Book Review: Starry Knight by T. A. Webb

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Reviewed by Susan Lee

TITLE: Starry Knight (Book #3)
SERIES: City Knight (Pulp Friction books)
AUTHOR: T. A. Webb
PUBLISHER: A Bear on Books
BLURB: What happens when two broken men collide?

Marcus Prater has spent the last two years of his life existing, ignoring his friends and family because remembering hurts too much. Benjamin Danvers, running from ghosts of his own, has separated himself emotionally from the world. Neither man needs anyone.

When these two men collide again, one life hangs in the balance. Will it break them, or provide more healing than either man thought possible? Friends come together, brotherhood is confirmed, but will it be enough?

Caution: Yeah, this is the third in the three story cycle so no more nasty cliffhangers. Hot men may have sex, old friends may bond again, and a few tears may be shed. I promise, it was worth the wait.


The City Knight series by T.A. Webb is one SUCH an entertaining read. It packs a real punch in short, but powerful books.  At the end of book 2, Webb left us with one doozie of a cliffhanger…one of our beloved MC’s was shot.  What next?

“Starry Knight” is book 3 in the series and picks up shortly after the end of book 2.  Note: this book should NOT be read as a standalone.  Minor spoilers to follow…


Marcus wakes up in the hospital having been shot by the lunatic who was seeking revenge on Ben.  The first 50+% of the book takes place in the hospital, and really, is some exceptionally-written, emotional stuff.  Ben blames himself for Marcus’situation.  Marcus sees Ben’s insecurity in the relationship.  We have poignant scenes with all of Marcus’ best friends, Chase, Wick, and Zachary as well.  But the tears start to flow as Marcus and Ben break down their emotional walls and really talk about what they mean to one another and how much they need one another.  It’s really beautiful.  And the ending is one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever read. *sigh*  Just lovely…

There’s a minor/brief plot twist that adds an injection of andrenaline-rushing fear for a few pages.  But other than that, this book is not as dark as the first two.

This book really felt about one thing: LOVE…the love between Marcus and Benjamin, the love between Marcus and his friends. The book felt like a reward…we went through intense drama, angst, danger, loss, insecurities, pain in the first two books…and Webbrewards us with this…this love letter in the end.

So so good.  Highly recommended.

Susan’s Rating: four-stars_0

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  1. shelleylovesbooks says:

    Nicely done Susan. I’m looking forward to this one 🙂

  2. Macky says:

    Lovely review. I Adore these guys! I’ve just finished it Susan and loved it too. 🙂

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