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Posted: April 23, 2013 by sidlove in Book Reviews
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Hi, my name is Macky. I’m a Goodreads member  and about two years ago I was reading more or less everything but m/m because I’m a total book junky. I’d never really thought about LGBTQ literature, it was all a bit too risqué. I mean Im straight, I’m in my 50’s, a woman and my wee dabble into erotica was strictly m/f. Then I discovered the wonderful world of ebooks and kindles and suddenly it was like reading behind a plain cover, I was free to test the waters into genres that I wouldn’t have dared put on my bookshelves. Nobody could see what I was reading, I could lock prying eyes out with a password and fib if asked “What are you reading at the moment?”. So I tentatively dipped a toe and my journey into m/m commenced. BOOM! It was like an epiphany. I was hooked. It was love at first read. My love affair carries on today and it’s a kind of jealous love because I don’t let any het stuff worm its way in any more!  Or is that obsession? LOL! I’m not frightened of going out of my comfort zone but there are certain things that baffle me so you won’t see a lot of reviews about hardcore BDSM for example or PWP. I guess I’m a romance girl. Each to their own in that respect. Its more “I don’t get the dynamics ” , than just plain eeeeeeew!

Now I proudly tell all and sundry exactly what I’m reading because I’ve been blown away by the diversity and fabulous writing skills of brilliant authors who have introduced me to hundreds of awesome books that I’ve had the great pleasure to add to my ever growing electronic library. My wish is that one day these stories will take their place beside all the mainstream blockbusters and authors and that we’ll be buying them from the supermarket shelves just like all the rest. Personally I’ve had some of the best reads ever, over all my years as a reader, from this genre and I’d love to spread the word. Don’t get me wrong theres been some flops amongst them too but isn’t that the case in all reading matter. My reviews are based purely on enjoyment factor and emotional connection, when I read its all about how the book makes me feel, what emotional state it leaves me in and finally does it go into my keepers? I’m not a nit picker, I get too lost in a story to do that but I am truthful about my feelings. Sid has seen something in my reviews ( I’m still wondering what! Ha ) so I hope I can do justice to the ones I read for the blog.  Thanks Sid for giving me the chance to do something I enjoy and babble on about it!


Please join me in welcoming MACKY to The Blog of Sid Love. You will see her a lot around in coming days, recommending you quality M/M books that might have missed your eye.

Note to Authors: The Blog of Sid Love is taking in review requests for books in all genres to be featured in the month of May. If you wish to get your book – newly released or an old one – reviewed on my blog, send me a notification right away through the Contact Me page.

  1. Maxine Holding says:

    Woohoo! That’s awesome. I can’t stop grinning now. Hope I don’t chase people away after my first review…… 😀

    Hugs. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Macky – congrats – Sid might be just getting his grove here, but he’s doing a lot of really good things to help ‘brand’ himself. You’re in good company AND he’s a super nice guy. Doesn’t get much better than that. And no, I doubt you’ll scare anyone off. 🙂


  3. Macky says:

    Thanks Andrew. Its all very new for me I just hope I do Sid proud… And yes he is a super nice guy!

  4. JustJen says:

    Yay, Macky! Looking forward to your entries and fabulous contributions!

  5. […] me, then you have met Macky already (Read her bio: HERE) and there are four more reviewers who have agreed to work on reviews for The Blog of Sid Love. […]

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