Book Review: Call Me Yours by Celia Kyle

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Reviewed by Nikyta

TITLE: Call Me Yours
AUTHOR: Celia Kyle
PUBLISHER: Summerhouse Publishing
BLURB: Three hundred year old Mitchell Faerigan has been chasing Clover Brady for two years, determined to make the gorgeous red head his mate. The man is skittish, but Mitchell is one determined fae. When Mitchell’s family threatens and then tries to kill Clover, all bets are off, and Mitchell claims what belongs to him. Now, he just has to convince Clover that loving him is worth the risk. And this fae is up to the challenge.

Clover Brady has a simple life running his simple antique shop and ogling the not-so-simple owner of Faerigan Cycles. Mitchell Faerigan is Clover’s dream man with his manly muscles, dark hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. He’d like nothing more than to throw himself into Mitchell’s arms and beg him to do naughty things to his body. Unfortunately, Clover is unwilling to risk his heart. He’s still recovering from the loss of his parents, and there is no way he could ever survive loving and possibly losing Mitchell. So he’ll keep his heart to himself, no matter how tempting the other man may be.


As the owner of a motorcycle shop, Mitchell Faerigan’s worked across the street from Clover Brady’s antique store for two years now. From the moment they met, he knew instantly Clover was his mo stór, his soul mate, but since then Clover’s literally ran in the other direction whenever they almost crossed paths, sentencing Mitchell to his own version of stalking. Now, Mitchell’s family is threatening the little of his Clover he can have and that’s unacceptable. Mitchell will do anything he can to keep Clover safe but Clover’s not willing to risk his heart for Mitchell but will the threat from Mitchell’s family finally be enough to push these two together?

The highlight of this story is definitely Clover Brady. From the beginning, his quirky personality jumps off the pages and had me chuckling. He has sort of a dry sense of humor but he’s feisty and stubborn as well. I adored him because he made this a light story even with the dark conflict. I loved his reactions to just about everything but especially anything regarding the Fae and ultimately what being mated to Mitchell really means. Mitchell, by comparison, is more subdued. He’s a big guy but has a gentle nature and he just wants Clover’s acceptance and is willing to give his mo stór anything. The two together are simultaneously sweet and hot and if anything I wished there had been more of the story to explore their relationship further.

The book takes place over only a few days but a lot happens. While the story is short, the flow of it doesn’t feel rushed. I enjoyed this author’s writing style because it had an engaging quality to it and the fact that she was able to make this unique from others I’ve read before. The world she created is interesting and had me wanting to know more of it. There are some amusing moments of discovery on Clover’s part and I loved that he explored them but I also enjoyed the fact that Clover and Mitchell weren’t the type of mates to just jump into bed right away. More than anything, I liked the way Ms. Kyle handled Clover’s broken heart and whether Mitchell was enough for him to open up again. One character who really intrigued me, though, was Mitchell’s brother, Fingal. I felt really bad for him, he’s so dejected and sad. I would love to see him get a happy ending because I think he definitely deserves one.

I really enjoyed the story, it’s cute, sexy and easy to read. My only objection is that it was too short, which made the story a bit shallow. You get a sense of the characters but you don’t actually know them as much as you could. The world is fascinating but we don’t know but about the fae or of Mitchell’s homeland, Faer. The conflict was interesting and I liked the development of it, how it played a part to get Mitchell and Clover finally together, but I think it could have used more fleshing out. I felt like it was over before it really began and what happened left me with a bunch of questions about Mitchell and his heritage.

Overall, this was a fun, sweet and easy read. The characters are endearing and humorous and while the conflict needed more substance, it was still entertaining. I enjoyed it and I think those readers who are looking for something quick and sexy will as well.

Nikyta’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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