Book Review: Hawk n’ Harley by Max Vos

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Reviewed by Danielle

Hawk 'n' HarleyTITLE: Hawk ‘n Harley
LENGTH: 27 Pages
BLURB: Dan Cowen is a fourth grade teacher who isn’t exactly in the closet. He likes to keep his personal life just that – personal. But when he has cause to speak with the parent of a student, Harley Smith, into his life – and his classroom – strolls Hawk, large as life and twice as sexy. Hawk is pushing all Dan’s buttons. So when Dan is invited to dinner, he jumps at the chance.

Neither man has a clue where dinner will lead to…


Well this story grabbed me hard! I instantly fell in love with Harley and in lust with Hawk ( just like Danny). I was looking forward to seeing how they would grow towards each other but that was where I find the only criticism I can come up with.

The build up isn’t there! The story is awesome and I have to say you fall madly head over heels for the characters. But where I really would have liked to have seen more and see how they grew in love and got together it went too fast.

I would have loved an extended version of this story. There is so much there to work with. How can you not love Harley and Hawk and Danny? The blurb tells you how the story starts and it grows fast and heavy after dinner.

The epilogue is not mentioned but unexpected and surprising and very sweet. So overall I just can say: People, read this because it’s awesome.

4.5 stars for me because even though I would have loved more and still hope that perhaps there will be more one day, what has been written is nearly perfect.

Danielle’s Rating:

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