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The Blog of Sid Love is hosting a giveaway event for the readers and fans. This is your chance to win some ebooks for FREE – written by some well known M/M authors! The event began on 15th April, 2013 and is now in full swing. “Sue Brown”, “S.L. Danielson”, “Sage Marlowe” and their books are featured for this purpose and this will go on till 30th April. The blog will feature not one, not two but 11 authors ready to make the month of April, quite amazing for you!

Lee Brazil’s giveaway contest has ended. I wish to thank all those who took part in that giveaway and also, good luck to you, for now the author will be choosing one winner out of the 22 people who participated! The winners of all the giveaways will be announced on May 1, 2013 and the books will be sent out to you by May 2! Till then, enjoy the on-going and upcoming giveaways…

Giveaway Contests that are still on:
SUE BROWN: GIVEAWAY #2 (ENDS TODAY @ 11:59PM Central Time!)

The next author in the line is ALEX CARRERAS – the author of “Heat” Series and many more. You will find lots of Spanish Meat in his books and as his bio states hot, naked men with cocky attitude and a sultry smile serves to be his inspiration for his writing.

This is your opportunity to get to know the author better…




Which book is your favorite?

I have been asked this question many times and still have difficulty answering it. My first story that was published was, Summer Heat, the first in the Heat Series. This story changed my life because it got me published which was a lifelong dream so it holds a special place in my heart.

The book that challenged me the most was, The Count of Aragon. A fellow writer and friend had suggested that I write a paranormal which I had never thought of doing. I love vampire stories – Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire being one of my favorite books – but writing one was a completely different thing entirely.

Well four books later, and planning more, I surprised myself.

These novellas take place in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, a city where I once lived and the city where my parents met and fell in love. I love writing about the Romani and the Fraternidad because, although they are vampires, they have a very human and humane side to them, especially Adam Galindo, the hero of the first two books. If I could be one of my characters, I’d choose to be him. Plus he has a smokin’ hot boyfriend named Emerico Espiritu who’s sex on wings. (take along sigh here)

Does the community you live in appear in your books?

YES! I live on Florida’s West Coast, a very beautiful area of the United States. It’s always sunny and always warm which is conducive to men wearing as little as possible. Of course when I moved here thirteen years ago from a much colder climate, it did not influence my decision to settle here in the least bit. At all.

Two of my books of the Heat Series are set here, Siesta Heat and Arrested Heat. Hot men, fast cars, blue bloods mixing with hot bloods and all having sex behind the dunes of Siesta Key beach. I ask you, how it that not a good read? Impossible.

How long have you been writing?

Professionally, since January of 2012 but personally, since I could write. As I said earlier, I always dreamed of being a published writer. And now that I am, I realize it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep getting published.

What are your writing goals this year?

This year, while sweating away on the Stairmaster at my local gym, I developed a new series based in a gym in Tampa, Florida, a thriving metropolis with plenty of charm and plenty of hot and horny men. While clocking in endless amounts of painstaking and late night hours spent in bars, nightclubs, locker rooms and saunas, I came up with a cast of very sexy characters with an even sexier plot. It was quite the sacrifice doing all this research but it was well worth it. The first two books in the series are finished and waiting for the green light. Wish me luck.

Condoms or no condoms?

In my life, when I have sex with a stranger, I always use protection. But in a trusting and committed relationship, much like my characters have, they choose not to wear condoms. With or without condoms the sex in my books is always loving and gratifying and headed for a happily ever after.

Sid, thanks for having me on your blog, you are a very generous and hospitable host and I hope my answers did not disappoint. If you ever find yourself wandering around Florida, I invite you to share in some research. Who knows, there might be a new series in it for us both.

Here is a story excerpt for The Count of Aragon, the first in my paranormal series…



Summary: Adam Galindo finds himself in Zaragoza, Spain, accompanied by his mother, Susan, to attend a memorial service for his father, Pascual. Fighting heartbreak but trying to keep a brave face for his mother, Adam decides to tour the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar for a daytime diversion with his mother. What Adam discovers, while gazing at frescoes and watching Susan light a few candles in her husband’s honor, is that he is the reincarnated Count of Aragon, Aznar Galindez, onetime savior of the city and vampire hunter. And he knows this is true because Emerico Espiritu, a Spanish vampire with one hell of a sexy smile and an even sexier attitude, has told him so. Between accepting his new role in life and kicking Romanian vampire butt, Adam finds himself learning the ins and outs of vampire hunting when he’s not practicing a little in and out of his own under the tutelage of Emerico Espiritu.

Story Excerpt:

“What’s up?” Adam asked, watching the muscle in Emerico’s jaw twitch. And is Leandro actually growling?

“The Romani has declared war,” Emerico stated, stopping his jaw from dancing for only an instant. “We have found out that, tonight, they plan on killing vampires and humans alike by choosing the method, bathing by fire.”

“You mean like the same way that I saw the other night outside the bar?” Jose asked, his voice jumping a few octaves.

“Exactly,” Emerico answered. “They carry liquid accelerants with them, usually in a backpack or bag of some kind, and whip it out at the opportune moment. They click their fingers to make a spark and poof, up in smoke.”

Adam swallowed. “They can click their fingers and start a fire?”

This time Leandro answered what Adam had already figured out. “Just about. And the stronger ones can throw fireballs. Constantin…Nicu.”

“Can you two do that? Throw fireballs?” Adam prayed that they could.

Leandro growled under his breath and flashed a set of growing canines. Jose let out a whimper.

Emerico raised his hand and clenched his long, lean fingers into a tight first. “It is a cheap trick but one I’m not opposed to performing now and again.”

