COVER REVEAL: After Midnight by Santino Hassell

Posted: July 17, 2013 by sidlove in Cover Reveal
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Two big pieces of news coming out today in anticipation of the release of Santino Hassell’s first solo novel, “After Midnight” 

Cover Reveal: 

Without further fanfare, here is the cover for the novel!

After Midnight

“This standalone takes place in the same gritty universe as the “In the Company of Shadows” saga, but focuses on a lone man and his struggle to overcome a mindset shaped by poverty and to thrive in a world that has spun out of control.  “I’m extremely excited about this release and the cover really fits the overall feel of the book perfectly”, says Santino Hassell.  The book will be available September 17, 2013 at various online retailers. .

Book Blurb:

Gordon Frost is a survivor. He survived a war that ravaged the nation, and he made it through the orphanages and crime-ridden slums that followed. With few prospects for the future, Gordon carved out a niche for himself in the expanding drug trade of Lexington, PA. It’s not pretty, but it’s his, and it beats what he was doing before. But a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time results in a brush with death, going by the name of Adam. Afterward, the life that seemed good enough before, isn’t quite the same. 

Adam Blake is an assassin on the brink of being terminated by the very organization that controls him. He completed his mission, but not without being seen. With his secrets in danger of being exposed by Gordon, Adam knows he should kill the smart-mouthed redhead, but finds himself intrigued by the troublesome civilian instead. 

When Gordon’s knack for finding trouble combines with the dangerous consequences of Adam’s indecision, their worlds intertwine in an explosive way.

Website Live!

Also, going live today, Santino Hassell’s new website:!  Come check out information about the author, his books, updates, blog posts, FAQ’s, and contact information.

*Special thanks to Susan Lee for both the cover and website design.

  1. julio says:

    that cover is outstanding.

  2. Ilhem says:

    This is exactly how I picture the streets there. I’m expecting to see Sin crashing through a window!
    Can’t wait to go back to this world!

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