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The Blog of Sid Love is hosting a giveaway event for the readers and fans. This is your chance to win some ebooks for FREE – written by some well known M/M authors! The event began on 15th April, 2013, now being the second week of this big event. “Chris Quinton”, “RJ Scott” and their books are featured for this purpose and this will go on till 30th April.

Nephylim’s giveaway contest has ended. I wish to thank all those who took part in that giveaway and also, good luck to you! The winners of all the giveaways will be announced on May 1, 2013 and the books will be sent out to you by May 2! Till then, enjoy the on-going and upcoming giveaways…

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Today, we have here with us the lady, who has been writing M/M Romance novels for a long time. Her novels have not only been bestsellers, but she is also an award winning novelist and now, an executive producer of her first feature film “Capital Games”. She is none other than the author of Amazon’s current bestseller “The Farmer’s Son” – G.A. Hauser!

For this giveaway, she is offering her two books: “I love you, I hate You” and “Marry Me”.

On this occassion, she took an opportunity to interview her character MARK ANTONIOUS RICHFIELD who appears in 20 of her books!



After much pestering on my account, I finally was able to book an interview with the very busy Mark Richfield. We met at his day job at Parsons and Company and I had my chance to ask the many questions on my mind about this man who is the talk of the town. When I get my first glance at this hunk he’s in his tight black slacks, (no panty-lines, so we know what that means) and a black, cotton shirt, opened at the neck. I sit down beside him on a leather couch in the employee lounge with my list of questions.


GA: Hi, Mark…we finally meet.

Mark: We do.

GA: Wow. Your handshake is electric.

Mark: Don’t get carried away already.

GA: Sorry. Uh, where was I?

Mark: (Laughs) You said hello.

GA: Yes. Right. (Sniffing the air) Is that the famous cologne?

Mark: I assume that’s what you’re smelling. (He sniffs)

GA: (Leaning closer) Holy cow. If that’s not the cologne I want whatever it is in a bottle.

Mark: Did you actually have something to ask me? Or did you just come to sniff me?

GA: I came to sniff you. Kidding. Um. Sorry. Yes, let me ask you some questions. What’s the deal with the accent? Is it really British or what?

Mark: Really British? I lived there for pity’s sake. I know how they talk. All this chatter about how I speak. Such rubbish.

GA: I hear it now. Does it come out more when you’re mad?

Mark: So I’ve been told. I can’t tell the bloody difference, but I’m reminded constantly.

GA: Okay…Some of your fans wished you’d married Jack Larsen instead of Steve Miller.

Mark: I did marry Jack, and Adam, and Steve. Shh, don’t write that down.

GA: Too late. No, I mean, lived with Jack. Chose Jack.

Mark: Jack’s had enough of me. Really. I think if we were together as a couple I would drive him mad. And not in a good way.

GA: But Steve and Alex, your son, they seem to always be in trouble.

Mark: Jack would be worse. I assure you. Steven has more willpower when it comes to Alexander. He didn’t lust after me at eighteen like Jackie did.

GA: Uh…

Mark: Yes? (Laughs shyly)

GA: Sorry, lost myself on the color of your eyes. They’re really green. Um…oh. Are you going to go to London with Steve and Alex some day?

Mark: That is the plan. Though now that Alexander is in school and working, I don’t know when he’ll have the spare time.

GA: Will you ever get tired of modeling?

Mark: The question should be, will the agency ever tire of me. The answer to that is yes.

GA: That ain’t gonna happen.

Mark: Now you sound like Steve.

GA: I wish I were Steve, believe me.

Mark: But you both worked as police officers.

GA: Uh, no, that’s not why. Never mind.

Mark: Get your mind out of the gutter, Ms. Hauser.

GA: Sitting next to you on a couch? Not possible.

Mark: (Smiles) Anymore questions?

GA: Tons. But I do have to ask you if you’ll ever write an autobiography.

Mark: No. Why? Who would want to know about my horrible childhood?

