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Giveaway Drive

The Blog of Sid Love is hosting a giveaway event for the readers and fans. This is your chance to win some ebooks for FREE – written by some well known M/M authors! The event began on 15th April, 2013, now being the second week of this big event. “Nephylim”, “Chris Quinton” and their books are featured for this purpose and this will go on till 30th April.

Alex Carreras’ giveaway contest has ended. I wish to thank all those who took part in that giveaway and also, good luck to you! The winners of all the giveaways will be announced on May 1, 2013 and the books will be sent out to you by May 2! Till then, enjoy the on-going and upcoming giveaways…

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The Prolific RJ SCOTT is with us today!! She shares an excerpt from her book “Under The Sun” (co-authored with Meredith Russel!) and has agreed to not only include this one in the prize vault but also the winners get to choose from her ever increasing number of books! YOUR CHOICE. Isn’t that tempting?? Well, then what are you waiting for? Read on!


RJ Scott lives just outside London. She has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies and was told to write a story. Two sides of A4 about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born. She loves reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror; however, her first real love will always be the world of romance. Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and more than a hint of happily ever after.




295748_448668008549620_1697343503_nOpposites Attract on a sun drenched Cay

Edward McAllister, wedding planner extraordinaire arrives at Sapphire Cay for a wedding. He has four days to go until the big day and his plans are smashed when he spots the stage he was setting is destroyed.

Doesn’t matter that the guy pulling down the old gazebo and digging trenches is hot – he is messing with Edward’s OCD and Edward isn’t afraid to let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Jamie Durand is an ex marine and son of the former owners of Sapphire Cay. He is on the island to get his head around his new life after leaving the forces due to injury.

When Edward arrives in his space he is bemused at the instant dislike the uptight man is showing towards him.

Not an auspicious start. But just you wait when Edward relaxes and Jamie opens up. Then you will see fireworks.

*** Also available in paperback ***


“How long’s it been since you’ve visited the Cay?”

Jamie Durand lifted his head as the thirty-minute silence was finally broken, and he turned his attention to the tall, tanned man steering the Lady Liberty. Not even a lick of paint disguised the old and tired boat that had belonged to his parents, the previous owners of Sapphire Cay. He pressed his lips together thoughtfully. How long had it been? It felt like a lifetime. His parents had sold just over fifteen months ago and he had been deployed to Afghanistan four months before the sale.

“Four years, more maybe,” he said. Lowering his eyes, he returned to watching the ocean. The fresh October breeze whipped around him as the boat broke through the water’s surface. Foam betrayed their path from Marsh Harbor and he looked back through his shades as they traveled parallel to the coast, circling the point as they headed for Sapphire Cay.

“Name’s Scott by the way,” the man said and grinned over his shoulder. He had no clear accent but that didn’t really surprise Jamie. Another waif or stray adopted by the Cay, he figured. His parents had had a habit of taking in strangers, offering them a place to stay, and giving them employment.

Scott seemed friendly enough—dark hair, a deep tan, muscular, sexy, but totally not what Jamie needed. Scott met Jamie’s eyes through his shades and flashed a confident smile—not his type at all. In a figure-hugging white A-shirt and low-hanging cargo shorts, Scott struck him as a player, a man who probably spent more time in front of a mirror than being an attentive, giving lover. Lover? Was that really where his mind was at? More likely, he just needed a release from the low ache in his chest and the memories that had him waking in a cold sweat and dry heaving in the toilet bowl. Closing his eyes, he savored the refreshing feel of the salty mist. He was judging a guy he didn’t even know and it irritated him he could do it so quickly. That wasn’t like him.

“So,” he said. Conversation might help ease his mind. The man had been nothing but polite since they met on the quayside. “What do you do out here?”

Sapphire Cay had up to twenty staff at any one time he recalled—some permanent, some seasonal, and some on their own schedules. He had never come across the new owner, Dylan Gray, though he had heard good things. His parents loved the man and had been happy and relieved when he had decided to take on the island. They seemed to think Dylan was the perfect fit for what they had created during their thirty years out there.

“Captain of this fine vessel, excursions and tours, and general help-where-help’s-needed kind of guy,” Scott said and flashed his teeth in a wide smile.

So Scott was someone who got stuck in and took to any role, not just the overconfident asshole Jamie had thought. He really needed to work on his people skills. Never the social butterfly, he felt even more inept than usual.

“Have you been here long? I don’t remember you. Sorry if we’ve met,” he said above the sound of the boat’s engine.

“No. We haven’t met,” Scott assured him. “I came out here for the first time two years back with Dylan. We met in Thailand while traveling. He was heading out this way for a few months so I joined him. Luckily, your folks had work for me.”

“And now?” Jamie asked. Dylan owned the island. There was no more moving on to the next place every month or two. “He’s been running this place for a full year. He must miss it, the traveling.”

“I guess a little. But he’s settled and doing a damn good job.” Scott raised his voice as the boat lurched forward, riding through a wave as it loudly hit the front of the boat.

“And you?”

Scott shrugged. “Let’s just say Dylan’s flexible, as is my contract. There’s a job for as long as I want it.” He pointed, directing Jamie’s attention beyond the front of the boat. “There she is,” he said. “She’s something, right? I can see how Dylan fell in love with her so easily.”