“That’s good,” Adam said, relieved. “I don’t mind cheap tricks if they save our lives.”

“Me either,” Jose chimed, topped off with an insecure smile.

Emerico unclenched his hand and placed it onto Adam’s shoulder. “Tonight might get a little dangerous, but just stay behind us and follow our lead. We will protect you, but you also have to fight for yourselves. The Romanians are a highly skilled and intelligent bunch, and they play dirty, very dirty, so I suggest, if the opportunities arise, you do the same. Got it?”

Adam and Jose answered in unison, “Got it.”

“Now go get your weapons, and we will wait here, and I will fill Jose in on the information I shared with you last night.”

Adam sprinted into the apartment for his backpack full of Emerico’s party favors and the silver daggers he’d hidden under his mattress. Grabbing and shoving them into his waistband of his jeans, the daggers nestled safely in the small of his back, Adam yanked his T-shirt over the exposed handles, hiding them from plain sight. Scribbling a note for Susan and Carmen, he locked the apartment door behind him and made his way toward the others.

“Where are we going?” Adam asked, catching his breath.

Leandro moved first, his agile, catlike stride hard to keep up with. “The bikes are parked around the corner. Let’s move.”

They did what they were told, Jose falling behind Leandro, more than likely enjoying the view of his muscular butt in his tight, black jeans, judging by the sly smile stretched across his lips and his unwavering gaze locked onto Leandro’s ass.

“We are going to the new part of the city,” Emerico picked up where Leandro left off, “to the bar where Constantin and his cronies hang out. See if we can talk some sense into him before he starts something that can change, or possibly end all our lives.”

Leandro growled, and Jose whimpered…again.

“Do you think we can do that?” Adam asked, now jogging to keep up. “Talk some sense into this guy? He doesn’t look like he particularly enjoys unsolicited advice.”

Emerico shot Adam a sideways glance as he reached out a hand to pull him closer. “We will have to do our best to convince him then, won’t we?”

“With our fists!” Leandro yelled from the front.

Rounding the buildings, Adam saw a pair of black and polished-chrome motorcycles already idling. Claiming one, Leandro whisked Jose onto the back of the seat and then took front position, the machine roaring to life.

Emerico followed suit. Before Adam knew what was happening, his arms were wrapped tightly around Emerico’s lean waist, and his legs straddled the vibrating monster made out of more than man-made materials. The motorcycle seemed to have its own living and breathing life force, Adam feeling the bike shift between his legs.

A few days ago he would’ve thought this to be impossible. But a few days ago he didn’t believe in vampires.

“Hold on tight,” Emerico directed. “Get ready for the ride of your life.”

Oh shit.



(Click the images to read more about the books)

The question to be answered for this contest is:

What is the name of the Romanian clan of vampires attempting to overtake the city of Zaragoza, Spain in the first of the Aragon series, The Count of Aragon?


To win this contest and take home a free copy of Sage’s books, reply to this post in the following format:

Email ID*:
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Question/Message to the author:

Feilds marked * are necessary

Please note that all the comments for this contest will be under moderation and hidden from public view till 22nd April, 2013.

Contest deadline: MONDAY – 4/22/2013 – 11:59 PM Central Time



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  1. Christopher Hammel says:

    Christopher Hammel
    The Romani clan

  2. Trix says:

    the Romani

  3. Urb says:

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com
    ~The Romani? I’m not sure…
    ~I love the idea of vampires and possibly magic motorcycles! Thanks for the excerpt.

  4. DebraG says:

    Name*: Debby
    Email ID*: debby236 @
    Your Answer*: The Romani
    Question/Message to the author: I must have missed your books. however did I do that? Thanks

  5. Penumbra says:

    Name*: Penumbra
    Email ID*:
    Your Answer*: the Fraternidad
    Question/Message to the author: Thank you! 🙂

  6. Name*: Nephylim
    Email ID*
    Your Answer*:The Romani, although I always thought the Romani gypsies were the good guys 🙂
    Question/Message to the author:I like vampire stories with a twist and ‘human’ vampires are so appealing 🙂 My own theory is that vampires descended from fallen angels so they still have some of the angelic in them 🙂

  7. suze294 says:

    I think the answer is The Romani.
    Quite a lot of books written since that first one, in such short time too, congrats!

  8. Tatum says:

    Tatum Throne

    I love your work Alex! I can’t wait to read more! :o)

  9. Jennifer Denys
    The answer is the Fraterniad
    Hey Alex. I love the idea of plotting a series while on a stairmaster! Hmm, can I come up with any ideas while standing at the photocopier….?

  10. Susan Laine says:

    Name: Susan Laine
    Email ID:
    Your Answer: Fraternidad, I think.
    Question/Message to the author: Good luck with all your future ventures, Alex! My question is about the Heat series, and will there be more?

  11. Diva Donna says:

    Name*: Diva Donna
    Email ID*
    Your Answer*: Fraternidad
    Question/Message to the author: Alex Carreras

  12. Donna briody buccella says:

    Hi Alex love your books…the answer is fraternidad 🙂 hoping for some new Heat books soon 🙂

  13. sally jackson says:

    Constantin and his cronies

  14. allison varland says:

    Allison Varland
    Keep up the great work!

  15. Alex Carreras says:

    Thanks to all of you that participated in Sid’s wonderful event! And to answer some of the questions, yes I will continue with the Heat Series and the Aragon series, they are too much fun not to continue writing. Jennifer, I hate the Stairmaster but my butt loves it so I’ll do anything to make the agony fly by as quickly as possible.

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