Book Review: Triple Trust by Sage Marlowe

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[Menage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA] 81QivJvepPL__SL1500_

Summary: When Dylan Mitchell hires the indecently beautiful part-time fidelity tester and full-time cynic Cole Peckham to find out how loyal his boyfriend Seth Knowles really is, he is ready to expect the worst. What he doesn’t expect is the immense temptation Cole presents to him—and to Seth. Or the instant attraction Cole feels for both of them. Deeply disappointed by Dylan’s lack of trust, Seth leaves Dylan both single and heartbroken, but free to turn to Cole for comfort. A cruel twist of fate soon requires Cole to put much more into this fresh relationship than he’d bargained for. While he is determined to give his best, it looks like Dylan might need more than Cole can give him—especially since Dylan is still in love with Seth. But when two can’t make it work, three might be just what it takes to create the perfect relationship…

** A Siren Erotic Romance

Reviewer: Macky

Warnings: This review may contain spoilers


Dylan and Seth are an item, they’ve been together for about a year and a half, and are in love. Dylan however has some self esteem issues, he doesn’t think he’s good enough for his gorgeous younger partner and gets it in his head that perhaps Seth is seeking his pleasure outside of their relationship. Seth is a bar tender who works late hours in a gay club that has plenty of hot tottie as a temptation so of course this plays on his mind as well. So the silly man decides to hire a ‘fidelity tester’ to see if Seth is open to advances! First little niggle here, because there’s no real explanation given for what has made him suspicious, it’s all just based on his insecurities and the only reason he gives Cole – the man he hires – is that Seth won’t move in with him? Why would that be so significant to make him think his man could be cheating, I didn’t get that!

Cole is a drop dead gorgeous, beautiful specimen of man and if anyone could test a persons fidelity then its him. Ok so far so good but then suddenly it all starts to fall apart when Dylan feels an immediate attraction for Cole, Cole finds himself fancying Dylan, Seth has already been having thoughts of watching Dylan in a three way and when Cole tries to tempt Seth at the pub only to face rejection because Seth really does love Dylan, its Cole who takes over in his fantasies of Dylan with a faceless man. Up to this point that’s all these feelings between these three guys are….fantasies, but I must say they all ( Colt included) fantasize the same thing a hell of a lot!

Then the brown stuff hits the fan as Seth overhears Dylan arranging to meet Cole to get the news. Dylan gets the good news about Seth but because both of them are feeling an attraction there’s a bit of mild flirting that ends with Dylan telling Cole that yes he is attracted but he loves his partner too much,  so it finishes with him giving Cole a peck on the lips as a goodbye and who should see it but Seth.

Unfortunately from that point on I started to get really aggravated by these supposedly grown up, mature men who are basically led into all their subsequent dilemmas by thinking with their ever rampant man bits and not their brains! Dylan ends up with Cole but there’s conflict, Cole approaches Seth for help but he walks away, rightly so in a way but then he’s back again when Dylan has a family crisis and Cole is pushed away by both Dylan and Dylan’s horrible family….. I hated his sister Diane, she does something so rotten and spiteful but just gets away with it and then later Cole does something really nice for her and I wanted to slap  him for doing it! I’d have decked her way sooner than that but that’s just me… Ooh horrid woman!

To cut a long story short Dylan ditches poor Cole and within a couple of days Seth and Cole are an item! Right from the word go and from the blurb you know the result is going to be a threesome after these lot have gone through the wringer to get there, so obviously there’s more going on than that but the thing that bothered me most was how easily these men could claim to be so deeply in love with each other one minute but when things got tough could just as easily bail on the relationships without trying to work things out, and then find solace so quickly in the arms of each others exes. It seems to be all about the sex really and not so much the emotion. I know this is a ménage story but by the end I was wondering how these three could ever really make a threesome work because of their strange love triangle so formed. But to give them and Sage Marlowe credit, in the end they do.

Towards the finish,  the one person who I didn’t take to at first became the one who I was rooting for most and that was Cole. I think I liked him the most because under his cocky attitude was a man who despite his looks just wanted to be loved, at one point its hinted at that he’s been let down by someone he loved and there’s a poignant back story about him that also paints him in a more sympathetic light. He doesn’t want to be lusted after just because of his appearance.

Overall  its not a bad story, its written well and in a very easy reading style but its not the best ménage one I’ve read either. I look for sizzling chemistry between the MC’s and in the bedroom there’s some hot stuff going on but its a bit emotionless considering there’s supposed to be love in the mix. Happily it does have a HEA and so for the most part its satisfying but it couldn’t go more than three stars for me because of the slight disconnect I felt for certain characters.

Macky’s Rating:

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  1. Cinders says:

    Testing your loved one or yourself is NEVER a good idea. It will bite you in the arse so hard you will have teeth prints for months.

  2. Heather C says:

    Great review, Macky!!

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