Let me take some of your time to introduce you to my dedicated team of Official Reviewers who have recently joined forces with me to find the best M/M books out there for you all to read!

There’s me, then you have met Macky already (Read her bio: HERE) and there are four more reviewers who have agreed to work on reviews for The Blog of Sid Love. These four have an entirely diverse tastes, preferences and likes, which I thought would be great if we were to review a wide range of M/M books. Apart from being the smart reviewers that they are, all of them are also very good people at heart. I am sure you’ll like them as soon as you get to know them a little bit more.

So, presenting to you my Official Reviewers:

1) Heather C.

“Hi, my name is Heather C, known primarily by my Internet friends as simply ‘HC’. I’m a Clinical Nursing Informaticist by day and voracious smut reader by night. In other words…I’m a Registered Nurse with a fancy desk job and lover of romance novels.

“I have been reading for as long as I can remember! I’ve read through all kinds of genres, but since I discovered M/M Romance several years ago this is basically where I live now. I do try to read at least 1-2 M/F Paranormal Romances or Urban Fantasies a month just to keep up with some of my favorite series. The M/M Romance community is amazing and I’ve found many friends for life since joining Goodreads.

“I don’t consider myself picky, although I have friends who tend to disagree. Maybe a better word would be ‘selective’. I prefer plot before porn and I LOVE lots of sexual tension.  My two favorite tropes are gay-for-you and friends-to-lovers. And I love a good mystery. I’ve even been known to read a few historicals now and then. I’m willing to give anything a try as long as it comes highly recommended.

“Before, I’ve only ever reviewed for fun and closure, so you can imagine my surprise when Sid invited me to join him here on his blog. I’m still trying to figure out how I really got here, but I’m really looking forward to giving it 100%. I’m so excited to be part of the team.”

2) Katinka

“Hello! I’m Katinka, just turned 29, and I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When Sid got in touch with me via Goodreads (I’m Loederkoningin over there. Which I’ve been told sounds a lot like ‘Leather King’, but I swear that’s not what I went for! lol) about reading and reviewing exciting new releases and hidden gems for Sid Love, I wasn’t too sure if I could combine this with my job and other obligations. Then I took a peek at this blog­ – which is already chock-full of interesting author interviews, reviews and give-aways that, let’s face it, will make everyone greedy ­ – and I knew instantly: resistance is futile!;)

“Although I’ve always devoured all sorts of books, including LGBTQ, getting an ereader has definitely spiced up my collection. I don’t know, there’s just something amusing about reading a dirty hot m/m novel during your lunch break, while your colleagues are completely oblivious to that fact? That is, until I’m caught groaning out in frustration again; “Why can’t I have a prostate? Why?!” I started reading m/m less than a year ago and yet my collection has already surpassed my f/m reads. I…uhm..guess that makes me completely and utterly hooked?

“So what sort of reviews can you expect from me? I’m especially interested in darker and somewhat twisted books. Power dynamics and aspects of BDSM, as well as disturbing characters intrigue me, and I don’t mind dub con/non con either. I find that my comfort zone is still expanding. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t get burned every now and then and have to gobble up as many tooth-achingly sweet romances as I can get my paws on to recover. Anyway, I love to hunt for well-written m/m with a sturdy plot, a dash of danger and some sizzling hot scenes. Finding hidden gems puts me on cloud nine, and I hope to put you there as well!”

3) Elizabetta

“Hi all, Elizabetta here. You may have read some of my reviews on Goodreads where I tend to prattle on and have been known to, ahem, post some lovely pics. Like many others, I have fallen under the spell of gay romance and erotica. I enjoy the whole gamut, from light, frothy, fun stories, to coming-of-age Young Adult tales, to sci-fi/pnr tentacle love, to very dark, push-the-boundaries reads.
“We know that sales in erotica in general, have taken off with the advent of the e-reader but gay romance has also grown in popularity because we are undergoing an age of enlightenment concerning gay rights. What better promoter for increasing awareness and understanding than through reading? Gay romance writers work as ambassadors to help spread the word that ‘love is love’. This is valuable PR.
“Having said that, I firmly believe that this genre should hold up to the same scrutiny as mainstream literature so I read not just for entertainment but also for solid construction, good flow, and uniqueness. It’s all about plot and execution. I will give a book a higher rating (even if it has some edit flaws) if it can adhere to some or all of those criteria and pull at my heart. No book, like no person, is perfect — but can it grab us and give us a shake? That’s what it’s all about! Wishing you happy reading!”
4) Shelley

“Reading is my passion, my weakness and my escape. I am a voracious devourer of great fiction.  No, not greatfiction like Dickens and Tolstoy and the like,pffft … not that kind of fiction, jeez. I mean my version of great fiction: literature that’s laced with smut, peppered with tummy twisting angst, stuffed full of credible and original charactersthat will make me laugh, cry, hate, love and inevitably rip my heart out.  Give me great fiction with plots that have me tripping over myself in an attempt to figure it all out. I want to be shocked and awed, surprised and turned on. I want passion, real passion with heart and emotion. Not too much though, let’s not overdo it on the hearts and flowers, nothing too sweet please, only on occasion do I like a bit of sweet.

“I want to be left breathless, sated and satisfied in every way. I need to remember that book for years to come and know that those characters will forever have a place in my heart (stupid cliché, but true). Yes, I’m a greedy obsessive reader, I want a lot and I expect a lot.  I’ve read a few (just a few) books that give me all this and more. So why should I settle for less?

“In my quest for the perfect read, I enjoy discovering new authors and new characters. It’s like embracing a new world, a new family. I’m open to most sub genres and will try anything once. The only thing I’ve sworn off is YA.

“So let’s go forth and discover greatness!”

Join me in welcoming them on board!
  1. cindyls1969 says:

    Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy the reads!

  2. Wow, Sid is really branching out. He’s very single minded. When he wants to get together a great bunch of people to help a whole bunch of other people he doesn’t mess around. I hope you all have a load of fun and find some wicked books. i look forward to your reviews and recommendations.

  3. Heather C says:

    Hey everyone. Looking forward to getting to know you guys 😀

  4. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and fantastic style and design.|

  5. […] Official Reviewers (Introductions). […]

  6. elizabetta says:

    Hello! I’m so excited to join this great team and dynamic blog. Looking forward to sharing books with you!

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