Release Day Review: Burden by Annmarie McKenna

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Reviewed by Elizabetta

BurdenTITLE: Burden
AUTHOR: Annmarie McKenna
PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing
LENGTH: 117 pages
BLURB: There’s more than one way to guard a body.

In the year since his car flew off a cliff, Detective Brennan McGuire has struggled to relearn the simplest tasks—like speaking without a stutter—and even more with trying to fill the gaping holes in his memory.

But when his daily visit to a local coffee shop turns into a melee of flying bullets, Brennan’s instincts take control.

So much for Keegan Monroe’s first day off after a long undercover assignment. One minute he’s relaxing over coffee, the next his cheek is kissing concrete. Question is, is the gorgeous man on top of him his savior, or the one who took a potshot at his head?

As Keegan shepherds the too-quiet, too-skinny Brennan through the investigation, attraction flares into nights of white-hot passion. But with each scorching encounter, more and more of Brennan’s memories shake loose…and it becomes clear someone doesn’t want him putting those pieces together.

With Keegan’s oath to protect and serve putting him squarely in the crosshairs of a murderer, now the question is, who is protecting whom?


For over a year, Brennan McGuire has been undergoing the overwhelming burden of recuperating from near-death in a horrific car accident. He’s fought his way back to full mobility and cognitive ability, although still speaking with a stutter, but he still suffers from gross memory loss and feeling vulnerable and useless. He may never get his memory back, can’t return to his job as an IA cop, and sometimes he wishes he had just died in the wreckage.

But then his path crosses with Keegan Monroe, a tough, undercover cop, with all the right moves— and Brennan starts to feel again, and to remember. And the remembering triggers a series of events that put his and Keegan’s lives in danger. It seems that someone has an issue with Brennan getting his memory back.

This is a pretty simple, straight-forward cop story— nothing really unusual (it’s fairly easy to figure out the bad-guy and his motive quickly on). But. The author’s ability to shape an engaging plot with two likable characters, some side characters, a box-full of kittens, and throw in a nice amount of hot sex and do it in about 100 pages— Impressive, that. Yes, it’s a bit quick on the falling-in-lust meter (not surprising in a short story), but this is a nice little bit of escapist fun in the slash-rom world. I would actually like to know how Brennan continues on in his way back to full recovery. Under Keegan’s tutelage, of course, ahem.

Elizabetta’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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