Exciting Announcements: BoTM – May, Faith Ashlin’s Giveaway Winner and BoTM (June) Nominations!

Posted: May 16, 2013 by sidlove in Book of the Month, Free Stuff, Giveaway Contest, Winners
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Whew! It has been an exciting journey! The interesting war going on between the readers/fans to have their favorite books win finally came to a conclusion yesterday. The voting has been closed and the results are surprising!

Why, you ask?

Well, because I was forced to change the title “Book of the Month” to “BOOKS of the Month”!

Yes, my dear friends, the title and the badge has been bagged by, not one, but TWO authors for their amazing books! One of them has been a winner consistently throughout the voting process, NO ONE could outlead it… the other took a surprising speed in last week to finally reach the top!

The two books that won with 18% each of the total votes ARE:

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The book that ended up taking the second place with a whooping 14% of the total votes was:


And the books that tied up at the third position with 12.5% of total votes each are:

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Congratulations to the winner! Author has mailed you the copy already. If you haven’t received it, let me know.

Thank you to all who participated! Don’t get disheartened, there’s always a giveaway going on over my blog. Right now, there’s Havan Fellow’s giveaway contest that is currently open! The author gives you a chance to win a copy of any of “Wicked Ways” books.

Go check it out!!

Link: Havan Fellow’s Giveaway Contest


BOOK OF THE MONTH (June, 2013) – Nominations!

As this site is growing at a great pace, many more books are getting reviewed! While before May the blog had reviewed only 10 books in all, during this month it has almost trebled in the first two weeks itself!

So, I realized it would be difficult to make a voting poll for the next month with these many books that have been reviewed here. Which is why, we are going to break the voting process in parts – these will be like nominations for the final voting!

Let me explain it more clearly, so that you understand:

There were total 8 books that were reviewed in the first week of May (counting from 05/01/2013 to 05/08/2013). These 8 books will be put to vote. You will have the liberty to vote for any three books in the list. The top three books that win this poll will be eligible for the final voting process that will take place during the second week of June! Likewise, we will repeat this for each week.

Right now, the Week 1 voting has begun! Go and check out the books that are listed and nominated them.

Link: Book of the Month – June ’13 (Nomination Poll: Week 1)



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Don’t miss this opportunity!!

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  1. Elaine Lee says:

    Congrats to the winner Darcy

  2. Faith Ashlin says:

    Oh wow, that’s totally amazing! I am so thrilled.There were so many *amazing* authors in the list that I was honoured just to be with them Thanks Sid.

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