Lost and Found
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First off I’d like to thank you, Sid, for having us! What an honor it is. Secondly, speaking for myself and the others involved in this anthology, we are very proud of not only our stories but of our editor Kris for finding the amazing charity Lost-n-Found to donate all of our royalties to.


When I came across this picture last July, I was heartbroken. Hell, I still am because I know the problem of family rejection due to their child being gay is still very there. The percentage is probably the same, maybe more and my heart continues to ache for our teens. I put a call out for others to join me in writing shorts about this subject. I was stunned by how quick people, my fellow writers jumped on board. Now, at that time all I knew was that I wanted to bring awareness to the teens who found themselves in a situation where their own family couldn’t manage to love their child regardless of their sexuality. In my head sexuality isn’t who a person is, it’s part of who they are, just like someone having green eyes or brown hair. Being gay doesn’t make someone different, less of a person, less of someone’s child. Being gay does not mean the child has changed since the day of their birth.

So, what I still can’t understand is why these so called adults can so coldly turn their backs on their own flesh and blood? There is NO reason in the world I will ever understand and please do not throw religion in this.

Now what happens to these teens once they are thrown away brings tears to my eyes. No money, no clothes, nowhere to live, no food and no one to help them. They are not safe living on the streets exposed to not only the elements but to the crazy drug/ alcohol induced adults who find no problems whatsoever in raping and beating these teens up often leaving them for dead or even killing them. And who will care or know what happens to them? Certainly not their families. Who then?

I’ll tell you who. I do. I care what happens to them and if I was rolling in the dough you can bet I’d do all I could for each and every one of these kids who came to me for help. Just like the organization we chose to donate our proceeds to, does. They find these teens and give them hope. If the only way I can help is by writing a short story and donating the money to them to help out, then that’s what I am all about. I can bring awareness through words and hope to open the eyes of the families who can’t seem to understand that being gay is not a sin.

Throwing away a child because s/he is gay IS a sin. How does one take away their love of their child? I know no matter how badly my own children behaved at times, and even now as adults, I could NEVER stop loving them and I will always be here for them. No questions asked.

Do you know why so many of our GLBT kids commit suicide? I’m sure you do. Do you know why so many of them turn to drugs and drink? Why so many of them become prostitutes? If you have to ask why, then I think perhaps research is necessary. No child should turn to any of those to survive, or to try to bury the pains in their hearts. No teen/adult should feel unloved/unwanted JUST because they are gay. Take away the sexuality for a second if you will and guess what you have…that’s right..a person. Worthy of love,worthy of life, worthy of freedom.

Help us help them and support the cause. Buy your copy of Lost and Found today and spread the word, then come on back here and leave a comment and one lucky person will win their selection of any one of my back list titles. EVEN the upcoming one: Lethal Obsession: Deserted.

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TITLE: Lost and Found

AUTHORS: MF Kays, TA Webb, Tabatha Heart, Dakota Chase, Caitlin Ricci, Jeff Erno, DC Juris, Michele L Montgomery, DH Starr, and Diane Adams

EDITOR: Kris Jacen

PUBLISHER: Featherweight Press

BLURB: Some statistics say that 40% of all homeless teens are GLBT. They’re on the streets after their families have thrown them away, told them that they don’t matter, that they’re not normal. Well, guess what? Those families are wrong. This collection of stories by ten talented authors spans the spectrum (historical, paranormal, transgender, cutter, gay) to show that – it’s okay, there are people out there that care, and these teens are perfect just the way they are.


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CONTEST WILL END ON 19th June, 2013 @ 11:59 PM Central Time!!

There will be a giveaway contest everyday from 16th to 23rd of June, 2013. The blog will be hosting these for the authors who have contributed to this anthology – who will be giving away either any of their books from their backlist (excluding Lost & Found, of course!) or their will be a giveaway of Gift Cards!

MLR Press will choose a lucky winner from the entire lot who have participated in these daily contests and the winner will get to choose one book of their choice from their HUGE backlist!

  1. Toni Whitmire says:

    I think you are doing a great thing and I am thinking of buying Lost&Found. If I win I would like LethalObession:Tony and Ryan pdf. bibbiesparks@yahoo.com

    • Thank you, Toni, for coming by and reading the post. I hope we can sway you to purchase a copy of the anthology. It’s full of amazing stories that are guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. Have a great day!

  2. Melissa Leach says:

    I just purchased my copy of Lost and Found today. I am also mailing a contribution to the Lost-n-Found organization first thing tomorrow and challenge everyone participating in this event to do the same… whatever you can afford.

    These statistics are staggering and heartbreaking. Thanks so much to the authors for contributing their talents to this cause. And, you know, I don’t need another free book. Let me know if you draw my name out of the hat and I’ll match the contribution I’m mailing in the morning.

  3. DebraG says:

    I have a GLBT kid and I did not throw her away. We celebrate her differences. One of my other daughters is getting married and she will be dressed in a tuxedo as part of the wedding party. I am hoping to purchase a copy of the book. I would love to win Caged.

  4. Michele, I purchased this book the day it came out. The stories in it were heartbreaking, but the best part of this anthology was the message of “it gets better” that rang out through the entire book. I, like you, will never understand how someone could throw their children away. I would adopt them all if I could. So I do what I can when I can. I educate my children so that the next generation will have more tolerance than the one before them. I want to thank all the authors for doing this and Kris Jacen for the wonderful idea.

  5. Chris Roberts says:

    I hope to buy the anthology when the money is available. Please put my name in as Melissa Leach. Since I don’t have the money to donate, I would like her to have a second chance at winning and Lost-n-Found having a better possibility of getting more donations. jrobe 10689 at aol.com

  6. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and contributing to a good cause.

    Already purchased Lost and Found
    I’d like to read Caged in pdf format.

  7. Penumbra says:

    Not yet
    Tony and Ryan Lethal Obession #1
    Thank you! 🙂

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  9. H.B. says:

    No I haven’t yet.
    Lost and Found in pdf
    Thank you for the giveaway and for bringing awareness to the cause.

  10. As a side note, I’ve decided to wait until our time with Sid Love here is over to find the winner. Please spread the word! HUGS!!!

  11. […] Lost-N-Found Guest Blog & GIVEAWAY: Michele L. Montgomery. […]

  12. Name*: Darcy
    Email ID*: pomma @akwolf.com
    Have you purchased or planning to purchase a copy of “Lost and Found”?*:
    YES! ABSOLUTELY! I’m just waitng for my pay period due next Friday…*S*
    Which one of Michele’s ebooks would you prefer and in what format, if you win*:
    Lethal Obsession: Caged in Kindle or pdf would be great. *S*
    Message to the Author/s*:
    Every time I read the stats on our homeless gay teens it tears at my heart. I’ve raised my kids, and can NOT imagine any parent throwing their children out. I agree wholeheartedly in your post, and it’s all I can do not to scream just thinking about these precious kids left alone and afraid. I’m just sharing on Facebook, and Twitter as often as I can get away with to enlighten others to this horrible thing that’s hurting our kids. They are our kids damn it. It just make s me cry all over again. Thank you for this great thing that you are apart of…:)

    • Thank you! The numbers are horrific! Especially in today’s society. There’s no reason for it. My heart aches for them and I plan on bringing awareness through my writing with each story I write.

  13. I’ve just sent each of you your requested story to read. Thank you all for stopping by and supporting this very important cause. If we continue to work together and bring awareness, these staggering numbers will diminish.

    Hugs to you all!!

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