OPEN CONTEST: A Call for aspiring reviewers!

Posted: June 4, 2013 by sidlove in Book Reviews
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For all the aspiring reviewers out there, here is a chance for you to give a lead to your passion! If you love reading books in M/M genre and have a knack for writing reviews for book, The Blog of Sid Love has an opportunity for you.

You have seen the reviewers’ team working hard on writing such amazing reviews on many books and sharing them on this blog, on a regular basis. People read these – they take their recommendations and buy those books. Isn’t it cool to be in such a position where people take your opinions into consideration and that your word would actually mean something to someone?

Well, you get to be in that position for a day! 😀

What to do?

Look through all the books that we have reviewed. Read the reviews from our competent team members and if you like them, buy from the Sid Love’s ebook store and read them. If you already own some books and have already read them, it is wonderful. Then all you have to do is WRITE A REVIEW! That review should be posted under the respective book’s review post.

Here, we review only those books which are worth recommending (as you might have noticed, we have never reviewed a book that is below 3 stars). But, honesty is always our best policy. You guys will have a freedom to rate the book even below that, but remember not to degrade an author or insult our reviewers. Offensive posts will not be tolerated and will get trashed immediately. The reviewers have a right to have their own opinion, just the way you do too.

How will the guest reviewer be chosen?

First off, let me clear this – there won’t be a winner or loser in this contest. We will try and give everyone a fair chance. The reviewers’ team will look into the reviews posted under the posts and we will unanimously choose a reviewer for a certain day. There is no deadline for this contest and we will have a guest reviewer featured every fortnight or every week, considering how well the participation is.

Priviledges to the guest reviewer:

The guest reviewer will enjoy every priviledge a reviewer gets, for  that day. Once we decide on a guest reviewer, we will contact them and ask them to choose three titles of their interest. (Three because there could be a possibility that a reviewer on the team might already be working on one or two of them.) These titles should be, of course, other than what are already reviewed on the blog. The reviewer’s copy will be provided to you of the prefered and available title and you will be asked to review it. You will be informed of the date when the guest post would be published (which, I assure, will be at a later date giving you enough time to read and review) and the reviewer has to turn it in well in advance.

If we like your work, you might be offered to become a frequent guest reviewer on the blog.



If you have any questions or doubts or suggestions, please leave them in a comment under this post.

So, anyone interested?

  1. nishkagray says:

    Oh, this sounds like fun! I’m an Amazon reviewer, nothing exciting, usually rank around 22,000. I already reviewed a great deal of the books here but I think for this contest, I’ll buy something new 🙂

    • sidlove says:

      If you have already reviewed most of the books that are recommended from this blog, you are allowed to use the same reviews over here. We only want to see how competent you are and by reviewing more books, you will be increasing your chances of getting picked as a guest reviewer soon 😀
      Thanks for your interest Nishka, and good luck!

  2. Macky says:

    Hi Nishka . Good luck! Have fun…. 🙂

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