Book Review: Email from an Ex by Richard Natale

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Reviewed by Ilhem

Email From an ExTITLE: Email from an Ex
AUTHOR: Richard Natale
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press
LENGTH: 22 pages
BLURB: We all dream about getting that phone call or e-mail from someone we used to love, apologizing for their bad behavior. A soured affair with his college boyfriend, Elgin, set Theo on the path to promiscuity, and he’s only recently yearned to settle down – with Jack, his boyfriend of two years. But Jack recently asked for a break, and while Theo is worrying about what this means, he gets a three-page correspondence from Elgin. How will Theo respond to Elgin’s approach, and what will it mean for his relationship with Jack?


“E-mail from an ex” is an exercise in style that would delight Theo who staves off boredom at working in entertainment journalism with “a wry turn of phrase, a deft pun or an oblique double entendre […]”

Theo is approaching middle age, obviously had to make a few concessions regarding his dreams, is facing some time apart from his boyfriend that he did not ask for and is wondering if he’ll have to go back to the dating market. It looks like it’s time to take stock of his life!

This very short story is indeed about him reflecting upon his past and present loves with an unexpected e-mail from his first heartbreak as a turning point.

The narrative is witty and fast paced, which rarely fails to charm me, but as much as I enjoyed the panache and the stiff-upper-lip attitude, I would have liked a firmer grasp on Theo and secondarily, his story with Jake. There are fleeting glimpses at Theo’s feelings, the flippant words dress up the vulnerability of someone who wonders if he’s just been dumped, but naked emotions here and there would have provided a good balance and added more relief to a story that is more the portrait of a man than a romance.

“Email from an ex” is nonetheless a pleasant interlude and the style is promising enjoyable reads for the future and perhaps more.

Ilhem’s Rating: 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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