Pre-Release Review: Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg

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Review by Heather C.

17282116TITLE: Every Move He Makes
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing
SUMMARY: Keeping an eye on his charge isn’t easy. Keeping his hands off? Impossible…

It took attending his own funeral to force Logan to accept a new life as an undercover MI6 agent. That doesn’t make his latest assignment any less aggravating. Babysitting a Russian pop star with delusions that someone’s trying to kill him.

Other than an inexplicable attraction Logan ruthlessly suppresses, he couldn’t have less in common with the irritating, arrogant rich kid. He’s even prepared to walk away—until very real bullets start flying.

After his mother’s death, Zak Kochenkov’s life unravels in an impenetrable haze of grief, drugs and alcohol—until one bodyguard candidate stands out. Except his hopes of having some fun with that guard’s body evaporate when he realizes Logan is buttoned up tighter than a clam.

The first thing Logan learns is that his charge won’t do as he’s told. And there’s some secret behind his haunted eyes that shakes Logan’s resolve to keep him at arm’s length. Because he knows if he lets passion close his eyes, that’s when danger will find them both…


“Spies, lies and automobiles.”
Add in some inappropriate smexiness to Zak’s words and you get a perfect description of this exciting book!

So what is this book about?

First you meet Logan, er…formerly known as Josh. Apparently he is this super awesome undercover MI6 spook who used to look blah but now he looks hot.  He had one tiny horrific moment and his cover in the Russian mafiya was blown, leading to some not so pleasant things happening to him.  Now Logan is healed, but Josh is dead. His boss, Saunders, wants him to play bodyguard-slash-spy to Zak Kochenkov, a super-spoiled, rich brat who was formerly the lead in a popular Russian band called Dirty Angels. Oh, and get this:  Zak’s father, Ivan, just happens to be a Russian billionaire with some important ties to the same Russian mafiya, who conveniently hires Logan to protect his son. But the question is whether Zak is even in any real danger. Or, are the bad guys after Ivan…or Logan?

Both Logan and Zak come with a lot of baggage.  Like a whole cargo hold full of baggage! Logan’s life has been filled with so many secrets and deceit that he has never been able to stay with a lover very long before leaving.  Always running away before they can leave him.  Never giving himself and coming undone. He has a badass, hard exterior.

Will Zak be able to break down those barriers? What will happen once Logan’s secrets come out?

Zak’s life has turned into one alcoholic, drug induced, sexual encounter after another. And more than a few near-death experiences. He has pretty much become his own worst enemy with all his self-destructive behavior. How long can he go on without paying the consequences?  I must be honest and say that I was really not liking Zak in the beginning.  He came across as a soulless and selfish person. Ah, but he quickly weaseled his way into my heart. Zak grew A LOT over the course of the story and easily became my favorite.

What did I love?

  1.  Lots of sexual tension followed by lots of hot lovin’! I swear, these guys are one of the hottest couples I’ve read in a while! So much sexual tension! They both fought their lust for each other as long as they could; damn they were hot! Both self proclaimed tops, but I guess it’s all in finding the right person, isn’t it?
  2. The quick pace. This wasn’t a short book but it was full-on from the beginning; from London to Scotland and back.  I never got bored for a second.
  3. Plenty of snark and banter. The first exchange between Zak and Logan begins with Zak asking, “How big’s your dick?”, followed by Logan’s quick comeback of “How good’s your dental plan?”  There are lots of smart quips in this one; I could quote all day.
  4. Lots of twists and turns.  While some parts were a little predictable, I never could put my finger on what was going to happen next.
  5. It wasn’t too angsty.  There were some dark moments, mostly related to both characters’ pasts, but the majority of the story was humorous and sexy.

What frustrated me?

  1. The repetition of “that was a mistake” and “I shouldn’t have let it happen.”  That got annoying fast and I wanted to slap them both. But it quickly resolved itself and Logan and Zak finally gave in to the lust. Therefore I’m only knocking off half a star.
  2. Hmm…I don’t have a number two! I enjoyed everything else about this story.

I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a fun, light read.

HEATHER’S RATING: star_review

So, why wait until it is out? PRE ORDER IT RIGHT NOW!

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  1. JustJen says:

    Great review, HC! Can’t wait to read this one. 🙂

  2. Shelley says:

    Love this review Heather! Two self proclaimed bottoms you say? Ooooh weee ….I can’t wait for it to land on my kindle 🙂

  3. […] Pre-Release Review: Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg. […]

  4. Yep, tops but they’re confused guys!! LOL

    • Heather C says:

      Hey it was a late night! I really do know the difference. Lol. Thanks for understanding. I feel like such an indiot for my massive typo! I really did love these guys, Barbara! And the sex was hot! Didn’t matter who was on the bottom. 😀

  5. That’s okay. It was lovely to get a review so fast!!!!!!!

  6. Macky says:

    Great review Heather. Its a definite on my Kindle now!! 😉

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