GA: Everyone? Look, there are a lot of other people who went through rough times. Maybe knowing the details of your life would not only be interesting, but would help others.

Mark: I’ll give it some thought. But to be honest, I’m a bore.

GA: Sure you are. What’s your next project? Anything new? More guest appearances on television?

Mark: I did get roped into another spot on Forever Young. I have no doubt I’ll live to regret it.

GA: Love that show.

Mark: Yes, so do I.

GA: You need to do another three-way scene with Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson.

Mark: Ms. Hauser?

GA: Yes, Mark?

Mark: You do realize you have your hand on my thigh.

GA: Oh! Sorry. Man, is it hot in here? (Fanning myself with my pad)

Mark: (Smiles sweetly) I heard about you. (Wags his finger) Naughty, naughty.

GA: (Cleared my throat) Right. Well, how about we end this now before I really do something I’ll regret. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for your fans.

Mark: My pleasure. Anytime you would like to chat, feel free to call. (Stands up)

GA: Holy crap.

Mark: My eyes are up here, love.

GA: Sorry. I’ve really embarrassed myself today. I guess I didn’t really believe all the hype…until now.

Mark: I’m flattered. Really.

GA: Think about that autobiography.

Mark: I will do. If I can’t do a complete autobiography, I’d love to sit and talk about anything you fancy.

GA: Wow. That’s an offer I can’t refuse. I will take you up on that. (I shake his hand) I don’t want to let go.

Mark: Are you sure you’re not related to my Steven? (Laughs)

GA: I’m not sure of anything. My blood left my brain the minute I walked into this room. Anyway…thanks again for your time and good luck on your next adventure.

Mark: My pleasure.

* * * * *

GA’s Offering

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To win one of these ebooks for free, answer the question below:

Which is most romantic proposal scene you remember from either one of the books you’ve read or from some movie/show they watched?


To win this contest and take home a free copy of Hauser’s book, reply to this post in the following format:


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Contest deadline: SATURDAY – 4/27/2013 – 11:59 PM Central Time



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  1. Trix says:

    I always liked the silly song The Kid helped Otter write (“it may not be legal/but it’s better than eating a beagle/so Bear, will you please marry meeeee?”) at the end of TJ Klune’s BEAR, OTTER, AND THE KID. The way Otter agonized over it was so cute!

  2. Cinders says:

    They are on horse back one of them leans over and says,” I want all of your sunrises and sunsets for the rest of my life. Will you marry me and make all my days sunny.”

    You are an awesome writer.

  3. DebraG says:

    Name*: Debby

    Email ID*:

    Your Answer*: I remember one where they were on a beach and having some wine, the sun was setting and cast a glow. It was so romantic to me.

    Message to the author: I have read many of your books and I love them

  4. Jbst says:

    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com
    Marriage proposal scene – It would be from When You Were Sleeping where Bill Pullman proposes to Sandra Bullock at the train entrance booth where she works and his family is avidly watching them.

  5. zeoanne says:


    My Answer: In Marguerite Labbe, Book 2 of the Triquetra Trilogy: Haunted By Your Soul…When Kristair is tattooing symbols of commitment on Jacob’s body. These two, vampire and human, exude so much passion throughout the entire series and Jacob won’t take shit from no one, not from his vampire lover, let alone the top vampires in the hierarchy. This is the kind of story that stays with you for a long, long time, if you like vampires as much as I do.

    Calling Dr. Love has a good marriage proposal as well: When Phil wants to be Christopher’s “Wife”.

  6. Andrew Q Gordon

    I had a bit of trouble with the question because I don’t recall too many ‘marriage proposals’ in m/m fiction. Then I realized it didn’t need to be contemporary and I found my answer. In Hostage by Nephylim, Rowan proposes to Astrin and agrees to give up his claim to the throne and become Astrin’s consort. It was not the classic, try to hide the ring in the cake kind of romantic, but it was a total affirmation of his love and commitment.

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