Jamie carefully got to his feet and stepped over his bag to stand beside Scott. He never thought seeing Sapphire Cay would make him feel the way it did. Familiarity and memories flooded through him and almost knocked him off his feet. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea. The Cay had been his home, a place of warmth and security. Schooled on the mainland, he always looked forward to rejoining his parents when the semester ended. His mom would always have the chef whip up a batch of his peanut butter caramel cookies. They would be sitting on the kitchen table when he and his sister had gotten home. What waited for him on the island now?

“Is Dominiq still there?” The chef had worked on the island since before he remembered. He was as constant as the tide and just as soothing. With an accent that dripped comfort and home, Dominiq was the epitome of relaxed, chilled, and taking it easy. Jamie was sure if he Googled any of those, he’d find an image of Dominiq smiling back at him. The man was a true Bahamian—dark skin, dark hair, the deepest brown eyes, and an easy smile. He never did figure out exactly how old the man was. For all the years Jamie had known him Dominiq had looked exactly the same, and only in his last few visits had Jamie noticed the whispers of gray creeping through his tight, black curls.

“Yeah,” Scott said, bringing Jamie back to the present. “He’s been baking all morning.” Scott shrugged. “He’s suddenly got this freaky cookie fetish going on. There were trays of the things cooling all over the kitchen.”

Jamie couldn’t help but smile. Things might not be so different after all.

“Must be strange coming back now that your parents have left. They’re in Miami, right?”

“They are,” he said as he took his seat.

His parents, now in their sixties, had talked about moving back to the mainland for years to be closer to family, especially their grandchildren. Jamie and his sister had their own lives, and though the island would always hold a special place in both their hearts, it just wasn’t what they wanted to do. They weren’t their parents.

Sue was a doctor with a husband and two kids. She was happy and settled. Jamie had joined the Marine Corps at twenty-two, straight from college. His squad had become his family for the next three years and he was proud to have served his President and his country. He knew his parents had asked Dylan to write in a proviso, entertaining the possibility of him returning to the island and doing some work out there. It must have seemed a strange request and yet, when Dylan agreed, Jamie kind of took to the idea of having somewhere to return to once his active tour ended. He just hadn’t planned on it being so soon.

Instinctively, he rubbed at his chest and felt the raised line beneath his T-shirt. Seven months and the ghost of pain still clawed at his insides. Why wasn’t it getting any easier? He stared at the growing outline of Sapphire Cay. Maybe on the island it finally would. He was here to get healthy, rediscover the man he used to be, and hopefully find a little peace. God love his mother, but he couldn’t take a moment more of her fussing around him and everyone he knew treating him with kid gloves. He wasn’t going to break. He wasn’t that guy. Yes, something terrible had happened, but he hadn’t been under any illusions when he enlisted. Bad stuff had happened to plenty of other people, and in some ways, he had been one of the lucky ones. Okay, so shrapnel from an IED ripping through his chest and shredding his right lung wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, but he’d survived.

Light flashing in Jamie’s eyes made him look up, and he was met by a curious expression from Scott. Damn, his mind had wandered again. He couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and help with the repairs and renovations. He needed a distraction from his own mind.

* * * * *

I bet that has got you hooked! To win a free copy of Under The Sun or any of RJ’s books, all you need to do is answer a simple question.

And the question is…

Who is the new owner of SAPPHIRE CAY?


295748_448668008549620_1697343503_n 528433_448668301882924_775785218_n



To win this contest and take home a free copy of RJ Scott’s books, reply to this post in the following format:


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Message to the author:

Feilds marked * are necessary

Please note that all the comments for this contest will be under moderation and hidden from public view till 26th April, 2013.

Contest deadline: FRIDAY – 4/26/2013 – 11:59 PM Central Time



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  1. Cinders says:

    Dylan Gray

    Rj I love you so much you know I am always looking forward to any book you put out. XXOO

  2. Trix says:

    Dylan Gray

  3. SheriV says:

    Name*: Sheri V

    Email ID*: smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

    Your Answer*: Dylan Gray is the new owner. 🙂

    Message to the author: Sounds like a great book. I will definitely try it. 🙂

  4. Jbst says:

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(dot) com
    New owner is Dylan Gray.

  5. suze294 says:

    Littlesuze at hotmail dot com
    Dylan Gray
    Have enjoyed a number of RJ’s books already

  6. DebraG says:


    Email ID*

    Your Answer*:Dylan Gray

    Message to the author:I read one of your books and really enjoyed it. I want to read the other.

  7. Andrew Q Gordon

    Dylan Gray owns the Island

    The cover is hot – yeah, that worked on me totally – oh look hot guy, buy the book. lol. Sound interesting, too. ;-P


  8. H.B. says:

    Email ID*
    Your Answer*:Dylan Gray

  9. zeoanne says:

    This book sounds like a winner, as are all of RJ’s books!! I’d love to read more of Sapphire Cay! Thank You!

    Your Answer: Dylan Gray

  10. sally halliday says:

    sally halliday
    answer: Edward McAllister
    Message to R J Scott I love your books

  11. Taya says:

    Name: Taya
    Answer: Dylan Gray

  12. Demetra Roussakis says:

    Name*: Demetra Roussakis

    Email ID*:

    Your Answer*: Dylan Gray

    Message to the author: Love your books; am looking forward to reading Sanctuary 7

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