Guest Author Lily Veldin and eBook Giveaway for Same Page

Posted: June 11, 2013 by sidlove in Uncategorized

Author Lily Velden is on Andrew Q. Gordon’s blog talking about her upcoming book “Same Page” and her love for caramel lol
Check out the fabulous interview and get a chance to win a free copy of her “Same Page” 🙂 Good Luck!

The Land Of Make Believe

Today I have the pleasure of having my friend and colleague Lily Velden Stop by to talk about her new release – Same Page – which is Book One of How The Light Gets In. Being the unfair sort of guy that I am, I included a few non-book related questions to put Lily on the spot. After the interview, Lily is going to hold an eBook give away – just leave a comment and you can be enter. The rules are set out at the end.

Hi, Lily.  Nice to have you back. Re-Introduce yourself to everyone.

Um, hi everyone, I’m Lily Velden, the broad who walks around with one mint-flavored shoe and one chocolate one… Hey, if you put your foot in your mouth as regularly as I do, you want it to taste good!

Can I confess something, Andy? My shoes are actually caramel flavored! I lurves me some…

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  1. Macky says:

    I adore Lily and her books I hope everyone enters the comp. I have! 🙂

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