Hello good people,

I’m Faith Ashlin and Sid has very kindly invited me onto his blog to hold a giveaway. Thank you so much, Sid.


My second book ‘What You See Isn’t Always What You Get’ came out recently. I’m especially proud of this book as it means a lot to me. I saw the story in one go, as a whole, and it captured my imagination completely. I cried at parts as I wrote it, silly as that sounds. But I think the ending is truly uplifting and will make people feel that there’s always hope. I also fell in love with many of the characters, especially Richard. But I have a real soft spot for Grady. At the start I hadn’t really thought about him, yet by the end I was completely in love with him! He broke my heart and made me admire him so very much.

I think this is a story of two parts but in the end it all comes back around and makes you realised that ‘What You See Isn’t Always What You Get.’

BLURB: Sex for money. That’s the simple deal ex-freedom fighter Richard offers when he buys Denny’s freedom.

When ex-freedom fighter Richard buys a slave’s freedom, he has a deal to offer. Being more inexperienced than he appears, he needs someone to teach him a few things. Sex for money and help is what he’s proposing. Denny can always say no.

Denny agrees, and as they settle into their new life, they learn things about themselves and each other, as well as the nature of freedom and love.

But when are things ever that easy? Their world is suddenly shattered by a ghost from Richard’s past. That’s when Denny takes control, shows what he’s made of and fulfills a need Richard didn’t even know he had. It turns out neither are what they appear to be.


Richard inhaled very carefully. “You have to teach me. Teach me what to do in bed.”

Denny’s eyes widened but he didn’t react otherwise. “You want me to be a whore or a sex therapist?”

“I was thinking more along the sex therapist lines but that’s probably just me being naïve or optimistic,” Richard admitted.

“You a virgin?”

“No.” Richard shook his head. “I just don’t… I don’t have much experience. Hardly any, really.”

“You’re kidding, right? I mean, you’re fucking gorgeous. You could get anyone you want without even asking.”

“Never wanted anybody but one guy,” Richard said softly.

“And he didn’t want you?”

“Yeah, he did. It just wasn’t as simple as that.”

“Why not?” Denny asked straight out and, fuck it, he was going to find out sooner or later. Richard figured he might as well get it over and done with now.

“You ever heard of Grady Porter?”

“Of course I have.” Denny sat up, the name suddenly animating him. “It was his death that spurred on the whole uprising, that got everyone released. If he hadn’t died when he did, then thousands of slaves would still be… Jesus fucking shit, are you Grady Porter’s Richard? The guy that was always with him? His… his…”

“Partner? Lover? Whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I’m Grady’s Richard.”

“Fucking hell.” Denny rocked with astonishment as his mouth widened to match his eyes. “Grady Porter’s Richard, right here, right in front of me. Man, you must have been through some serious shit. You were out fighting while I was cleaning out horse crap.”

“We were.” Richard eyes fell to the scar on the back of his hand and he remembered, just for a moment. “But the war’s supposed to be over. We’ve been fighting for peace for the last three years, trying to clear up the mess. You should have been out a long time ago.”

“I guess you couldn’t do everything at once.” Denny was still shaking his head and staring, looking stunned.

“Funny, but Grady wouldn’t have agreed with you on that one.” Richard smiled a tight little smile.

“But he’s been dead, what, over four years?”

“Five next March.”

“I don’t get it. So?”

“He was the only person I’ve ever wanted, the only one I’ve ever slept with.” Again Richard’s voice was soft and low.

“But if you were with him? Fuck man, I saw you on TV once. Watched when I shouldn’t have just so I could hear what he sounded like, see him move. It was so much better than a picture in a ripped-up newspaper. I don’t think I really looked at you but I remember the way he was hanging on to your hand, the way he looked at you. He loved you.”

“I know,” Richard said, and the smile was back, easier this time. “And I loved him. But it wasn’t as simple as that.”

“Why?” Denny wasn’t about to let him get away with anything.

Richard collapsed back into the chair and ran a hand slowly over his closed eyes. So many memories, so long ago. When he opened them again Denny was watching him, waiting with a stillness Richard knew he’d had to learn over the years.



The story was lucky enough to get a wonderful 5 star review from Sid here: CLICK to read the review

I’m also really grateful for the amazing 5 Sweet Peas review from Josie Goodreads at Mrs Condit Reads Books”

An excerpt from Mrs Condit’s review…

“I fell in love with this book, with its angst and all its heartbreak. I sobbed at the ending, but I felt uplifted, and the epilogue is just the most fitting ending I could have wished for, one of the most perfect endings I have ever read for a book, it was closure.

There is so much emotion poured into this book, it has its sad moments, but equally it’s happy times, I couldn’t put it down. It’s one of best books I’ve read in ages. I can’t wait to read more of Faith Ashlin’s work and she is now one of my must read authors.”

Read the full review: HERE

Faith’s Bio

When Faith was clearing out her attic many years ago, she found a book she’d written as a ten-year old. On rereading it she realized that it was the love story of two boys. Over the years her fascination with the image of beautiful young men, coiled together as they fell head over heels in love, became a passion for her.

Since that first innocent book – written in purple sparkly pen – she has written many stories, set in varied worlds but always with two men finding their way to happiness.

