Book Review: Nowhere to Run by Erin Lark

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Review by Heather C.

TITLE: Nowhere to Run
AUTHOR: Erin Lark
PUBLISHER: Loose Id Publication
BLURB: Simon’s years of hiding and keeping his identity a secret are shattered just as soon as The Hooded Crows play at his bar.

For the last six years, Simon has struggled to keep his identity a secret along with a past that, so far, has stayed right where it belongs. Beaten to the edge of his life, he left everything behind when he fled to Washington. Including his family.

So when the shrill ringing of his phone wakes him in the middle of the night, the last person he expects to hear on the other end of the line is his baby sister.

After living together for over five years, David figured there wasn’t much more to learn about Simon Taverdy. That is, until he overhears Simon talking on the phone. Tied to this life by a family of his own, David refuses to pack their things and leave, even if it means putting Simon’s life in danger.

With only four weeks left until Christmas, going home for the holidays takes on new meaning, especially when it involves the cops and an abusive ex who’s still on the run.

Together, can Simon and David survive the fallout of his past, or will he bolt again to the middle of Nowhere?


This was a fairly quick read about two established lovers, Simon and David.  These guys have been happy together for nearly 5 years, but then it turns out that Simon has a secret past life. I really don’t want to spoiler too much, but after Simon’s face accidentally gets aired on TV, his past starts haunting him again.  Then a surprise phone call in the middle of the night brings his world crashing down. Simon has been able to escape from his past for 6 years, but now he has David, and there’s nowhere else for him to run.

I really liked both Simon and David. They obviously had a solid relationship even though Simon had some big, dark secrets…although it was never made clear why they were still using condoms after 5 years of exclusivity. That kind of bothered me. Anyway, Simon’s big secret is pretty disturbing and often had my stomach tied in knots.  The progression of the plot is pretty predictable once the secret is revealed, but I still enjoyed reading it.

The story is written in alternating 1st person POV which caused a lot of confusion for me.  Simon and David’s voices were exactly the same, and I frequently had to backtrack because I would forget whose POV I was reading. I could NOT tell them apart at all! I think that has to be my biggest complaint with this book, and I feel the story would have been more powerful had it been told from a single POV.

In the end, the conflict wrapped up all too easily, and I would have liked to have seen more of the healing and recovery period; not the bad guy goes to jail then immediate epilogue to 6 months later.  At least David and Simon’s HEA was really, really sweet and hopeful…but then they still hadn’t skipped the condoms!  Grrr!

Heather’s Rating: 3-stars-out-of-5-300x70

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  1. Dani says:

    thanks for this review makes me curious for the book but not having skipped the condoms Bummer 😉

  2. Macky says:

    The condom thing is a bit weird! Nice review Heather. 🙂

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