Pre-release Review: If It Fornicates by L. A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

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Review by Heather C.


TITLE: If It Fornicates (Book #4)
SERIES: Market Garden
AUTHORS: L. A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov
PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing
BLURB: If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

Nick is a top earner in the Market Garden, where rentboys fulfill their high-rolling clients’ every sexual fantasy. As a Dom and a sadist, he sets his own price and is experienced enough not to let any client get out of hand. He’s damn good at his job, and it’s easy money.

Or at least it used to be. But now he has a boyfriend. Spencer is a former client, a closeted corporate lawyer, and so beautifully submissive he’s perfect for Nick. He doesn’t even mind how Nick earns a living. He just wants to take care of Nick—something Nick isn’t quite sure how to handle.

In fact, Nick’s clearly off his game these days. Sure, he’s tired from his shift work and his studies, but mainly he’s bored by his clients and distracted by thoughts of Spencer—dangerous for everyone when he’s wielding a whip. Now Nick has to make a choice: give up his independence, or walk away from the only man he’s ever loved.


This was exactly what I was hoping for!! I was a little disappointed with If It Flies and the lack of connection I felt between Nick and Spencer, but this book DID NOT disappoint!

This time, the story is told from Nick’s POV. In the first book, we could only see the story from Spencer’s eyes, and it was hard for me to believe these guys really had anything stronger than a sexual relationship. Well, this time, Nick makes it very clear to us how he really feels about Spencer, the most perfect and unforgettable sub he has ever trained.

The story picks up shortly after where If It Flies ends, so we really haven’t missed any growth or changes in Spencer and Nick’s relationship. They have agreed to be boyfriends, but Nick continues his job as the top earning Dom/prostitute at Market Garden. Surprisingly, Spencer has no problems with Nick’s choice of profession, as long as it makes Nick happy. But when Nick starts showing signs of fatigue and stress when it comes to juggling his highly demanding job and his relationship with his boyfriend, Spencer is NOT okay with it and eventually gives him an ultimatum: prostitution or relationship. So which one will Nick choose? And what will it cost him?

There is definitely more romance in this story. Of course, the sex is still raunchy and steamy, but it’s so much MORE when there’s romance involved. There was one scene that made me gasp and gave me butterflies in my tummy; it was so raw and unguarded and perfect that it put a huge smile on my face when I wasn’t expecting it. Maybe you can figure out which scene I’m talking about once you get there; surely I’ve spoilered too much already.

I felt the characters had a lot more depth this time. I was able to believe in the love Nick and Spencer had for each other, where their feelings in the first book didn’t feel very realistic to me. I believed Nick’s struggles of trying to come to terms with the changes in his life and the important decisions he is confronted with making.

I suppose my biggest issue with this story is that the progression of the relationship seemed to happen a little too fast.  One week they admit to each other that they want to be boyfriends, and then, like a week later, they are in love and planning to live with each other and already have the next five years planned out. Too easy and a little too close to insta-love than I am entirely comfortable with. Other than that, I loved everything else about it.

I don’t think this can be read as a stand alone, so at least check out If It Flies first. And if you’ve already read it and enjoyed it, then I definitely think you should continue with Nick and Spencer’s story. I think these guys have a chance for a promising future together, and I believe they will make it.

Heather’s Rating: four-stars_0

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  1. Dani says:

    mmm interesting I like the writers so i guess i need to check this two out 🙂
    x dani

  2. Heather C says:

    Dani, make sure you read If It Flies first since it is about the same characters

  3. Macky says:

    I was going to give up after ‘ If It Flies ‘ which I was disappointed in ( the first Alex I wasn’t keen on…gulp ) but Ive been convinced to keep going by great reviews like yours Heather, thanks Ive bought it! 🙂

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