Nothing much has changed because now she can be found in a daydream, wandering around the supermarkets of London, or sitting in a meeting at work still dreaming up stories.

You can find me at:





Thanks, Sid. As someone fairly new to publishing it really is appreciated.




  1. DebraG says:

    Email ID*
    What do you prefer in a book: lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after“?*: I like happiness in the end but they can have lots of angst getting there.
    What format of the book would you prefer, if you win?*: pdf or epub
    Message to the Author: I loved that you cried while writing it. Makes me really want to read the book.

  2. H.B. says:

    Name*: H.B.
    Email ID*: humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com
    What do you prefer in a book: lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after“?*: I like a bit of angst in mystory but I also want a HEAor HFN book.
    What format of the book would you prefer, if you win?*: pdf or epub

  3. Urbanista says:

    -brendurbanist at gmail dot com
    -I prefer angst that leads to a HEA. Angst makes the subsequent happiness that much sweeter. One argument is that real life doesn’t always end happily, so why should fiction? I contend that I don’t need bittersweetness, let alone tragedy, in my fiction without some ameliorative joy at the end.
    I’d like ePub, if I win.
    What happened to Grady???? Oh no…

  4. Congrats on your release!
    Thank you for sharing about your book..*S I love this genre, and finding authors that I haven’t read before is a wonderful thing. You are a new author to me, and I’ve read the blurb and excerpt a couple of times, and simple enjoyed it. I have it on my gotta have list..*S*
    I love stories that I can get an emotional connection to the main characters, and this one reads like I’ am going to love it. I do love a HEA, and often sacrifice that for a great story though.
    I would love Kindle format or pdf if perchance I win.
    Thank you both for the giveaway.
    Wishing you all the best, and continued success!


  5. Trix says:

    I like an HEA for sure, but angst on the way is fine as long as it feels real and not contrived (that is, no “big misunderstanding” or needless suffering like that)
    Kindle format would be great if I win…thanks!

  6. Gabrielle Jones says:

    First of all congrats on the new release Ms. Ashlin! It sounds like it’s going to be an involved yet satisfying story!

    Name: Gabrielle Jones

    Email ID: fallschangingheart(at)Hotmail(dot)com

    What do you prefer in a book: Lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after”?: Well for me I think it kind of depends on the book itself, like most people I appreciate happily ever after’s and happy for now. However I really like to see how the characters learn and grow together as they go down the road to one of these endings.

    If that road happens to include a lot of angst and heartbreak well then that works for me, it also allows me to better understand both the characters and what the writer is trying to say with their writing.

    If I win I’d like to have a pdf version of the book please!

    Thanks so much Sid and Faith for sharing this intriguing story with us!

    • Faith Ashlin says:

      Oh I do like a reader that puts characters first. I’m the same, I want to get to know the people in a story. Good luck, I’m putting your name in the hat right now.

  7. darleneg77 says:

    Angst or an HEA. Honestly, I want the HEA or HFN, but I want them to work for it =) I get very wrapped up in the characters of the books I read. I want to go on a journey with them. The books that do that are the ones I will read over and over

    I would prefer to win a MOBI version if I win please

    Thank you Sid for so many wonderful giveaways and such terrific reviews in one place! They are in depth and honest. I have found many amazing stories here. Faith!!! Oh my gosh, I want to read this so badly. I freaking fell in love with Bobby and Lewis in “Pathfinder”. You have a way of grabbing the readers hand and yanking them along the ride you send your characters on. Cannot wait to read this story

    • Faith Ashlin says:

      I’m so glad you liked Pathfinder, thank you so much for such a lovely comment. If you liked that I think you’ll like this one. Good luck, I’m putting your name in the hat right now.

  8. Penumbra says:

    Name*: Penumbra
    Email ID*: penumbrareads(at)gmail(dot)com
    What do you prefer in a book: lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after”?*: Definitely Happily Ever After
    What format of the book would you prefer, if you win?*: EPUB
    Message to the Author: Great excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  9. Ruby says:

    Email ID*
    What do you prefer in a book: lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after“?*:
    Give me angst, humor, every kind of trial, character challenges, successes and failures, but mystery is best! Of course, ultimately love me the “happily ever after”.
    What format of the book would you prefer, if you win?*: ebook.
    Message to the Author The blurb intrigues! Quote: “…waiting with a stillness Richard knew he’d had to learn over the years.” “fingers crossed”

    • Faith Ashlin says:

      You’re like me. I don’t mind what the characters go through but I do want them happy at the end. Good luck, I’m putting your name in the hat right now.

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  11. Maya says:

    Name*: Maya
    Email ID*:
    What do you prefer in a book: lots of angst and/or “they lived happily ever after“?*: I like it all! Sometimes I like lots of angst so my guts are tied up in knots and sometimes I like light and breezy that has me smiling all the way through. And while I prefer a HEA, for some books it’s not a deal breaker if that isn’t in the cards for the book’s characters.
    What format of the book would you prefer, if you win?*: epub or pdf
    Message to the Author: Thanks so much for the giveaway! That excerpt has placed your book directly on my must-have-grabby-hands shelf! 🙂

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