Book Review: Lost Won by S. E. Culpepper

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Reviewed by Heather C.

TITLE: Lost Won (Book #3)
SERIES: Liaisons
AUTHOR: S.E. Culpepper
LENGTH: 377 Pages
BLURB: Six years ago Christian Blakely lost his way. Fresh from college and sure of his future, an unexpected meeting changed everything. Frightened by the truth behind one night’s surrender to a hidden desire, he ran, determined to drive the memory of that night—that man—from his mind.

As the years pass, Christian builds a life around his work, drifting between relationships as the image of one man haunts his steps. Wishing he were free from a mire of what might have been, he is offered a chance at redemption when he comes face-to-face with the man at the root of it all.

Gunnery Sergeant Kevin McGuire understands commitment, whether it’s to his work as a US Marine, or to the happiness of his younger sister Risa. A proud and private man, he has never shared the story of the night with Christian; though years have passed he is still affected by it. When circumstances bring the two of them together again, Kevin is shocked by the depth of anger and passion that the younger man stirs.

With the obstacles of Kevin’s resentment and distrust in his way, Christian is confronted with the same choice of six years ago: stay and fight for what he wants, or run and hide…


Nearly 6 years ago, on a hot Mexican night in Cabo, Christian and Kevin explored each other’s souls and bodies. When the sun broke the horizon, Christian fled, running from the truth he had discovered, but not before Kevin handed him his hastily written cell phone number on a club napkin with the request that he use it. Their time together was more than a night of hot sex…it was filled with passion and a deep connection that neither man will ever forget.

Now, Christian is all grown up and outed (thanks to a tabloid scandal), but he’s still all alone after breaking many female hearts along the way. He is no longer in denial about what he wants…a chance to fix things with Kevin. Kevin is still a closeted, active marine following his latest overseas deployment…and is still haunted by the memory of Christian. Why did Christian never call him? Kevin is now living in San Diego with his younger sister, Risa, and Christian recently took a new job in the city. What will happen when these two men see each other after 6 years of no contact?

This was a beautifully, sad story. The symbolism of Christian’s tattoos and the recognition of his years of pain just made me sad. But that whole aspect of the story was so beautifully done. There’s not a lot of angst in this one with no silly breakup…although there are some ridiculous miscommunications. But for me, Christian and Kevin’s responses still felt genuine and realistic.

Also, this story isn’t filled with page after page of sex, and honestly, the sex scenes are not even that explicit. But it’s all the sexual tension that does it for me…and the characters themselves.

The ending was so adorably sweet! Getting a smile on my face just remembering it…

I must say that I have enjoyed this entire series from the beginning! The author’s characters are so real to me; making real decisions and doing all the stupid things a real person might do. Christian and Kevin were introduced in the previous book, Question Mark, so this really CAN NOT be read as a stand alone. Be sure to start at the beginning with Private Eye.

Please, please, please let there be a 4th book!!

I highly recommend all the books in this series.

Heather’s Rating: four-stars_0

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