’s as he is the third who comes in to an established relationship between two men (Chris and Scott). They feel real and believable and the meeting of the families gives a little tiny bit of drama when it concerns Chris’ mother.

A nice part into the story is when Chris, who’s the strong, silent type – for whom words are difficult – breaks down.

In the end, because the characters seemed really nice and the story had so much potential, combined with the fact that I like sex in a story, I came to rate it 3 stars!

Danielle’s Rating: 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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