Pre-release Review: Hobbled by John Inman

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Review by Heather C.

TITLE: Hobbled
AUTHOR: John Inman
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
BLURB: Thanks to fate and his own lack of good sense, eighteen-year-old Danny Shay is headed into what looks to be the worst summer of his life. It starts with a minor meltdown at work that leaves Danny under house arrest with a cast on one leg and an ankle monitor on the other, courtesy of the San Diego Police Department. On top of that, he’s battling a chronic case of virginity, with no relief in sight.

Oh, and there’s one more little glitch. A serial killer is stalking the city, murdering young men. And when strange sounds are heard in the house behind Danny’s, the neighborhood kids think they’ve found the killer. But not until Danny learns he’s next on the madman’s list do things really begin to get desperate.

Damn! And Danny had plans to come out this summer—maybe even get laid! He doesn’t have time for ankle monitors and serial killers!

Then ginger-haired Luke Jamison moves in next door. Not only does Luke solve a few of Danny’s more urgent problems, he also manages to create a couple more that Danny never saw coming. Gee. If he can survive it, this summer might not be so bad after all.


Charming. If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this story, I would use charming.

Eighteen-year old Danny Shay is trapped; confined by house arrest and a bulky leg cast for six weeks after he went into a rage at work when he figured out his boss had been ripping off his paycheck.  This has severely put a kink in his summer plans of losing his virginity!  When his single father has to go away for three weeks, horny and bored, Danny fills his time with eating, masturbating, and hobbling around the house. Oh, and spying on the neighborhood, of course.  That is until a hot, little ginger moves into the vacant house right next door! Danny will do anything to get Luke’s attention, and it doesn’t take long. Luke and Granger, the dog, have arrived with all their belongings; with Luke’s dad planning to arrive in a few weeks. Soon the boys are inseparable and spending every waking…and sleeping…moment attached to each other.  Literally.  But what the boys don’t know is that there’s something dangerous lurking in the neighborhood, snatching up cute, young men, torturing and killing them.

First, let me tell y’all some more about Danny and Luke.  There’s instant attraction between them…I would even go so far as to call it insta-love.  Ick!  Y’all know how much insta-love annoys me!  But I was ok with it here because it was young-teenage-insta-love which is 100% realistic.  And sweet.  And innocent.  And pure.  Yeah, Danny and Luke were totally likable and adorable.  And HORNY!!  OMG were they horny!  To be honest, the sex was a bit repetitive with 69 and rimming and 69 and rimming and 69…  See where I’m going?  But they were still very smexy.

Second, I loved all the secondary characters.  Frederick (Danny’s slutty, literature eating cat), Granger (Luke’s goofy dog who loved to torture Fred and was a totally worthless attack dog), and even DeVon and Bradley (the two foul-mouthed, vigilante pre-teens who were out to catch the bad guy). There were a few others, but those were my faves.

Third, I found this to be very humorous and lots of fun.  Even though the plot was a little silly, over the top and totally predictable, I had a lot of fun reading this.  Don’t come into it expecting something serious and realistic, because it’s not.  The characters were a little too-stupid-to-live at times, but, hey, I just rolled my eyes a little, smiled to myself and kept on reading.

Last, I will say that my biggest annoyance with this book was the head-hopping.  It was told in third person mostly from Danny’s POV.  But occasionally, the narrator would slip in a few lines or a scene from Luke’s.  Towards the end, it got even more messier with views from secondary characters, like Bradley, and even a brief bit from Granger the dog.  I felt that part of the writing could have been a lot cleaner, but it honestly didn’t take away much from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Keep this story in mind when you’re looking for a fun, easy read with two horny teenagers!

Heather’s Rating: 535px-3-5_stars-svg

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  1. Dani says:

    one of my own wishlist
    seems like a fun read . Thanks for the review 🙂
    x Dani

  2. Heather C says:

    It is a fun one, Dani

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