Book Review: Cowboy Waltz by Cameron Dane

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Reviewed by Susan Lee

Cowboy WaltzTITLE: Cowboy Waltz
AUTHOR: Cameron Dane
BLURB: A horse stock manager on the rodeo tour, gruff cowboy Jed Hastings is in a bind. He needs a new assistant yesterday. Enter green-as-hell Booker West.  Booker spent his childhood dreaming about being a part of the rodeo. He doesn’t have any experience working with horses, but Jed doesn’t have options, and gives the newbie a chance.

Innocent about the world and secretly gay, Booker works like the devil to hide his attraction to Jed.   He doesn’t just want to be a wannabe-cowboy with a crush; he wants to learn from Jed. Booker craves Jed’s respect, friendship, and trust. For Jed, he knows an eager young colt like Booker should work his last nerve, yet he finds he has endless patience with the guy. He’s possessive about Booker too. And while bunking together does create intimacy, that doesn’t explain away straight  Jed’s explicit sexual fantasies and growing desire for another man. When a life altering event sends Jed and Booker reeling, a night of raw passion between the men finally explodes. But in the light of day, can Booker help Jed accept their love? Or will this unearthed attraction send Jed to a dark place from which he can’t recover?


Urgh.  This book was just TOO MUCH.  Too much sexual tension, too much sexual confusion/gay-for-you, too much back-and-forth-will-they-won’t-they, too much indecision…and THEN…too much sex (gah!), and too much repetition, and then too much sex!

Jed is a horse manager who works the rodeo circuit.  Booker is a green rookie dying to get his feet wet. Jed gives him a chance and hires him and not only are they coworkers, but they’re roommates…in a trailer.  Booker is gay and a virgin and only 18 when they first meet.  Jed is 26, straight, and a bit of womanizer, with a broken family past.  Scene set…

I like that Cameron Dane does this as a slow build, friends-to-something-more story.  It was unexpected.  But the first 50% of the book spans 4 years of Booker pining for Jed, Jed having confusing feelings for Booker, and not much else.  That’s a lot of book to ask the reader to hold on.

The 2nd half of the book?  Well, it can be described like this: sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  Classic Dane.  The sex is rough and rugged…and there are some beautiful and sweet words shared among the two, but I do NOT exaggerate when I say…well…you know…it had a LOT of sex!  I actually don’t remember much else!

I am a sucker for cowboys so I do love Jed & Booker. And yes, the sex, at times, was hot.  But the book became repetitive, the dialogue CHEEEEEEEESY (over-the-top drizzled cheese!), and I lost patience by the end.

This is a Cameron Dane book…so I know what I’m getting into when reading it. But, all in all…it was just TOO MUCH.

Susan’s Rating: 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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  1. shelleylovesbooks says:

    Lol Susan. I think you seriously just sold it to me, I like this idea of TOO MUCH sex.

  2. elizabetta says:

    Great review and funny! We’ll know exactly why we’d want to read this… or not 🙂

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