Book Review: The Door into Spring by Missy Welsh

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Reviewed by Susan Lee

TITLE: The Door into Spring (Book #1.5)
SERIES: Wes & Mal
AUTHOR: Missy Welsh
PUBLISHER: Loose Id Publication
BLURB: In their front closet, Mal has discovered access to a rooftop garden. He decides to spruce it up as a spring project and gift to Wes for the way Wes has helped Mal’s life blossom in the months since they met. Keeping the work a secret from Wes isn’t easy, but the payoff will be a moment they’ll both remember for a long time to come.


“The Door Into Spring” is a sweet, too-short novella that takes place not long following the end of “My Summer Of Wes”.  If you’ve read this book, you will recall that Mal is a sweet, if slightly awkward, virginal teen who meets the older, more experienced, and gorgeous neighbor, Wes. They spend a Summer getting to know one another and eventually fall in love.  The book ends with them going off to school together in the Fall.

This short story picks up months later in the apartment that Mal & Wes share. While cleaning up their closet one day, Mal finds a secret doorway that leads to a rooftop garden…neglected, but Mal sees as a possible piece of paradise he wants to gift to Wes.  He restores it and surprises Wes with the finished product.

For such a short story, this one packs a punch…incredibly sweet and surprisingly smexy (let’s just say that Wes & Mal definitely take to “christening” their new retreat…*ahem*). It was also great to get a small piece of the our boys again…and seeing them still together and happy.  Being <20 pages makes it hard to rate too highly against other books, but a nice treat for those that enjoyed the first book.

Susan’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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