1186708Reviewer: Macky

Summary: “There’s a fifty-fifty chance he’s lying to me.”

When the body of an ex-cop is found in the men’s room of the Chances Are, Chance and Rory are the prime suspects. Chance knows he didn’t do it, but he can’t be sure of Rory. Rory hasn’t been the same since his experience at The Nexus, and Chance wonders if he knows Rory any more at all.

Review: I am a HUGE fan of the Pulp Friction series that consists of a combination of four authors:

Lee Brazil … Chances Are – Aaron Chance

Tom Webb … City Knight – Marcus Prater and Ben Danvers

Laura Harner … Triple Threat – Archer and Zachary

Haven Fellows … Wicked Solutions – Wick Templeton

All four authors have created a set of characters, who not only have exciting plots of their own, but they also make guest appearances in each others’ stories, interweaving the separate series’ into a large web under the Pulp Friction banner.

Of all of them, I have to be honest Chance has been the one that I’ve struggled to connect with the most but only because I’ve found him and his budding relationship with young cop Rory, hard to fathom. So in a way I was expecting to be pitching my review for this book around the three star mark which was how I had unhappily rated the first two books. So with a big fat happy “YAAAY” I’m giving book three a huge jump up to a big satisfying 4.5 star rating because this is by far the best up to now in the saga of Aaron Chance, Rory and the cast of characters who have finally wormed their way into my heart and got through to me in the way that Ive been hoping for since reading book one.

Because of the nature and length of these books I’m not even giving a whisper of whats happening in the story. You will need to discover that by yourselves. Read the blurb because that’s as much info as you’re getting … yes I know that’s just plain mean and evil, but I happen to be like that sometimes. (Insert evil laugh here)

The pull comes with the intensity of their cliff hanger story-lines that will have you panting and drooling for the next one to come along ASAP!  But what I will say about this one is that its really exciting and I finally feel connected to Chance! At last, he’s sucked me into his story. So now I’m back to waiting with baited breath till the next instalment comes along, to see what happens in the nail biting saga that is Chance and Rory’s emotional roller coaster relationship.

Thanks Lee for making me a happy but I am ‘now-on-pins’ bunny! I love love love the Pulp Friction series. Talk about raising the blood pressure. Next please…. I’ll just keep taking the tablets. Hah!

Buy Link: Fifty-Fifty Chances Are (Chances Are #3)

Macky’s Rating: star_review


Macky is one of the official reviewers of The Blog of Sid Love.

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