Review by Elizabetta


TITLE: Mountain Prey
AUTHOR: Lyn Gala
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: Stewart Folger lives in the Appalachian Mountains, where people take care of their family and follow the Bible. He feels that Appalachian pull in his blood, but that hasn’t tamed his wild side. A youth full of pranks left him with the nickname Stunt and a preference for danger in and out of bed. Other than a few contrary moonshiners who hate him for philosophical reasons since he’s a forestry technician and federal employee, he doesn’t have a problem in the world. Then one day he runs into Alex Soto, a man out for revenge.

Just out of prison, Alex knows firsthand that the justice system doesn’t treat poor and rich equally, so he’ll have to go outside the law to avenge his brother’s death. When an innocent man lands in the middle of his plans, he doesn’t know what to do… other than take him hostage. Unfortunately, he never planned on having to deal with Stunt or with the twisted logic that passes for reasonable in Stunt’s mountain home.


Dear Author,

Thank you for writing a story that is so unexpected, so sexy. Thank you for characters that are so perfectly imperfect, quirky, intriguing, perplexing, frustrating—two colorful men who seem cut from different puzzles and then fit so snugly together; who start as strong characters, meet, interact, affect each other, and maintain their integrity. In fact, they end up stronger than they started. Thank you for the great character building, for a great story in a unique setting. And the shot-gun wedding!! Genius.


A reader who is quickly becoming a fan.

Stewart ‘Stunt’ Folger has Tennessee in his heart. He’s been away to college but his Appalachian mountain calls him back, it’s a part of his soul. He’s a federal employee, a forestry technician. He works alone, tending the mountain trails and woods in deep country where the local folk don’t trust anything that smells of “the law.” Where they live by their own rules, where bible-quoting moonshiners vie against the drug rings trying to move in. Stunt is a local boy, he knows to look the other way if he should happen upon an illegal still or two, he knows to stay away from strangers wielding arms…

But Stunt doesn’t scare easily— he lives up to his nickname— an adrenaline junkie in the bedroom and out. He’s a young, gay man in an area where the folks don’t get it, alienate him for it. He’s used to being on the outside. Stunt also has a hidden side— has some dark kinks involving D/s play, edge-play, and lots of bondage.

          “I’m popular with the Doms because I can generally come twice… three times if you make me suffer and work for the first two orgasms…”

Tie him up, tie him down, it’s all good to Stunt. He can play hard and is popular for that, but he hasn’t found a Dom who can hold his interest for more than a scene. That is until Alex Soto emerges from the forest, shotgun in hand, and takes him hostage… with lots of rope. Lots and lots of ropey bondage in this one.

          “Looky what I found here,” Alex said… he held up a long coiled length of rope… “Now what can we possibly do with this?” He ran his hand over the coil as he meandered back toward Stunt. “It’s nice and soft. Old. Worn smooth.” He stroked the rope so sensually, Stunt felt a little twinge of jealousy…”

Alex is an out-of-towner. Tall, dark, and gorgeous, he’s knows how to command, has a firm hand, but he’s also caring. He’s had a hard life, got a sketchy past, he’s an ex-con and been on the wrong side of the law. He’s also on a mission, hunting dangerous prey that he can’t catch without some inside help. Alex is a city boy; knows computers, has a plan. But he doesn’t know this strange country with it’s strange ways. Stunt knows the back country, its people and their “mountain logic,” that logic that ultimately proves very valuable

The fun in this read is how these two men get distracted in each other, without getting distracted from the goal. And neither does the plot. There are a couple of WTF moments, but in the end this all hangs together very well for me. The character and world building are wonderful— deftly done— colorful, rich, and complex. The author has a talent for writing some very hot D/s dynamics: dirty play, dirty talk, dirty fun. Friction-y. Feisty. Fantastical. Pr’it near perfect.

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  1. Dani says:

    ooh great review . very curious for this book!
    x Dani

  2. Katinka says:

    You made me excited to check out this author Elizabetta!:) Starting with The Only Way Out Is In, then moving on to this one.

  3. elizabetta says:

    I hope you like it! I need to get to her other stuff too. That LHNB story looks good too 🙂

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