Book Review: Defiance by Laura Harner

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Reviewed by Macky

TITLE: Defiance (Book #3)
SERIES: Triple Threat (Pulp Friction Books)
AUTHOR: Laura Harner
PUBLISHER: Hot Corner Press
BLURB: Archer, Zachary, and Jeremiah are hired to bring a full stop to a runaway blackmail scheme threatening to derail the K-Train Express—local football legend Kebow Trainer’s career. When the investigation turns over the rocks of Zack’s memories, he realizes there are a lot of different types of closets—and he reaches beyond the circle of his two lovers for help closing the door on the past. Now, the trio must find a way to catch a blackmailer while they work through their pain to find pleasure. Because anything two can do, three can do better.


Book three in Laura Harner’s addition to the Pulp Friction series and Zack, Archer and Jeremiah have been asked to investigate the case of famous football player, who is being blackmailed. But as they look into it, Zack is confronted by ghosts from his past, the case bringing back painful memories of a young sub, who he felt he had let down as a Dom, with very unhappy consequences that he has never forgiven himself for. This again interferes in his relationship with Archer and Jeremiah.

The dynamics between the three of them are quite complex. Zack had lovingly and happily subbed for Archer for many years but he had a history of having natural Dom tendencies as well. At the insistence of his lover Archer (who felt that despite their intense love for each other, Zack would never really be fully satisfied with just being a sub), Zack was made to choose a sub for himself who you’ll know if you’ve followed the series up to now is the endearing Jeremiah. A change in their partnership which at the beginning Zack fought against.

The first two books dealt with Zack’s reluctance to fully embrace Jeremiah’s sub to his Dom and because of it, he had put the young inexperienced man in danger. So, their path has been a bit of a rocky one. However, the bond is strengthening between the three lovers and as this story starts, they are getting more comfortable with the lifestyle they now share. Each story is a mix of a one-off case to be investigated and the ongoing relationship issues. There is a breakthrough but again as I always say with these short stories… Read them to find out what!

This is a series within a series (Pulp Friction) that – like all the others – is getting more interesting as it goes along, once again interweaving characters from the other books within the circle. This time it’s the snarky Wick Templeton who makes a guest appearance. Another favourite character of mine.

I really do love this whole series and even though I’m not a great fan of D/S themed stories, I really like reading the Triple Threat books. It’s not too much in your face but still steamy and hot in the sex scenes and I always look forward to seeing these guys. One tiny niggle – I did find the ending abrupt but apart from that it’s still another winner for me and I’m hoping there’s much more to come. I liked a lot!

Macky’s Rating: four-stars_0

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