Book Review: Private Eye by S. E. Culpepper

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Reviewed by Heather C.

TITLE: Private Eye (Book #1)
SERIES: Liaisons
AUTHOR: S. E. Culpepper
LENGTH: 286 Pages
BLURB: Rafe Bridges stopped mixing business with pleasure long ago, but when he receives a call from an intriguing cop who needs help searching for an old family friend, he breaks down and takes on the case. With each day that passes, Rafe becomes further fascinated with Jeremy Halliday…but the biggest problem isn’t his attraction to the cop or his growing need for him. It’s the tiny little detail of Jeremy being straight.

Jeremy isn’t as immune to Rafe as he’d like to believe and as they work together, sifting through a case that is more mysterious and dangerous than it seems, Rafe draws away from him. Knowing he might miss out on someone incredible, Jeremy has to figure out what and who he really wants. And soon.

Nothing is black and white anymore.


Holy hell! I was in gay-for-you heaven reading this book.

It all started six weeks ago when PI Rafe crawled away from is ex-boyfriend Mark’s bed to meet motorcycle cop Jeremy at the courthouse; both men working a related case.  Now Jeremy has contacted Rafe asking him to look into the case of a missing teenage girl, whose family has been long standing acquaintances with Jeremy’s family.  The two men become fast friends, and there is instant attraction between them.  The problem is…Jeremy is admittedly straight.  And what about that meddling ex-boyfriend of Rafe’s?

This was one of those books that kept me obsessed all day until I finished it; and this isn’t what I would consider a “short” book.  I literally sat on my couch and was utterly useless and unable to put this book down. The sexual tension between Rafe and Jeremy had me snared from the beginning, and I kept going and going, dying for something juicy to happen between them.  And finally…the big first gay kiss happened around 55%, and I was so excited.  I wanted more, more, more and kept cheering them on with a big smile on my face.  Both of them were so adorable and insecure that I totally wanted them to find that connection and happy ever after they so deserved. Yes, I would pretty much define this as insta-love, which I usually hate with every fiber of my being.  But this time, I threw all my pet-peeves out the window and went with the flow. Plus, the gay “thing” was nearly a non-issue.  This was more a self-discovery than a strictly gay-for-you story.  Jeremy accepted it amazingly fast and “coming-out” wasn’t a huge crutch for him.

No, the big conflict here was Mark the ex-boyfriend, who had been badly hurt by Rafe in the past.  He wouldn’t allow himself to move on and continued to lead Jeremy into thinking that things weren’t finished between him and Rafe.  I didn’t hate Mark, just felt really bad for him, because Rafe really treated him poorly.  I’m glad to see that Mark’s story is told in the next book of this series.  No worries though, there was not even a hint towards any infidelity, and Rafe was 100% in love with Jeremy.

So what about that missing teenager I mentioned earlier?  That whole mystery plot was pretty boring, but it didn’t exactly go the way I expected, so I’m giving it credit for the shock value.  But still, overall, it was lame.

In the end, this isn’t one of those amazing books that will go down on any of my top lists, but I’m honestly rating it purely on enjoyment value.  So if you are one who enjoys GFY with a lot of sexual tension…and a little mystery on the side, definitely give this story a try.

Heather’s Rating:

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  1. Dani says:

    nice review Heather i will make sure to put it on my wishlist!

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