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(Read Macky’s review for Book #1 of Hidden Wolves series: Unacceptable Risks)

Unsettled Interlude (Hidden Wolves, #1.15)TITLE: Unsettled Interlude (Book #1.5)
SERIES: Hidden Wolves
AUTHOR: Kaje Harper
BLURB: Paul Hunter just spent two days as a captive to werewolves, his life hanging in the balance, a witness to crimes and craziness. Now he’s back in his regular life, and living with Simon, the man he’s been falling for. And he’s part of a werewolf pack. He needs his brain to somehow catch up with all of that.

Simon thought saving his human mate from his own pack would be the hardest thing he’d face with Paul, but he’s beginning to realize that was just the beginning. He has to figure out how their future will work, and convince his skittish lover that staying with the pack is better than leaving it, while hints of threats to Paul’s safety keep him awake at night. Fortunately Simon is up for the challenge.


Starting exactly where Unacceptable Risk left off, this short story deals mainly with Paul and Simon coming to terms with the events from the last two days, so don’t try to read this as a standalone because it contains major spoilers for book one, for that reason alone its hard to do a non spoiler review so sorry, this won’t be a long in-depth one.

The person who is struggling most is Paul. As a human he finds it hard to understand the pack mentality and he’s still not sure that the decisions he’s had to make very quickly are the right ones. He knows by this point he does love Simon …but is it enough to give up the life he’s built up for himself and can he ever adapt to being part of a pack?

Paul burrowed his face back in against the uninjured side of Simons neck. ” I’m not good for you. I’m still not going to be social,” he mumbled. ” You have all these people, these friends and I’m going to be the weird guy in the corner who doesn’t talk to them. And I don’t handle being told what to do well … I question everything, and I’ll probably get you into trouble again.”

I love Paul and Simon as a couple. Even though its early days in their relationship you can see how much they belong together and in this short follow up we get to see them coming to that conclusion by thrashing out their concerns together. How they resolve those concerns is something you need to find out for yourselves, especially if the series grabs you as much as its grabbed me.

Some short stories flash past but this felt extremely satisfying and was a great lead into book two Aaron’s story. The reason it only gets 4 stars is purely because of its length, its shorter than the second one and hasn’t as much plot but still very enjoyable and an essential part of the ongoing thread. Overall it’s still a five star series in my eyes. I really love these guys and can’t wait to get to book three. To be honest if I’d had to,  I’d have quite happily paid to read these but Kaje has done them as freebies. What more could you ask for! Perfect.

Macky’s Rating: four-stars_0

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